Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1910

My brother?” Xia Tian wants to sit directly. You have not been able to get up, although your wound was good, however your body function has not restored, needs to lie down again for three days.” The doctor said hurriedly. But Xia Tian has not gone to control that he held the clothes of Bishop Cao: Told me quickly, my brother?” Yeah!” Bishop Cao helpless shaking the head of: He walked.” Walked? Why can walk?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Me.” At this moment, out of the door walks a female, female sky blue clothes, the shawl sends crosses the waist, is sending out the beautiful makings from top to bottom: Your elder brother he walked, he said that also has very important matter to need to solve, but he has given us an address, making us lead you to find two people, just started us is goes, the opposite party vigilance is high, afterward we said your name, the opposite party have been willing to follow us, but one of them severe wound, another said that he is called the Great General the feudal official.” What? Great General, severe wound?” In the Xia Tian mind is calculating fast, altogether is four people, the father, Brother Xiaoma, the Great General and Master Yin Nie, now Brother Xiaoma walked, the Great General is all right, what then injured is his father is his Master? Um, I asked here doctor to look, they do not have the means.” Liu Shishi's saying slowly. I must visit him.” Xia Tian said that under wants directly, but his body almost did not move. Do not move heedlessly, the doctor said that your also needs to recover for several days.” Liu Shishi urged. „It is not good, I must visit them now.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. You hold him.” Liu Shishi looked that said to Bishop Cao. Um.” Bishop Cao held Xia Tian directly, he almost outward walks at the back of Xia Tian, Great General they in the Xia Tian next door. .

When the door of that room shoves open, Xia Tian saw two familiar forms, sits in the bedside together, moreover lies on the bed together. Great General and his Master Yin Nie. Elder Brother Tian.” Great General slowly has put out these two characters from the mouth. These Expert on Earth almost called Xia Tian is Elder Brother Tian, no matter age size, Great General also on gradually studied is calling the summer Tiantian elder brother. What's the matter? My Master he how?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the Great General. Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi then understand that Xia Tian so was why anxious, originally lies down the person on hospital bed is his Master, at this time they sized up Yin Nie, actually they wanted to have a look are the Xia Tian like this super monster how existence of monstruous talent can teach. Did not let say.” The Great General said these three characters. Who did not let say.” The Xia Tian anger shouted to clear the way. The Great General shook the head, did not say. Hateful, exactly what happened? My father? Why does Brother Xiaoma leave without saying good-bye? Why is this? When certain had an accident.” Xia Tian anxious saying. Xia Tian, do not worry, your wound did not have entire good, left is too excited.” Bishop Cao consoles to say. I want to take a look at my Master.” Xia Tian said. Um.” Bishop Cao walked at the back of him.

When Xia Tian arrived at the Yin Nie side, his hand has placed the body of Yin Nie, afterward deeps frown: So to be how serious, internal organs seriously are damaged, the skeleton nutrient vanishes, the muscle relaxation, the remnant souls of soul also only remaining faint trace, this obviously was the indication of death.” Doctor has inspected, this whole life possibly cannot awake.” Liu Shishi's helpless saying. Xia Tian static looks at Yin Nie, without the speech, this person from most starts to lead his basic that person, he has been very cold, is very cold to anyone, but silently is actually caring about itself, because of his a few words, Jiang Hai City any Earth Grade Expert does not dare to visit. These to protect oneself. However now looks that he as if died was the same, oneself do not have any means. Master, I will certainly find the way to make you revive.” Xia Tian innermost feelings firm saying, he has the opportunity, his also opportunity, is that pill emperor strongest compounded drug, that compounded drug is pill emperor has not built up, because he does not have the material, now Xia Tian has gotten so far as same material. Is Jupiter. Another two types separately are Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen. I must obtain these two materials, then refines that type of compounded drug.” Xia Tian got hold of own fist innermost feelings to shout. Xia Tian, do not want to be too many, I lead you to go back to rest, your wound may be heavy.” Bishop Cao said. Um.” Xia Tian nodded: Great General, you did not need to look in this, rests.” The Great General shook the head. Xia Tian has not said anything again.

After they returned to the hospital ward, Xia Tian asked: „After on that day I fainted, actually to have what? Also, which is this?” „After on that day you fainted, was my sister-in-law preserves your life, afterward your elder brother successful made false immortal beast Dragon Hunren advocate, Dragon Hun was very fierce, it can fly, was it leads us to leave there, after leaving, your elder brother told us the address, said that he had the matter, walked, then we led again you, here was next three six levels of urban Giant Bull City.” Bishop Cao patient answered. Hears Dragon Hunren to advocate the success, Xia Tian also finally was loose one. Has false immortal beast Dragon Hun, Brother Xiaoma should be safe temporarily. However when he hears Giant Bull City immediately stares, Giant Bull City is six levels of cities, the city in legend, his unexpectedly arrived at six levels of cities: „It is not right, I there was not away from Giant Bull City before very far?” Xia Tian knows that the spirit world is very big. The sole serious famine be bigger than on about ten times Earth, but next three, are bigger than the serious famine on 40-50 times, the place that he was at before is away from Giant Bull City is very far. This money you must report, we sit the longest distance transmission to come, we to let your wound do not aggravate, but also has bought many nutrition medicine for you specially, or you have not arrived at Giant Bull City, died, even if were this we also marches on a half year of road to arrive at Giant Bull City.” Bishop Cao cracks a joke to say. A half year? I add on for three months that again the doctor said a moment ago, my enough stupor nine months?” Xia Tian surprised saying. That was natural, you almost died, if others, even if there are my sister-in-law to maintain life, such outstanding doctor treated and cured, least also took 78 years to ten years can wake.” Bishop Cao said. That Qi Wang mausoleum chamber?” Xia Tian has remembered the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber suddenly.