Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1911
Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. They have untied the seal of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. Qi Wang and his army should resurrect. There present turned into a super city, is big, that piece of hills are uneven Imperial City, now entire next three are gazing there, mentioned also strangely, after the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber rose to the ground, there was infertile, finally now there turned into the fine spring day, everywhere was the prosperous appearances, moreover after Qi Wang resurrecting , the first matter that announced was uneven Imperial City can carry on the free trade outward, in three years tax-free . Moreover the merchant arrived in full the protection of Imperial City, everybody heard arrives in full the protection of Imperial City, but also did not have the tax, that naturally was in abundance all has overtaken to uneven Imperial City, Now uneven Imperial City is very lively.” Bishop Cao said. In other words, Qi Wang has not really caused trouble.” Xia Tian satisfied nod , after he is always worried about Qi Wang to come out, launches to slaughter once more. No, before you said that Qi Wang definitely does not hope one were forced once more gets up the seal.” Bishop Cao said. Um, hopes.” Xia Tian again the matter that does not hope to see life Tu Tan, after all this matter he has experienced at the serious famine. These superior, a Expert casual idea may want the life of innocent person. Although Xia Tian has also killed many people, he is not the sage, but he never kills these innocent people, the woman he also little kills. The person of homicide almost wants to kill his person. Was right, three years later uneven Imperial City will hold a super auction, it is said is known as the next three biggest auctions.” Bishop Cao said. Really is the great writer.” Xia Tian knows that actually Qi Wang is rich, a person can send out more than ten Advanced treasure, that this person can only with be rich flows the oil to describe.

Qi Wang is rich, perhaps this point does not need me to explain that much anything, we had the experience, the auction that he held, perhaps will when the time comes alarm many big figure.” Bishop Cao saying of face anticipation. For a long time.” Xia Tian light saying. Does not grow, three years in a flash on the past.” Bishop Cao said that regarding their these cultivation, three years was really quick on the past, here resident, even if the cultivation person also were almost not Earth Grade Expert, the life of average person over 300 years. Yes.” Xia Tian then discovered that the time as if also became regarding him illusory. As his Realm is getting higher and higher, he discovered that several months have been able to become so minimal. Over the two days you healed from a wound first well, when your wound I led you to go to strolling well again our Giant Bull City, Giant Bull City is very big, compared with sounds of nature city big 50 times.” Bishop Cao takes the sounds of nature city to make a comparison intentionally, because Xia Tian knows the scale of sounds of nature city. Is so big.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Was good, since your wound were good, we first did not disturb you, two days we have come to see you again.” Liu Shishi said that looks to Bishop Cao: You had not regained consciousness to treat as the reason by Xia Tian before, this time you did not have the reason, went back with me, my younger sister also waited for you.” Volume!” Bishop Cao hears this matter, before was the face with a smile has drooped immediately: Good, Xia Tian, I walked, I will come quickly back.” Um, goes, do not hide.” Xia Tian is also smiling must look that Bishop Cao said. Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi left the Xia Tian hospital ward directly.

In hospital ward once more peaceful. „The tour of this time Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, I have gotten so far as many good things, the Chu ring has ten, the Chu bangle has several hundred, Chu Wudai over ten thousand, Jupiter, eight Advanced treasure, although is damages, but also is Advanced treasure.” Xia Tian is reorganizing own thing. Leaves the serious famine time, his almost anything has not taken, all left own these family members and friends. However now he has compared not the small wealth, he reorganized these Chu Wudai, enough 30 million low grade spirit stone and some compounded drugs, Spirit Tool also had certainly many, but Xia Tian could not have a liking for now \; Afterward he inspected that over a hundred Chu bangles, in this he has discovered some altogether 50 million low grade spirit stone and rank quite high compounded drugs, in this had ultimate Spirit Tool, now ultimate Spirit Tool Xia Tian is also reluctantly can have a liking, therefore he all has also tidied up \; Finally was that is the Chu ring. When he is the Chu ring opens this, at present immediately one bright. Was developed, this time was developed.” Xia Tian excited saying. In this over a billion low grade spirit stone, various types restore the compounded drug, the cultivation compounded drug is innumerable, is eight levels has resulted in the miracle cure. The values of these compounded drugs may not be low, moreover their here ultimate Spirit Tool add enough over a hundred, 15 preliminary treasure, although is only preliminary, but also is treasure. Reorganized, Xia Tian altogether obtained 180 million low grade spirit stone now, spirit stone had 3 million, 15 preliminary treasure, 130 ultimate Spirit Tool, other compounded drug Spirit Tool were innumerable. Xia Tian made one's own way to rush from the impoverished boy all of a sudden once more well-off. Moreover the Xia Tian present strength also had the tremendous changes.

He has not dead Divine Art now, this Divine Art is overbearing, this strength can give his Buddhist Relic strength and dantian strength addition. Next he also has the Buddhist Relic strength, is equal to tripod Rank 1. His dantian strength also turned into tripod Rank 1. If the use not dead Divine Art addition, his Buddhist Relic strength quite therefore tripod Rank 5 Realm, his dantian strength is also equal to tripod Rank 5, moreover he also has the domain, super ability of domain step challenge. Generally speaking, I can easily defeat tripod Rank 5 following all Expert now, even if above tripod Rank 5, so long as I unexpectedly, same can relaxed Insta-kill, but tripod above each Rank 1 has very big disparity, once bumps into above tripod Rank 6, that must be careful some.” Xia Tian understands one cannot certainly drag in a big way, reason that he can cut to kill four cauldron Rank 1 Expert, is not because he had that strong strength, but is the opposite party severe wound, moreover in the situation that he really sneak attacks breaks through. Well?” Xia Tian is reorganizing the thing time, he discovered that the small insect and small snake unexpectedly have simultaneously sent out one. Whiz! ! The small insect has fired into that pile preliminary compounded drug and Pill Refining material. The small snake has fired into these preliminary weapon and refiner material.