Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1912

Puff! Swallowing. Compounded drug and Pill Refining material that these Xia Tian cannot have a liking for like this by small insect one swallowing. Ate. The small insect seems knows that Xia Tian could not have a liking for these compounded drugs to be the same with the Pill Refining material, these eight levels and nine levels of miracle cures its has not moved. Puff! The small snake these ultimate Spirit Tool following magic weapons and weapons, these refiner materials all has swallowed, it also thinks through with the Xia Tian mind, therefore it can also induce to Xia Tian as if could not have a liking for these things, therefore it all gave to eat these things directly. shit, although I could not have a liking for these things, but tidied up sells more than ten million low grade spirit stone people should not be the difficult matter, your black sheep of the family unexpectedly all ate to me.” Xia Tian scolded directly. However the small insect and small snake were also the same time returned to the original position. Motionless, has probably not appeared has been same. illusion? Naturally not, because Xia Tian these compounded drugs and Spirit Tool truly by small insect and small snake eating. Was good, this chapter did not need me to sell the thing, was given to eat by you.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Small insect now honest treating in Xia Tian the place of dantian. The small snake also hid on the body of Xia Tian.

The small snake usually little comes out to fight, only if the Xia Tian life is threatened, or Xia Tian makes it come out, it will come out. Now some here also spirit stone, moreover there are these weapons and materials, it seems like it was this refines a next day cold sword.” Xia Tian traces own day cold sword, this followed him to be very long the day cold sword, initially he refined all day long that moment of cold sword, has brought in a day of tribulation, because the day cold sword was immortal. These two character Xia Tian do not dare to say on Earth. Because in the subconscious was telling him, once said that that will bring in very big disaster. Immortal. The weapon of immortal. A Xia Tian mortal refines immortal, this is in itself existence that goes against heaven's will. However Xia Tian also can only say that at that time was the luck was good, in fine weather and favorable geographical position all had been occupied by him, the super refiner technique had 1/1000000 probabilities to make the refiner technique of Xia Tian promote 10,000 times, refined that moment of day cold sword in him by chance, these 10,000 times appeared, therefore he can refine immortal. However he actually cannot prevent day of tribulation, therefore immortal also damaged. The day cold sword can only compare favorably with general ordinary Spirit Tool. Now can the Xia Tian plan looks for an opportunity, trying promote the day cold sword with the super refiner technique. Is a research super refiner technique well.” After Xia Tian since obtained super refiner technique, carefully has not studied diligently, but the super refiner technique regarding Xia Tian is actually very easy society, because he has the X-Ray Vision eye, the X-Ray Vision eye can directly super refiner technique seal in own mind. The super refiner technique most abnormal place is. The refiner technique is most higher . Moreover the refiner way is also best.

Also is a little the addition that super refiner technique has, 1% probabilities promote one time their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up.), 1/1000 probabilities promote ten times( to continue a weapon to build up), a probability their refiner technique extremely to promote hundred times( to continue a weapon their refiner technique to build up), 1/100000 probabilities to promote thousand times( to continue a weapon to build up) and 1/1000000 probabilities their refiner technique promote ten thousand times their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up). Xia Tian previous refinement day cold sword time triggered final that. 1/1000000 probabilities promote ten thousand times their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up). Naturally, did the super refiner technique have the final level best B addition is??? Three question marks. What this represents is any Xia Tian does not know. However he guessed that should be the best B addition, but the triggering condition also definitely is very harsh. Xia Tian naturally did not implore his moral behavior to erupt once more, coming anything to promote ten thousand times, he only needed to promote one time his refiner technology to be good, on that day the cold sword can come one time to promote simply. Now is also not the opportunity, after Bishop Cao came, happen to makes him bring my strolling well, can look buy some good materials, is good to help the day of cold sword promotion.” Xia Tian has not rested again, he has rested for nine months, does not want to continue in again on sleeping wastes the time. Xia Tian has been studying the super refiner technique over the two days. Third day Bishop Cao came back, this time he has brought other woman, is not Liu Shishi. The appearance of this female also very attractive, she and Liu Shishi's beautiful are different, Liu Shishi seems a fresh flower of being in full bloom, beautiful, and limpid \; This female is the flower bud, that type has not opened in bud, actually gives people a mystery the beauty. Does not need to ask that also knows who he was, wife of Bishop Cao, Liu Shishi's Little Sister. Sister-in-law is good.” Xia Tian can under.

Hears Xia Tian the sister-in-law to be good, on wife face of Bishop Cao obvious one happy, she also heard that some Xia Tian matters, she also knows that Bishop Cao's relations with the Xia Tian, Xia Tian comes up to give regards now, this made her be able to feel Brother Cao the approval of bishop. Good, follows me, happen to leads you to exit to transfer the extension.” Bishop Cao stared Xia Tian one. „, My this was moistens the sister-in-law light.” That a Xia Tian sister-in-law, called sweet. The happiness that Liu Shishi's Little Sister said. Bishop Cao keeps kills Xia Tian with the look, he was complaining that Xia Tian is the fellow who is not loyal, but Xia Tian is actually adding Chai Jiahuo for his happy life. You now position is the Giant Bull City East city, here is big . Moreover the path is intriguing, only by the words that the both legs walk, here store sufficed you to stroll for a lifetime, since were leads you to experience the Giant Bull City elegant demeanor, I naturally must lead you to go to the East city quite big place.” Bishop Cao said. „? Where is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The East city biggest store is called the secret pavilion, but our times do not go to the secret pavilion, but is one of the second largest four big treasure houses, along waterside pavilion.” Bishop Cao said. Why doesn't go to the secret pavilion?” Xia Tian asked. There expense is too high, does not suit us.” Bishop Cao awkward saying. Good, that goes along the waterside pavilion.” Xia Tian believes Bishop Cao, since said that there spends high, then there expense definitely is very high. Naturally, since Bishop Cao leads him to be suitable for the waterside pavilion, that here will not be definitely small. Has saying that Giant Bull City is very big, back and forth walks on priceless, needs to sit transmission, is good is away from because of them along the waterside pavilion position is not far, therefore only sat one transmission to arrive.