Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1913

Along waterside pavilion. One of Giant Bull City East city four big stores. Area several hundred soccer fields add to be so big. Xia Tian they just left transmission, can feel that here very lively, nearby all streets all because of become along the waterside pavilion irritable. An important place often can lead nearby all stores. Along the waterside pavilion is this, the surrounding big or medium store is innumerable, is similar to being suitable for existence of waterside pavilion. Walks, along waterside pavilion in the end of this street.” Bishop Cao brings Xia Tian to being suitable for the waterside pavilion walks. This all the way, the commercial full house, here little fights, because everybody in being busy making money, a strength stronger person needs spirit stone on exceed, because their cultivation gets up to consume spirit stone, moreover buys over seven levels compounded drugs to need to spend the high quota casually spirit stone, say nothing is the weapon. Even if ultimate Spirit Tool is also the sky-high prices. Moreover has mystical powers to favor, wanting the good spirit to favor to spend the high price to buy, buys also to need to train, every kind was the money, even if were the juniors of these respected families is also short of money. In order to promote strength, all people are spend money to pound, why this also in the serious famine the casual two cauldron seven Rank 8 people have several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone, but the person not too many primary causes of next three four cauldron. Because at the serious famine, you do not have the place to be colored richly, you cannot buy these many good things, is in next three, the thing that only then you cannot buy, without money that you cannot all spend. Giant Bull City is one of the next three in most formidable cities, six levels of cities, in this everywhere is the crouching tiger , hidden dragon.

Giant Bull City jurisdiction these many . Moreover the itself city so is big, the commercial trade so is good, the payment of taxes that every year collects are definitely many.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Truly many, but consumes is also big, Giant Bull City is looks after the business and following city very much, moreover here needs to maintain and maintain everywhere, has the army everywhere, outside the disaster are also usually many, needs some monetary reward hunters to make mission wait / etc., these consumptions almost all are City Lord Mansion take, therefore City Lord Mansion itself does not have the remaining anything.” Bishop Cao answered. Actually City Lord Mansion also has own commercial chain, moreover some of he also special expenses, if no protection of City Lord Mansion, everybody has no way relieved making money.” Liu Shishi's Little Sister opens the mouth to say. „, Many thanks the sister-in-law directs.” Xia Tian respectful saying. Bishop Cao hears the Xia Tian words, has almost not irritated, oneself said quite a while he had not said Xie Word, now others said that he starts to thank others, but also a sister-in-law was calling. Liu Shishi's Little Sister is also smiles was sweeter. Quick, Xia Tian saw along the waterside pavilion three large characters. Is very big along the waterside pavilion front door, 45 person horizontal type-settings the past will not be thinking to push together, but here person little can with others with arranging, but is goes own, Xia Tian discovered that entered is on faces has filled to here person excitedly, resembled inside treasure is Bai Na was the same. But majority that comes out look distressed, obviously is money that they have are not enough, therefore has not bought the thing. When Xia Tian they get to the entrance prepares to go , a son of the influential also happen to takes a step to prepare to go, when he saw Xia Tian must take a step stopped directly. Bold, saw that our Young Master Yu unexpectedly also dares to take a step.” A that son of the influential behind person of shouted to clear the way. Hears his words, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, afterward turned the head to look to that person: Your is T , M , D is speaking to me?”

Your unexpectedly dares to scold me.” That servant as if heard any inconceivable matter to be the same. Right, I scolded you, you bit me.” Xia Tian is not affable, this front door in this pendulum, he has not been snatching saying that moreover this front door five people are not having the issue horizontally, his person passed, opposite party stop the footsteps, then unexpectedly dares to shout five to drink six with him here. „Did you believe me to abandon you.” That servant looks angrily to Xia Tian. „Does your meaning need to breakneck with me? You first prepare to me your life.” Xia Tian vision one cold, afterward within the body emerged boundless killing intent, compared with murderous aura, Xia Tian has not feared anyone, this was kills all the way, moreover was jumps the ranks killing of challenge, this killing itself increased murderous aura. After that servant Xia Tian murderous aura covers, two legs that frightens become tender, the back is the cold sweat. Stop.” Remains silent Young Master Yu has given a loud shout. What thing are you? Why you called me to stop, can I stop?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to that Young Master Yu. Snort, beats a dog must look at the master, your boy line, is waiting to me.” Young Master Yu said that direct turn around leaves. moron.” Xia Tian scolded one, afterward moved toward inside directly. Surroundings these people looked with the vision of sympathy to Xia Tian. You, which arrive trouble unceasingly.” Bishop Cao helpless saying. Is he provokes first my.” Xia Tian said.

So-called hadrosaurus does not press local tyrant, they are local tyrant.” Bishop Cao saying slowly. I have not kept off their [say / way], has anything to press, the gate is so wide I to keep off cannot block.” Xia Tian has gesticulated with the hand, even if he outstretches the both arms, cannot block. Although here gate is very wide, but the gate is the entrance, how the entrance can simultaneously walk several people, person who especially pays great attention to the status, their liking makes others let, asking them to leave first, this is the point of honor, that person thinks a moment ago you will allow to pass through, but he has not thought that your unexpectedly walked directly, therefore he will be angry.” Bishop Cao said. „Is that person background very big?” Xia Tian asked. Background many I do not know greatly, but probably is local tyrant near here, Giant Bull City was too big, has the chaotic time everywhere, even if City Lord Mansion wants to manage unable to manage, because here person were too many, existences of all some feudal bullies, this any Young Master Yu should be the wicked two generations.” Bishop Cao answered. Xia Tian has listened to the second generation of rich, the official's second generation, he first time hears the wicked two generations. This name was also too overbearing. This person has certain background, although they will not make the matter too in a big way, but they sometimes in secretly under evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, even if the common family is not willing to provoke them.” Liu Shishi's Little Sister said. They should better not to provoke me.” Xia Tian most is not used to this fellows. Was good, goes to have a look, we come to see the thing, I several years had not come along the waterside pavilion.” Bishop Cao excited saying.