Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1914
They entered finally along the waterside pavilion. Just entered along waterside pavilion Xia Tian discovered that here everywhere is all kinds of signs. With the sign, these signs represents the different stores, you want to buy anything to take any sign.” Bishop Cao said. „!” Xia Tian takes the sign directly. Sign ten low grade spirit stone.” The guards said. „? Also asks for money.” Xia Tian stares slightly. Country bumpkin.” Saying that the guards disdain. Ha Ha Ha Ha, my brother first time, do not mind that gives you 30, making him select.” Bishop Cao hands over 30 low grade spirit stone hurriedly, he may worry that Xia Tian has the contradiction with here person again. Xia Tian took up one to write the signs of compounded drug two characters directly, afterward three people directly to a garret walked, on this garret writes was the compounded drug two characters, the doorway tablet was big, Xia Tian their three gave the gate guard to enter the sign to this compounded drug market, here custom was, in which market regardless of you entered, that must take into the gratuity given to a gatekeeper by visitor requesting audience with powerful official to come. Because enters here to see the thing that usually cannot see, it can be said that the long many experiences, like this exit also to have the capital of boast. Can enter here person absolutely is not the average person, because the average person does not hate these much money to come to grow in experience. These small merchants come in one time also to here scale and ornaments remember, then goes back itself also to suspend this. The compounded drug market, as the name suggests, is trades the compounded drug the place. Here compounded drug all kinds has, but lowest grade is the Rank 1 miracle cures, what is highest is eight levels of miracle cures, all kinds of compounded drugs are dazzling.

The treatment department, the r-line, assists cultivation, and so on disintoxicating. Various types of compounded drugs are innumerable. These many compounded drugs, how much money is this suitable for the waterside pavilion being probable to have?” Xia Tian surprised saying, here is also only the compounded drug, Xia Tian just walked one to discover that here compounded drug added over a billion, then the total value of this compounded drug free trading market cannot 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000, but other markets? Weapon, material wait / etc.? Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Bishop Cao has smiled directly. Smiles anything to smile.” Xia Tian awkward asking. That person said a moment ago you were the country bumpkin have not said the injustice really you.” Bishop Cao said with a smile. How?” Xia Tian awkward asking. This, you guess here compounded drug altogether value how much money first.” Bishop Cao opens the mouth to say. Altogether, 8 billion low grade spirit stone?” Xia Tian exploratory asking, he said intentionally. 20 billion, here compounded drug resultant has surpassed 20 billion.” Bishop Cao smiling saying. These many.” Xia Tian has opened the mouth, he has not thought that has such big strength along waterside pavilion unexpectedly. Moreover here store almost not along waterside pavilion, only then few some novelty shops along waterside pavilion own, but other shops are others here open, here thing first rule cannot tender, even if the compounded drugs of several selling must the uniform price, unable to reduce money, otherwise only along the bad here interests.” Bishop Cao answered. „, Is this.” Xia Tian understood finally, this looks like the market on Earth is the same, but these market tendering are very terrifying.

Is suitable for waterside pavilion also having the shop here, but they only sell the high-quality goods, only receives the high-quality goods, if not good thing here not to want, the people who these resell the goods are being suitable for waterside pavilion outside these stores reselling, only then the genuine good thing, to buy along the waterside pavilion . Moreover the price gives is not low.” Bishop Cao said. „,” Xia Tian nodded. They continue to examine here compounded drug, has saying that the Rank 8 compounded drug price is not cheap. If Xia Tian these are not the unexpected fortune, he may not hate to buy, in these Chu rings that he gets so far as has many eight Rank 9 compounded drugs. Well? This.” Before Xia Tian arrives at a counter, stares slightly: „Will gathering miracle cure so be how expensive?” I know that you will be certainly surprised, the gathering miracle cure is only the ordinary Rank 3 miracle cure, but its price is not cheaper than six levels of miracle cures, even must be more expensive.” Bishop Cao shows a faint smile, he knows that the serious famine cohesion miracle cure the price, he will go to the serious famine to buy one each time greatly. Why is this?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Because gathering miracle cure is tripod above person cultivation, can save other spirit stone and compounded drugs with its cultivation, therefore the gathering miracle cure can be said as on three most best-selling compounded drugs, wants 100 to 150 low grade spirit stone.” Bishop Cao said. How many?” Xia Tian asked again. 100 to 150.” Bishop Cao said again. Let alone the words, let my crying meeting.” Xia Tian is really wants to cry but have no tears now, the broken day kept 2 billion gathering miracle cures to him, but by his sound of sword stiffly 1 billion, that 1 billion has been sealed by him in the inside of small cauldron now words, then previous and between Abao fought him directly completely to burn. Moreover before him , in the serious famine, has not worked as money with the gathering miracle cure. 100, ten 1000, 100 10,000, 1000 100,000, 10,000 1 million, 100,000 10 million, 1 million 100 million, 10 million 1 billion, 100 million 10 billion, 1 billion 100 billion.

In other words now on the Xia Tian poly miracle cure can sell 100 billion. Other next three in compounded drugs be cheaper than the serious famine, ten times of even over a hundred times, but only gathering miracle cure, here wanted to be too more than serious famine expensively. Because next three have many Pill Refining masters, never lacks the Advanced compounded drug, so long as were the Rank 7 following compounded drug can be said as the rotten avenue, casual several hundred 1000 low grade spirit stone can take away, but the Rank 7 above price did not lower, the price of gathering miracle cure was most expensive, although it refined to be easy, but pill probability was low . Moreover the material was difficult to look. Tripod above Expert takes gathering miracle cure cultivation to reduce very big loss, even if 150 low grade spirit stone gathering miracle cures words, that can also save 40-50 low grade spirit stone. Therefore the gathering miracle cure can such selling well. Tripod above Expert cultivation gets up to put up the cash, can economize, regarding them, that simply is the important matter. Why don't you buy at serious famine?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You think that in the serious famine poly miracle cure are many? Do not look at the price to be low, actually in the market has not sold, and has selling was also cultivated by these powder buying, they take the gathering miracle cure to regard the sugar bean to spoil.” Bishop Cao depressed saying. Bang! At this moment, they hear the sound that the counter has thrown down and broken.