Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1915

Xia Tian and Bishop Cao turn head hurriedly, they behind are standing, but Liu Shishi's Little Sister, the wife of Bishop Cao, she is not cultivation. You are all right.” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. Liu Shishi's Little Sister abraded, moreover her arm has also come apart, obviously had been pushed a moment ago maliciously. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, Bishop Cao, but for he has played the person of life, the woman of Bishop Cao is her sister-in-law, now some people have injured her, that Xia Tian naturally cannot sit by and do nothing. Your T , M , D is blind, could not see that we are transporting the thing?” The opposite party shouted abuse. Bishop Cao has not spoken, but has joined the arm for Liu Shishi's Little Sister, then for Liu Shishi's Little Sister hematischesis. A there present piece in confusion, the shop front of entire shop all was hit to collapse, the compounded drug scatters place, moreover many compounded drugs have disappeared, the person who obviously passed by took away quietly. Novelty shop. This shop is suitable for the novelty shop in waterside pavilion straight camp. How?” The steward in shop all ran with the staff: How can like this?” The effective face was green, that hit to lose a moment ago is not small, the front counter all compounded drugs all are the best compounded drugs that places, because is the shop front place, must therefore be all placed the advertisement in this clashes the facade, but has now gone bad, facade hit smashing, moreover transports freight was just some people of scheduled large quantities of seven levels of compounded drugs and eight levels of compounded drugs, now, the ground only has not left all behind several of some scattering, other's affirmative was secretly is taken away. Although here interior decoration is attractive, but is not the hard metal. But is the ordinary material.

How this material can withstand such hits. Moreover here clear glass that transports freight is uses, this is to let other families has a look at the strength and business of oneself family, to put it bluntly for act high and mighty, the Northeastern Mandarin shows off. Good of result load on returning ship. Then large quantities of compounded drug such installed not to have. Xue Ling, is they, is they hits my cart intentionally, my strength they have not hit, therefore cannot block, finally hits directly on the shop front.” The staff of that delivering goods said hurriedly that such big loss he may unable to repay, the matter was actually he for with nearby person act high and mighty, therefore ran was too quick, moreover notified these people, he suddenly was infatuated with, wife who has not noted Bishop Cao. When he knows has an accident, first directly has pushed wife of Bishop Cao, this all blamed the matter in Bishop Cao wife's body. Actually you have any goal, why must hinder us to do business, said that is others family sends you to disturb.” That effective deeping frown, wicked looks at Xia Tian and the others, this time matter is not small, if he processes not well, he definitely also will meet with a disaster finally. Bishop Cao has not spoken, but is patient dresses the wound for own wife. Speech, other T , M feigns death, do not think that cannot hoodwink in a moment this matter.” The People sound of that delivering goods shouts, he hopes that directly depends on this matter in Xia Tian on them, like this he can thorough asked the responsibility. Bishop Cao has still not spoken, his such cautious and solemn dresses wife's wound completely on. Didn't speak? Guards, guard.” That People sound shouts, the surrounding guard has all run, saw to guard, the courage of that person has also come up, he moved toward Bishop Cao directly, must push Bishop Cao with the hand, because he could look, the female was not definitely common with his relations, therefore he planned that aimed at Bishop Cao the spear point. Puff!

At this moment, his arm by one big holding. Um?” A that person of brow revolution, looked directly to has caught his person, is Xia Tian: You are any thing.” He is my brother, a moment ago what you got a cut is my wife.” Bishop Cao has lifted head slowly. Does? Lets loose the hand.” At this time guarded also all ran over. Here what happened?” Guards time is also doubts of face, but this novelty shop, along waterside pavilion store, they also along waterside pavilion guard, therefore naturally must ascertain exactly what happened. Although here is along waterside pavilion shop, but they must ask the process of matter, otherwise these many eyes look that they, if finds Xia Tian and the others directly the troubles, that definitely will leave behind the words to redicule about. They thing that I shipped overthrowing, that may all be seven levels and eight levels of miracle cures, the total value surpassed 30 million low grade spirit stone, moreover he also the main facade of our shop colliding and damaging, there altogether had the value 200 million super compounded drugs occasionally, then all did not have.” The staff of that transporting freight pinned this big hat directly in Xia Tian and the others the heads. Um? Is you do?” Guards asks directly. I said that isn't useful? You are one group, moreover here nobody dares to testify for us radically, I added anything.” Bishop Cao looked that said to that guard. We are here guard, naturally will speak according to the fact, moreover we along the waterside pavilion are the reasoning with places.” The guards said. Good, I said that he has damaged my wife, and has turned down my wife's arm, now shifts blame this matter above us.” Bishop Cao said directly. Volume!” Guards stares immediately: What evidence do you have?”

He talked nonsense, was they intentionally.” The person of that transporting freight has bitten this matter stubbornly. What also said with me?” Bishop Cao disdains smiles, these tricks he had already completely understood, the fact showed that a moment ago he said also right, finally will turn into this. Since you do not have the evidence, I can only catch you, then pays off a debt in labor with your things, then informs your family members to redeem a slave, if no money to redeem a slave, that puts to death by dismemberment.” Guards also along waterside pavilion person, so long as is the matter has the little deviation in being suitable for the waterside pavilion slightly, they definitely will also turn toward are suitable for waterside pavilion here. No matter Bishop Cao said anything, finally they will make Bishop Cao lose money. Reason that he makes Bishop Cao say, to shut others' mouth, told these people, they already to the opportunity that Bishop Cao explained. Right, payment, but must make an arrest, their such people must punish.” The staff who that escorts the thing shouts hurriedly. The steward in shop had not spoken, because he also hopes that the matter blames in Xia Tian and the others, like his responsibility will be also smaller, their person management disadvantageous and others do the matter to be different intentionally. „Do you like reasoning with very much? I told you.” Xia Tian that had not spoken opens the mouth to say.