Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1916

Put to death by dismemberment! Also shears 10,000 blades in the human, the middle cannot this dead. Is makes you draw cash along the person who the waterside pavilion penalty stirs up trouble, if cannot put out to bring in money, female delivers to the brothel, male putting to death by dismemberment. That effective sees matter to develop this, is relaxing of silently, this time matter is not small, they do not hope one vented anger. When these guards want to begin, they heard the Xia Tian words. Reasoning with. Xia Tian unexpectedly must reason with. Hearing Xia Tian must reason with, on the staff face that steward and delivers goods has written all over disdaining, reasons with them, this is impossible to say passes. Good, you said.” That guard hears the Xia Tian words, has almost not smiled. The surrounding person also thinks that Xia Tian really asks for trouble, reasons with these people, is impossible to succeed, to put it bluntly was been oppressive. Good, first, he said that we look for a job intentionally, that most at least also wants the evidence, whom I want to take a look at surrounding to be able for them to testify.” Xia Tian said that the vision looks to surroundings, this is a simple truth, in this world most person who does not like stirring up trouble. Draws an analogy, ten people do not like stirring up trouble in front of the person who with 100 act high and mighty, shouted one: Refuses to accept, does not fear death stands to me. That affirmed that nobody dares to stand. However if he shouted: Clothing, fearing death stands to me? Perhaps nobody will also stand. They a moment ago what asked is Xia Tian they have the evidence, what now Xia Tian asks back was you said that was we do, your evidence?

Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person all stares. Here person saw, they can testify . Moreover the person in our shop also saw.” The staff of that transporting freight looked that the condition is not good, the hurried start to talk said. You said that they saw, they who can come out to testify, and wants is not the fool, is not the blind person saw the after person in this shop is, runs, did they see a moment ago? They have the X-Ray Vision eye, moreover must be capable of having foresight being able to know that here must have an accident, can look.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly stares at the staff of that transporting freight to say. This.” Good, this matter puts down first, we said that second, our three stood a moment ago chats here, has probably not moved, if we want to do the destruction, that only needed to use hidden weapon to be good, why can hit personally? Moreover can send does not have cultivation the person to hit? You are when we with you same are moron is right?” Xia Tian looked that said to the staff of that transporting freight. I.” His words, have not said that Xia Tian once more opens the mouth saying: You have a look at the ground trace, the blind people to look again, is you run was enthralled, wants to stop could not control the inertia, such long trace do not tell me unable to see.” At this time the people looked to the trace of ground, had three meters trace. Regarding a cultivation person, three meters trace is not small. The glass that although transports freight is too not reliable, but was impossible hit one not to have cultivation the human to break to pieces. „, You have a look at trace, after his thing obviously is blew my friend, he suddenly changes hits on the counter of oneself family.” Xia Tian said again. Has saying that words that Xia Tian spoke, will present all people to convince. That because he said in principle, moreover each few words said according to the situation in scene. This is just your suspicion, your evidence?” The steward who had not spoken looked that the matter is not good, goes forward to say hurriedly that he does not hope to blame at this time in the head of delivering goods staff, otherwise this loss wanted him to shoulder, he may unable to shoulder such big loss. Evidence?

A moment ago Xia Tian said was very clear. Comes the person, here sweep trace, do not delay our business.” That is in charge said directly. Hears his words, Xia Tian smiled. This clarified destroys evidence. Here steward just said that these staff a moment ago had said Xia Tian the trace all wiped off. Surroundings these people are also helpless shaking the head, here is others domains, depends entirely on opens mouth, now others said that is fears to delay the business, directly here sweep trace, then Xia Tian so-called evidence? Surroundings these people have not spoken, they as if already expected the matter to turn into this. Evidence?” That effective smiling looks at Xia Tian to ask. Did not have.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Has saying that the opposite party this has clarified must bully them, moreover bullying that does not cover up, because they are in front of these many people to wipe off all traces directly. Moreover words everybody who Xia Tian said a moment ago also heard. This matter clarified is person of that delivering goods is not right, finally now they must all blame the responsibility on Xia Tian their bodies. The brow of guard wrinkles in the same place, this time matter is not small to their prestige influences, but they along the waterside pavilion person, this loss are not young, this is unjustly discredited to some people carry. Since did not have, that can make an arrest.” That is in charge said directly. Makes an arrest.” The leader of guard said directly, although he does not want to do this matter very much, but he must do today.

Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts once more. What's wrong? Also wants to reason with?” That steward asked. Said, naturally must say, I have most reasoned with, but the matter we took one yard normalizing code saying that wasn't loses money? We compensate, how many altogether is? 230 million? Here has 180 million low grade spirit stone, other makes up with the gathering miracle cure.” Xia Tian saying slowly. „, Do you have 180 million low grade spirit stone? Really funny, how you did not say that here is your.” That saying that is in charge disdains. Xia Tian has not spoken, his left hand flings, a hill same spirit stone pile appears in the front of people. Humph! Sees these many spirit stone, all people have all held breath cold air, they do not understand that actually Xia Tian the spirit stone conceal where, the ordinary Chu ring can only deposit 100 million low grade spirit stone, but Xia Tian unexpectedly takes 180 million low grade spirit stone all of a sudden. Volume!” That is in charge stares immediately. Also misses 50 million pairs, the gathering miracle cure market price, I calculate 1000 to you, I give you 50,000 gathering miracle cures, this compensation had ended right.” Xia Tian said that his front presented 50,000 gathering miracle cures. Attract! All people have all held breath cold air. Since this matter, we should process my friend injured matter.”