Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1917

Great writers! When Xia Tian puts out these many spirit stone and gathering miracle cure, the person was all given deep to control by his great writer. Guard and that effective is also in the heart one tight, can put out these many spirit stone and gathering miracle cure person casually can be the average person? Moreover at this time they one want a moment ago the imposing manner of Xia Tian speech, absolutely Xia Tian definitely not to be the average people. Now heard Xia Tian saying that must process his friend injured matter, in staff heart of that delivering goods one cold, the back has flowed out the cold sweat, he thinks a moment ago Xia Tian they definitely could not put out these many Qian to come, when the time comes Xia Tian one was processed, most were also dismissed. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly directly has compensated these much money, and has aimed at him the spear point. „Do you want to do? The matter has been solved, has any relations with me, is she hits.” The person of that delivering goods vigorously was still arguing. „Do I want to do? I said that I have most reasoned with, lost money I to compensate, but you got a cut the hand of my friend, but also has inferred his arm, I wanted your arm, reasonable.” Xia Tian saying slowly. What?” Hears the Xia Tian words, that person stares immediately. Wants his arm, this is how good, he is just works, coming to here to also gain and has the face, he does not want to throw an arm. The steward in that shop lowered the head, has not spoken, obviously he does not want to manage at this time, after all Xia Tian has lost money, moreover Xia Tian seems is not the affable lord, he is not worthwhile for a staff of making mistakes, but opposes with Xia Tian. These guards have not spoken. They know the difference of Xia Tian, therefore does not want to tear to pieces the facial skin with Xia Tian. Xue Guan, you must take responsibility for me, I am we staff along waterside pavilion novelty shop, your staff, you have no alternative but to manage me.” The person of that delivering goods said hurriedly.

But that effective has not responded him. You are here guard, you cannot look that he offends somebody here, moreover I along waterside pavilion staff, this, if passed on, definitely will affect us along the waterside pavilion reputation.” The person of that delivering goods sees steward to pay no attention to him, looked hurriedly to the person of convoy guard. He hopes that the people of convoy guard can help him. Yeah!” Chief of convoy guard helpless sighed to say. Xia Tian not tenderhearted, this world is this, law of the jungle, if Xia Tian has not put out that many spirit stone and compounded drugs, what then Xia Tian their fates can be? Perhaps will be miserable. No, you cannot abandon me, I along waterside pavilion staff, if I have an accident, that will be suitable for the waterside pavilion the reputation having the damage, how later others will also see along the waterside pavilion.” The staff of that delivering goods said hurriedly. But is in charge and guard still nobody spoke. I begin.” Bishop Cao walked directly. No, no, you can injure me, will otherwise certainly damage along the waterside pavilion reputation, who later others also awe us along the waterside pavilion.” He continues to shout. Right, here is along waterside pavilion, here has injured us along the waterside pavilion person, we after the waterside pavilion not to have the face very much.” The dignified sound conveys, hears this sound the time from behind together, cups one hand in the other across the chest with the guard along the waterside pavilion steward hurriedly forward. See elder.” Came along the waterside pavilion elder.

Matter time was noisily big, first asked Xia Tian and the others to compensate 230 million low grade spirit stone along the waterside pavilion person stiffly, afterward was Xia Tian they must cut off that to hit the delivering goods staff of person under thousands of staring eyes, now unexpectedly appears including the elders. Was also considered as in entire Giant Bull City along the waterside pavilion elder on is big figure. Since this big figure appeared, he naturally must maintain along the waterside pavilion face and dignified. The staff of that delivering goods is also finally relaxed, he understands, since the elders appeared, he absolutely is safe. Is who can move us along the waterside pavilion person?” Saying that the elder manner despises extremely, he even uselessly looks straight at to look at Xia Tian and the others, his manner is arrogant, because in his eyes, has the qualifications to make him look straight on nobody besides these big figure in Giant Bull City to look. He thinks own such remarks mouth, was the person who before stirred up trouble definitely does not dare to say anything again, because his status suspended here. If also some people said that must move them along the waterside pavilion person, that has clarified not to him the face. Does not give him the face not to give along the waterside pavilion face. I!” Xia Tian saying slowly. Xia Tian said clean agile. Um?” The elders think nobody dares to acknowledge is right, but this matter also on direct neutralize, looked to him who at that time everybody can worship, but some unexpectedly people acknowledged now, this represented some people to dare to challenge his dignity, therefore his slowly low a head of faint trace, as if overlooked the world general looked to Xia Tian: „Do you want to move us along the waterside pavilion person?” Right, is I.” Xia Tian said directly. The surrounding person thinks that Xia Tian was insane, Xia Tian this clarified wanted the obliging waterside pavilion to.

Along waterside pavilion, but the colossus, his unexpectedly dares such with being suitable for the waterside pavilion to, that fate can be imagined. Bold, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to the elder.” The steward in shop gives a loud shout. But these guards were at the same time they have also encircled Xia Tian. I have said that I am reasoning with, hasn't anything dared, if reasons with I not to dare, I turned with your same dogs.” Xia Tian looked that to has been in charge with these staff as well as the surrounding guard. Hears Xia Tian to describe them with the dog, that steward immediately angry shouting: I, no matter your anything status, here is along the waterside pavilion domain.” That person emphasized that he knows Xia Tian was not ordinary, but he said that here was along the goal of waterside pavilion domain is to tell the Xia Tian speech carefully, otherwise may unable to go out of here very much. But will Xia Tian fear? Boy, your unexpectedly links our elders to dare to offend, you died.” The staff of that delivering goods shouts directly, when he with great difficulty has big figure to come out, how also possibly to let up this opportunity, he wants to bring back contradiction between Xia Tian and elder, such elder will kill him, he also on thorough did not have the extra worries, otherwise he was dismissed does not dare to make an appearance outside. I here, that nobody active we along waterside pavilion person.” The elders think one are keeps aloof, at this time hears the words of delivering goods staff, immediately has exhibited the manner of superior. Right? Matter that I must do, nobody can block me.” Xia Tian smiling saying.