Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1919

Hears drinks along of waterside pavilion elder greatly, Xia Tian their three stop the footsteps. What's wrong? Also wants to deliver us? Does not use such politely.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Person who has injured my plans such to walk?” Along waterside pavilion elder coldly looked that asked to Xia Tian, Xia Tian was in front of his to tear off a that person of arm a moment ago, this was hitting his face simply, making him feel that did not have the face, if he made Xia Tian such walk, that called to lose to the family disgraced. In his domain, his surface, his person tore off an arm, if this matter passes on, his person lost does not have. I have said that matter that I must do, nobody can block me, now is also same, I must walk, that nobody can block me.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying, his self-confidence did not boast. Comes the person, encircled to me.” Gives a loud shout along the waterside pavilion elder, afterward these guards in surrounding all ran over, is only the flash, came over a thousand guards. Yo, person are many.” Very Xia Tian disdains looked that to being suitable for the waterside pavilion elder said. Must choose a person along waterside pavilion this obviously bullies them. One crowd of mob.” Saying that Bishop Cao disdains. Cao brother, the sister-in-law military, you will not lead her to exit first.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Um, that was laborious you.” Bishop Cao not polite, he does not hope that his wife is injured, moreover he believes Xia Tian can absolutely safe exits from here. I had said no one can walk.” Shouts along the waterside pavilion elder loudly, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao unexpectedly disregarded him once more. Whom their unexpectedly studies to walk there first, as if has not heard his words to be the same. All right, depends on this group of mob unable I to be what kind.” Xia Tian probably completely has not heard along the words of waterside pavilion elder is ordinary, shows a faint smile to Bishop Cao and his wife. I walked.” Bishop Cao said. I said that no one can get away.” Along elder angry shouting of waterside pavilion, his unexpectedly was disregarded again, his solemn four cauldron Expert here, but boy unexpectedly of two tripods so disregard him, moreover probably said that must walk to be the same, oneself probably are the air is in their eyes common.

Walks.” Xia Tian said that he has still not gone to pay attention along the waterside pavilion elder. Whiz! Bishop Cao hugs own wife, afterward flushes away to outside directly. Holds him to me.” Gives a loud shout along the waterside pavilion elder. Bishop Cao corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward the ruling god stick bang in right hand goes directly forward, surroundings these guards also all attacked to Bishop Cao, but Bishop Cao absolutely did not have to defend. Because he has Advanced treasure. Bang! When the attack of both sides hits in the same place, the body of Bishop Cao has not started any mighty waves, but opposite these people by Bishop Cao strikes pounds to fly directly, these person of majority on the scene are only about the tripod Rank 1 Rank 2 person strongest also merely is tripod Rank 3 Expert. But Bishop Cao takes the ruling god stick to play the tripod Rank 9 might, therefore they are only the flash directly are hit to fly by Bishop Cao. Hateful, do not want to run away.” Along waterside pavilion elder why, although surprised Bishop Cao can not hide does not dodge these attack counter-balances, but he also knows one cannot make Bishop Cao leave absolutely, otherwise his face lost in a big way, therefore he fired into Bishop Cao directly. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type: Fokuang peeps. A giant palm empty shade pounded directly to along the back of the body of waterside pavilion elder, the might of this palm was big, was pursuing Bishop Cao felt the back of the body along the waterside pavilion elder the palm, turned head hurriedly. Bang!

His palm broke Xia Tian the move. But Cao Bishop and the others left obviously. Hateful.” Sees Bishop Cao already the disappearing trace, cursed angrily one along the waterside pavilion elder, although felt loses face, but he, so long as detained Xia Tian, his does not calculate that lost face completely: I thought how you do run away?” Runs away? I think that you should make a mistake, I have not planned to run away, I must walk.” Xia Tian light saying. Has the skill you to walk one to try.” Along the waterside pavilion elder looked said angrily to Xia Tian. Good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Domain. Meanwhile the domain appears instantaneously, his domain centered on him all covered 30 meters in diameter place. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Several thousand sword glow appear around his body directly, at the same time around these several thousand sword glow is wrapping four Yuan attack. What? The domain, unexpectedly is the domain.” Looks at Xia Tian along the waterside pavilion elder surprisedly, he has not thought person who Xia Tian unexpectedly is one has the domain. If I want to destroy, my this you guess how much money can ruin? 1 billion, 2 billion, are 5 billion, 10 billion?” Xia Tian smiling looks opposite asked along the waterside pavilion elder, hears his words, along the waterside pavilion elder forehead on all was the cold sweat, if Xia Tian released this move, perhaps then periphery ended. Do not say that loses several billions, even if loses hundreds of millions, that is also the anxiety. Stop, stops to me.” Shouts along the waterside pavilion elder hurriedly, he really worried that Xia Tian comes a fight in which both sides perish. Now I walk, what opinion do you have?” Xia Tian looks that asked along the waterside pavilion elder.

Today I can put you to walk, but you have remembered to me, today's matter has not ended.” Along waterside pavilion elder coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Has not ended, I have said that my spirit stone is not good to take.” Xia Tian said directly bit by bit walks toward outside, when he gets to the entrance, on his face appeared has badly smiled: My style, since has put, that cannot receive, will otherwise not be good to the body, must therefore trouble the elder Sir you to receive.” ! The Xia Tian words said that several thousand wrapped the sword glow of four Yuan attack to shoot at directly along the waterside pavilion elder. Hateful, I will certainly not let off your.” Does not dare to direct the strength along the waterside pavilion elder, otherwise here must meet with a disaster, therefore he can only close right up against his strength and defense the move of keeping off of Xia Tian under stiffly, if he attracts this, then he will not receive any injury, but waves to achieve, but here is the trade center, if he leads away, that here majority will be destroyed, therefore he can only meet hardly. Puff! A blood from being suitable for the waterside pavilion elder mouth spouts. I will certainly not let off your.” Along elder angry shouting of waterside pavilion. When Xia Tian comes out Bishop Cao they are waiting there. We walk.” Bishop Cao said. Does not worry, finds a place to rest first, I had said my spirit stone is not good to take.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles.