Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1923

Xia Tian packs these Chu rings directly completely. This.” Bishop Cao is from the heart wants embarrassed. Do not be impolite with me, dares person, for I breakneck, this money is not anything, I believe that these things, your cultivation speed should quick promote.” Xia Tian already looked, Bishop Cao not many resources, although he is the descendants of Cao, moreover in Cao orthodox school on his only child, but Bishop Cao most does not want puts out a hand with the family, even if he who in the family gives does not want. He wanted to rush out a positive result by his influence outside, therefore he will join the Saint virtue palace, however in the Saint virtue palace, he same fortified at every step, everywhere aimed, if were not his accidental chance knew City Lord of sounds of nature city, he perhaps already poor dingdong has made a sound, after he went to the serious famine, has resold two batch of gathering miracle cures, the economy was somewhat moderate. Therefore he that will thank sounds of nature City Lord, even died including sounds of nature City Lord, he is still working and speaks for sounds of nature City Lord. Normal people, regardless of they related well, once this person died, then another person was not worthwhile for the deceased person, but offended some talents to be high, or powerful person. But Bishop Cao for Xia Tian that sounds of nature City Lord asked. Also because of this point, making Xia Tian look to understand, Bishop Cao truly the friend who was worth him making. Because he thinks that some day has had an accident, Bishop Cao also definitely not no matter own. Good.” Bishop Cao nodded, Xia Tian gives his thing to add actually less than 100 billion. But how many did Xia Tian obtain? 500 billion low grade spirit stone, value 13,000 low grade spirit stone materials. Now he has given Bishop Cao the value 100 billion materials, what his remaining is one compared with the big number. I am impolite, recently for these days I must close up cultivation, I will arrange Xia Tian put outside Formation food and liquor, when the time comes you take.” Bishop Cao had these many materials, very excited, this time he can finally any a natural breakthrough time.

Other his Realm already can promote, but he did not have enough spirit stone and compounded drug, therefore after the breakthrough, is unable to consolidate own Realm, therefore he has not broken through. Now he turned into the local tyrant, 100 billion, their resources of Cao add not to have these much money. Um.” Xia Tian nodded, he happen to also wants while this opportunity his day cold sword promotion. This time he has gotten so far as these many materials, happen to can promote as the day cold sword directly. Some people like some people to worry. Along waterside pavilion. The sky collapsed. This time matter regarding being suitable for waterside pavilion was the day collapsed simply, does not have along the opportunity that the waterside pavilion Boss escaped radically continually, by City Lord Mansion grasping, but along these elders of waterside pavilion also 11 please go to City Lord Mansion to drink tea, the person of these family and influence all collapsed. They enter along the waterside pavilion in laboriously do business, but this time they are the bottom that compensates toward Heavens!. Broke down along the waterside pavilion, before these are the nostril face upwards in the person who being suitable for the waterside pavilion worked, but now they are the targets of universal detestation, everybody shouted hits, even their surface does not dare to reveal, now the families of these bankruptcies like the lunatic, everywhere are catching these people. Collapsed along the waterside pavilion elders, the Boss also collapsed. City Lord Mansion will be suitable for the waterside pavilion all wealth conforming, has distributed on average, 1/50 that but each household loses including oneself on average have not taken carry back, even the somewhat big family 1% has not taken carry back continually. Owed sends greatly.

In order to let these families has a change of heart, the eldest children and elders who City Lord Mansion will be suitable for the waterside pavilion punish, has shut in the prison directly. Said that has closed, actually is also changes to the protection, otherwise exits along the waterside pavilion elder and Boss now, the flash will be torn into shreds by the people of outside these bankruptcies, these people now the eye is red. Accumulates next tens of billions along waterside pavilion property these years, moreover some lot of money in pile-up of goods, therefore distributes does not have many. Although outside these merchants are helpless, but did not have any means. Along waterside pavilion but actually, their money also or came back. Was good has also divided several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone because of one person, was can go on living reluctantly. This time matter has started the great unrest in Giant Bull City, entire Giant Bull City because of this matter, but turbulent, everybody also heard along the waterside pavilion actually how take by force, from underground dug the tunnel, this matter occurrence, other markets were dispatch troops to inspect the surroundings of oneself market carefully, tiny bit cannot miss, has a look to have this hole, they do not think that here turned into second Giant Bull City. Even every day two hours of rest has also cancelled, they every day are no matter the daytime or the dark night do business, this to prevent in the market nobody entered the thief. Especially East city. Along waterside pavilion, but East city one of the four big treasure houses, several other that were Lian mostly comes out to go on patrol, the elder was assumes personal command in inside personally. East city biggest secret pavilion is also thorough was discrete. Nobody wants to become second along the waterside pavilion. Your grandfather to this tour.

These characters also become a few words that Giant Bull City spreads widely, everybody understood, this offended anything should not along the waterside pavilion obviously the person of offending, therefore stolen was so clean, this news passed on, other markets ordered all people with the customer to have any conflict immediately. Moreover they also asked around that actually recently was suitable for the waterside pavilion offending any person. Giant Bull City is so lively, is this event Xia Tian and Bishop Cao of instigator they are closing up now. Bishop Cao is closes up promotes own Realm. But Xia Tian is the preparation the day cold sword promotion. Before was still worrying for the material of promotion day cold sword, it seems like that this time does not use.” Xia Tian looked day cold sword in own hand, now he most does not lack is money and material. He knows that own present Realm wants to promote not to be easy, even if has promoted, perhaps the battle efficiency cannot increase many, but if day cold sword promotion, then his battle efficiency can increase many, because he did not have a weapon while convenient to the present. Waited for the strength, he can find the way to seek for the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen, when the time comes he can refine such super compounded drug, only then such super compounded drug can rescue his Master Yin Nie. Shouted, the day cold sword, you followed me to be so long, today finally can your recast.”