Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1924

Forges the day cold sword. This regarding Xia Tian absolutely is an important matter. The background of day cold sword is immortal. In other words sooner or later Xia Tian will make it restore to the appearance of immortal, as for this time can restore to any degree, Xia Tian not to know that he can only completely the biggest ability refine the day cold sword. Friend, I never regards you are a weapon, but regards you are the friend of mine, do you also very much certainly want to restore your appearance? We together diligently.” Although day cold sword does not work, but Xia Tian believes that he and day cold sword in so were together long, definitely will have certain tacit understanding. If the refiner is only goes to regard the dying thing material, then builds up for a lifetime is the dying thing. The Xia Tian refiner regards as the material has the life. The person, is the material, they have the value that oneself have, for example the grain was eaten, that is its value, the material was built up the formidable weapon, this is also its value. Xia Tian thinks that a day of cold sword itself has the lofty character of immortal, then he affirmed degenerates into unwillingly ordinary every, now Xia Tian wants to promote its rank, then it definitely will coordinate her. Afterward Xia Tian also took material in the small cauldron. Materials, you to let the immortal thinking highly of present world, this is your values, I believe you.” Xia Tian opening both eyes slowly shout loudly. Suddenly, around Xia Tian all as if lived, all things probably had their life. They value that wants itself to have. Xia Tian that sincere words, making them produce the resonance. At this time Xia Tian these materials that from being suitable for the waterside pavilion steals all departs from the small cauldron, they have all produced the resonance with Xia Tian, reason that naturally, Xia Tian not with the ability of material communication, a moment ago he can the material produces the resonance by oneself be because the merit of super refiner technique. The super refiner technique is a very mysterious refiner technique. It can make Xia Tian build the super mystique of immortal by the Profound Grade strength.

It biggest skill can communicate the myriad things, making in the world all materials all have the communication with refiner. But this is difficult to achieve, even if others also cultivation super refiner technique, is almost impossible to achieve Xia Tian the Realm. Starts! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward he starts the refiner directly. shit, the day cold sword, were you insane? These many treasures your unexpectedly must eat.” Xia Tian surprised saying, he discovered that one these things that from being suitable for the waterside pavilion makes besides spirit stone, other all flew to the day cold sword, the day cold sword as if wanted to eat these things was the same. Super refiner technique! Xia Tian does not dare to have slight hesitation, the flash completely uses the technique of super refiner technique. The refiner technique of super refiner technique is most higher . Moreover the refiner way is also best. Also is a little the addition that super refiner technique has, 1% probabilities promote one time their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up.), 1/1000 probabilities promote ten times( to continue a weapon to build up), a probability their refiner technique extremely to promote hundred times( to continue a weapon their refiner technique to build up), 1/100000 probabilities to promote thousand times( to continue a weapon to build up) and 1/1000000 probabilities their refiner technique promote ten thousand times their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up). Xia Tian previous refinement day cold sword time triggered final that. 1/1000000 probabilities promote ten thousand times their refiner technique( continues a weapon to build up). This.” When Xia Tian uses the super refiner technique, he discovered that he triggered the addition again. Is probability a that refiner technique of extremely promotes hundred times. He has not thought that his luck unexpectedly was good this degree, unexpectedly triggered this addition once more. A probability extremely. He felt that he was coveted the wolf to take possession really probably.

This super luck unexpectedly occurred on his body again. The refiner technique promotes hundred times, his obvious feeling their both hands tied the seal speed instantaneous quick hundred times, previous time refined that time of immortal, he did not remember one have made anything, because is not he was controlling itself at that time, at this time he can the clear feeling the changes of his both hands. Speed quickly to being dazzled. The value 1 trillion low grade spirit stone materials all flew on this to the day cold sword. Bang! Bang! Day cold sword, your don't counter Heavens!, if you restore to immortal once more, I same cannot shoulder the day tribulation.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were praying, although said that this time was the repair, but Xia Tian did not determine that actually the day tribulation can appear again, his previous time has experienced the might of day tribulation. Can extinguish instantaneously kills him. Bang! Bang! The compounded drug, is the material, or is the weapon, the equipment wait / etc., any east Western Paradise cold sword eats. It probably lived was the same. Has not thought, my unexpectedly looks to be able once more addition of embarking super refiner technique, now I to the day cold sword promoted have the confidence, what my not clear day cold sword outcome must turn into.” Xia Tian does not know that actually day of cold sword promotion can succeed. After the promotion, can be any Realm. Bang! Bang! Explosions transmit from the day cold sword. These treasure all by day cold sword stiffly swallowing, that many things has been able to chock up several courtyards, but the day cold sword swallows them sediment not remaining. These swallowed material advances uninterruptedly, they do not have the fear, but is excited.

As if manifests their value. Puff! At this moment, a blood always spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Small insect, digests spirit stone to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his spiritual energy could not follow his knot seal speed. Puff! Gang Xia Tian that the small insect keeps digests the spirit stone strength, continuous Spirit Tool enters to Xia Tian within the body. This refiner has continued for 15 days. Knot seal that these in 15 days, Xia Tian is keeping, but these materials do not listen was being absorbed by the day cold sword, finally in the material completely by that moment that the day cold sword swallows. The refiner finished. Bang! The day cold sword fell before the body of Xia Tian directly. But Xia Tian also falls down from weariness in place, actually he already reached the limit, is his subconscious is supporting him, making him continue to refine. After many refiner masters were refined a handle famous article, died, the reason was they did not know in the midway tired, they were overdrawing their life, that moment when the refiner completed, they also safely died. Father, we met finally.” In the Xia Tian mind has broadcast a baby sound.