Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1925
Father? Hears this name time, on the face of Xia Tian had the smiling face. Although now he is very tired, but he knows that he succeeded. Appeared spirit. The day cold sword appeared own spirits, represented a day of cold sword now to be most minimum turned into treasure, saw that a day of cold sword was lowest is also treasure, Xia Tian relaxed finally, the day before yesterday cold sword was only every time can contend with others' Spirit Tool, but now did the day cold sword turn into treasure? Although the day cold sword is immortal of damage, however its resistance hits the ability to be strong, initially every time, treasure is unable to damage it, but is it not any other attributes. However now the day cold sword was also treasure. Treasure all has the special attribute, Xia Tian is also wanting to know the special attribute of day of cold sword. However at this moment, he was too tired. Makes me sleep.” Xia Tian fell asleep directly. This thinks he rests is very fragrant, he does not know how long one have rested, when he wakes up, he discovered with amazement that his Spiritual Force unexpectedly rose suddenly, before his Realm promoted to tripod Rank 1, his Spiritual Force has not changed, with before was about same tripod Rank 2, but after this use super refiner technique, his Realm had the tremendous changes. Has not thought, my this refiner unexpectedly also has such big harvest.” Xia Tian was really is now happy. His Spiritual Force unexpectedly qualitative leapt, turned into tripod Rank 5 from tripod Rank 1 all of a sudden, the super refiner technique of Xia Tian has been able to exercise the soul, the soul intensity of average person together promoted with Realm, hit analogy tripod Rank 5 Expert, his soul intensity should also be tripod Rank 5, but if he were attacked by the soul, that almost must die without doubt. But Xia Tian is different, the similar soul attack can keep off instantaneously by Xia Tian.

Because their souls are only auxiliary human bodies, but the Xia Tian soul is alone cultivation. Tripod Rank 5! My soul unexpectedly turned into tripod Rank 5 from tripod Rank 2 directly, then may really gain sends greatly.” Xia Tian wanted to be happy, his soul entered the step to have two advantage, first was the technique of Third Layer deep meanings his eight Qi, second was he can control in ghost spirit Zhu a fiercer fellow. These may be his card in a hand. The casualness takes to be the same, can become the super skill, the ability of make a comeback. He possibly is how unhappy. This time was gains really has sent greatly, although I lost the value 12,000 hundred million spirit stone treasure, but I obtained the qualification of maintaining life, first did not say day of cold sword, solely was my soul intensity increased this point, that was not the average person can have the treatment that if my soul can break through once more, broke through to tripod Rank 8 about, I believe that I can certainly evade the soul searches of four cauldron Rank 1.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Four cauldron Rank 1 Expert biggest skills can use the soul locking goal based on this, how regardless of that you then run away, could not escape. spirit stone is dying thing, these treasures are also the dying thing, if regenerates the dead crisis time, they cannot block a life for Xia Tian, but the soul intensity promotion is different. Therefore Xia Tian believes that he this time gained absolutely. Really was the luck came, kept off cannot block.” Xia Tian excited saying. Then, he must examine his day cold sword , the achievement of this refiner. His refiner biggest goal is to promote the rank of day of cold sword. !

Xia Tian has taken up the day cold sword. Transparent sword. The day cold sword is still transparent, only then his X-Ray Vision eye can see, moreover Xia Tian discovered that all aura on this day cold sword were all reserved. Big change.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Father.” At this moment in the Xia Tian mind presented a sound. Volume!” Hears this name time, Xia Tian stares slightly, he probably heard this to call before, but he was too tired at that time, therefore has not cared, he only knows that possibly was appears worked, but was spirit cannot so easily communicated with it. Treasure has spirits, is they simplest spirits, let alone has communicated, even if issues the order also only to know that kills with does not kill. However day cold sword spirit unexpectedly communicated with Xia Tian on own initiative. „Are you a day of cold sword?” Xia Tian asked. Um, the father, is I, I can meet with you finally.” Day cold sword spirit excited saying. Why did you call my father? How spirits can with I so clear communication?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. Because is you I refine, without you, that does not have me, originally you I refine, I appeared, but the might of day tribulation was too at that time big, therefore I can only resist the day to plunder with my body, otherwise the father had the danger.” The day cold sword said. „, Many thanks you.” Xia Tian said.

Is I must thank father to be right, without father's words, did not have me, the father has not used with low status these spirit and I placed on a par, we radically were not a level.” The day cold sword said. Good.” Xia Tian awkward saying, is truly different, these knowledge treasure spirits, but the day cold sword is immortal spirits. Completely does not fall into the same ranking existence. Father, this time you awakens me, although I have not been able to achieve the complete body, but has been able to de-archive part of abilities, the present day cold sword will not send out coldly attribute, so long as moves the object, the cold attribute instantaneously will erupt, moreover attacks others time will not bring the sense of crisis to anybody, like this you sneak attacked also to facilitate.” The day cold sword said. What Xia Tian in heart silently was the day cold sword has selected 32 to praise, worthily was the thing that he refined, was really too understands him, including sneak attacking this matter he such understood. The Xia Tian strongest several types of skills are, the sneak attack, plots, escapes with act high and mighty. This each same skill had been practiced reach a high degree of proficiency Realm by him. Truly is the good skill.” Xia Tian excited saying. Father your happy this that too early, I said was not the ability that a day of cold sword awakened, this merely was only the most common attribute.” Day cold sword very user-friendly saying, it as if understands the Xia Tian disposition. „? This isn't unexpectedly also the ability of awakening? Is that actually what the ability of awakening?” Xia Tian surprised saying. Third Layer seal.” Day cold sword saying slowly.