Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1926

The day cold sword can hide the crisis that own attribute and attack bring now, this was abnormal enough, because Xia Tian can use this ability to sneak attack, the average person has no way to discover day cold sword is, only if Realm is higher than he too many people. However now the day cold sword tells him, this is not the true ability that he awakens. When ability that he awakens truly Third Layer seal. Third Layer seal?” Xia Tian hears thinks very aggressive. Right, is the Third Layer seal, although the present day cold sword has only de-archived a seal of faint trace, but also was ultimate treasure.” Day cold sword very optional saying. What? Ultimate treasure.” Hears these four characters time, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked. Day cold sword time awakening unexpectedly turned into ultimate treasure directly, this was also too abnormal, entire next three had not heard temporarily had any ultimate treasure, even if were Advanced treasure, that was also the super treasure, Xia Tian personally has experienced Advanced treasure fierce, that simply was abnormal, most even can display to be a worthy opponent four cauldron super Expert might. Then ultimate treasure? Compared with existence of Advanced treasure higher rank. Once Advanced treasure exposes that definitely is will stare, finally the murder seizes the treasure, then ultimate treasure. Now Xia Tian to this Third Layer seal was also the incomparable anticipation. Father, is only small ultimate treasure, do you also need such surprisedly? If my heyday, you only need to wave gently, can cut off several thousand handle ultimate treasure instantaneously.” Day cold sword very proud saying, it has the proud capital, because it is the background of immortal, therefore it naturally could not have a liking for any ultimate treasure.

Xia Tian is but different. Regarding present Xia Tian, ultimate treasure is only a legend, next three in had not heard temporarily who has, seems like same in the serious famine, ultimate Spirit Tool and treasure happens, that will be sold the sky-high price simply, is in next three, this type of thing is easy to be able to buy. However next three explicitly ban, is not allowed any next three person to enter the preliminary region casually, does not permit to resell or slaughter in the preliminary region casually, had discovered that will receive very serious penalty, once is the person of some family goes, then this family will be implicated. This is why Bishop Cao was then sounds of nature City Lord is also very ripe, reason that he does not dare to buy the gathering miracle cure. Because he was worried to expose accidentally, that might die finally very much, even the entire Cao will therefore destroy continually. Actually next three such do also has its truth, once let these subordinate regions and next three carries on the trade, then that subordinate region will quickly turn into others' colony, tripod Expert will plunder in all directions, when the time comes regarding that subordinate region will be the ruinous disaster. Before this matter, occurred at the serious famine. The demon teaches the hegemon of alliance, Abao and these wants to seize the valuable tripod Expert, they already the snafu that the serious famine did, if at that time were not Abao controls sounds of nature City Lord daughter, then sounds of nature City Lord only needed to use a special pass on message symbol, then Giant Bull City will send out four cauldron Expert to come the serious famine directly, caught completely these people, finally cut to kill. Ultimate treasure regarding three, on three, is not possibly valuable, but regarding next three, that absolutely is the most precious object, no matter you put out how much Qian to come, you cannot buy. When a thing is rare , it becomes precious. Actually is the Third Layer seal what?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to the day cold sword.

„The so-called Third Layer seal, First Layer is called cold light, after untying this heavy seal, will present ten zhang (3.33 m) cold glow to cut together directly to the opposite party, at the appointed time you at present in ten zhang (3.33 m) instantaneously completely frozen.” Day cold sword saying slowly. What? Such abnormal, ten zhang (3.33 m).” Xia Tian surprised saying, that own move turned into the group to attack, if later who dared gang up and beat again, did not need to sneak attack, only needed to untie the First Layer seal of day of cold sword to be OK, a sword cut also who can block him? As for this move of might, that Xia Tian believes that is the tripod Rank 5 person absolutely cannot shoulder. Because day cold sword is the invisible sword. The opposite party wants to discover that also is almost impossible. „The Second Layer seal is called cold glow, after untying this heavy seal, will present four ten zhang (3.33 m) cold glow to cut directly to the surroundings, to put it bluntly is four cold light together explodes approaches the four directions of own body.” The day cold sword introduced again. This. This was equal to domain might.” Xia Tian surprised saying. In domain with your mouth should be similar.” The day cold sword answered. That Third Layer?” A Xia Tian face anticipates looked that asked to the day cold sword. Another. In Giant Bull City prison.

Sir, do not feel embarrassed us, now you so were miserable, incurred, actually right several other elders you well have also thought to offend any person recently, Giant Bull City must to these merchants confession, if this matter could not have tied this year, that to confess to these merchants that finally you must die.” Chief prison warden who in the prison, is carrying on the interrogation said. Thump! At this moment, sound of footsteps hurriedly transmits together. In a big hurry quick, prepares to greet, was the law enforcement elder comes.” A prison guard reported. Hears law enforcement elder these four characters, chief prison warden has stood hurriedly: All people give me the spirit, greets the law enforcement elder Sir together.” The law enforcement elder, in Giant Bull City most terrorist figure, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, in his eye cannot accommodate the sand, so long as some people have made the mistake, he definitely will punish, including the big figure of city like being suitable for the waterside pavilion Boss, generally speaking big figure like him and several elders went bankrupt, that is also insufficient to obtain so is out, but this person is impossible to sit by and do nothing. Therefore he sent for all inviting these people, only to being suitable for waterside pavilion old Freshman carried out a punishment personally, although other elders have not carried out a punishment, but also was the heart that looked at startled. Quick, a dignified old man from the staircase, the old man has worn a long gown, long gown above has written a big law character, his only recognizes this law character, who has violated the law, he will be impolite, even if the City Lord Mansion person is also same, it is said had seen from nobody he smiles, it is said that he is young time is because does not have the legal system, all family members all died, it is said that he most loved the person is killed, but a that person has actually been living, nobody control, it is said. See law enforcement elder.” Ps: Close to celebrating the new year, the busy matter were too recently many, I also want to celebrate the new year, year ago possibly did not have too large scale exploding, but year later came back, I will continue to erupt greatly, today this is sixth, has delivered, since here has supported my brother to say the sound to these, thank you.