Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1927

The law enforcement elder unemotionally walked, he looked that has not looked at chief prison warden one eyes, moved toward directly along the waterside pavilion Boss: Hasn't said?” I do not know , if I does, I already ran, but also you will grasp to silly?” Along the waterside pavilion Boss looked that said to the law enforcement elder. „It is not you do, some people use that hole to carry off the thing? How many talented people that must be able to move away that many things, 1000 people, are 10,000 people, 100,000 people? Are you along the waterside pavilion people the fools? Saw that many people couldn't discover in neighbor?” The law enforcement elder does not believe along the waterside pavilion Boss' words. I do not believe that but the matter really such occurred, don't I hope along the waterside pavilion steady development? Even if were I wants to have sole possession of that money and resources, I did have the life to be colored?” Answered along the waterside pavilion Boss. Thinks that I must to outside these person of confession, you along waterside pavilion Boss, have such matter, your responsibility cannot shirk.” Law enforcement elder coldly looks that said along the waterside pavilion Boss. I thought.” At this moment a side elder shouts suddenly. What remembered?” The law enforcement elder looks hurriedly to that along the waterside pavilion elder. This.” Along waterside pavilion elder some does not know how suddenly should say. Said that also leaves a mistake, told the facts, do not cover up, cannot let off any little clues, so long as there is a news, perhaps that can save you.” The law enforcement elder looked that said along the waterside pavilion elder to that. „A matter that had on the same day when it happened.” That said along the waterside pavilion elder. How you early did not say.” Angrily rebukes to say along the waterside pavilion Boss that now he already the hit inadequate human appearance, must say along the waterside pavilion elder.

I worried, this matter forgetting, moreover this matter a little loses face, therefore I had not said.” Along the waterside pavilion elder had thought the daytime matter truly was too disgraced, moreover was suitable for the waterside pavilion mistakenly, therefore he does not dare saying that, otherwise the law enforcement elder definitely also will carry on the punishment to him. Said that so long as you do not cover up, I do not punish you.” The law enforcement elder saw along worry of waterside pavilion elder. Good, I said.” Said along the waterside pavilion elder hurriedly: Is this, that heavenly of accident noon came three customers, they with had the contradiction along the waterside pavilion novelty shop, wrong truly is suitable for the waterside pavilion in us, was we have knocked down the person along the waterside pavilion delivering goods staff, then dodged the shop front of compounded drug and novelty shop that will ship has all crashed, lost the value more than 200 million low grade spirit stone compounded drugs, at that time the staff fear of that delivering goods was punished, all blamed the matter on the body of opposite party, although the opposite party has produced the evidence finally, however being in charge of novelty shop stiffly all evidence all will have ruined, was when of all people were ruining..” Nonsense.” The law enforcement elder hears here time gives a loud shout. His drinks greatly, stiffly four cauldron Rank 1 trembles along the whole body that the waterside pavilion elder frightens. You continue.” The law enforcement elder said. Volume, after that person sees such situation, has not said anything, but has lost money, he has put out 180 million low grade spirit stone and gathering miracle cures, lost money.” Said along the waterside pavilion elder. Idiot, can casual put out these many spirit stone people able to be an average person?” Scolded one along waterside pavilion Boss. That person truly is not an average person, after he made a payment, said that the staff of that delivering goods delimited the hand of his friend, and has turned down the arm of his friend, therefore he must be cut off a staff arm of that delivering goods.” Said along the waterside pavilion elder. What rank is he?” The law enforcement elder asked.

Tripod Rank 1.” Said along the waterside pavilion elder. Tripod Rank 1? Are your guards not almost tripod Rank 1?” The law enforcement elder said. I said that he was not ordinary is not ordinary here, although he was only the tripod Rank 1 person, but his strength was terrorist, at that time I heard some people to us get rid along the waterside pavilion person, naturally cannot let, this was harms us along the waterside pavilion reputation, therefore my blocking has gotten down this matter, but that person unexpectedly was in front of my to tear off the arm of person of that delivering goods stiffly, I on had not discovered when he was begins, and other he moved the hand I to discover.” Answered along the waterside pavilion elder. What? Your four cauldron Rank 1 Expert unexpectedly had not discovered when a tripod Rank 1 boy begins.” Hears here time, the surrounding person is a little surprised. Um, this was only just started, after I saw he began, naturally thought that did not have the face, therefore I made the person encircle their three, that person has blocked me, but another person directly led that injured woman to leave has been suitable for the waterside pavilion, but that in this time unexpectedly uses the domain the tripod Rank 1 boy who I blocked, sees he used the domain time, I can only put him to walk, once because began there, the merchant near that destroyed.” Said the process of matter along the waterside pavilion elder. Person who domain, unexpectedly has domain, do you know his status?” The law enforcement elder stares slightly. That boy I do not know, but another person of I know.” What said along the waterside pavilion elder is Bishop Cao. What person?” The law enforcement elder asked. He is the bishop in Saint virtue palace, because in his hand is taking the ruling god stick of Saint virtue palace.” Said along the waterside pavilion elder. Comes the person, looks up to me, careful, Saint virtue palace ten archbishops now in any position, which in Giant Bull City.” The law enforcement elder orders to say directly that he felt he had found some clues probably: Was good, do not torture again, first looks up this matter, you think again that recently also had any person, the person to me says in one year has offended.”

The law enforcement elder said that left directly. After the law enforcement elder leaves, looks angrily at that elder along waterside pavilion Boss: How you early did not say that you were really harm me miserably.” I. My this did not think that loses face very much.” That along elder awkward saying of waterside pavilion. Hopes that this time matter is related with that three people, otherwise I difficultly run away die.” Along Boss helpless saying of waterside pavilion. This time litigant Xia Tian is in the absolute excitement, his face anticipates looks to the day cold sword, he was waiting for the reply of day cold sword, actually the Third Layer seal is what, the first twofold seal was so abnormal, actually then the Third Layer seal is what? „The Third Layer seal is called certainly the cold ice.”