Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1928

Certainly cold ice?” Xia Tian puzzled looked to the day cold sword. Father, how many can your domain arrive at the maximum limit now is?” The day cold sword asked. Radius 20 meters, but will have the side effect ten meters not to have the side effect.” Xia Tian said. Certainly cold ice a periphery radius hundred zhang (333m) in all completely frozen, non- difference attack, even if has your friend to be also same is attacked.” Day cold sword saying slowly. What?” Xia Tian has opened the mouth surprisedly. A hundred zhang (333m), that is 300 meters, compared with his domain big more than ten times, moreover is absolute frozen, but only not a good point is beyond control. But this is the group fights the best B skill. Too good B. This was also too abnormal, I now am invincible.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Father, you thinks were too many, this strength itself does not belong your, you now have not been able to use the complete might of day cold sword, your strength strong, the might of day cold sword big, by your present physical condition, unties the first seal, but cannot use too for a long time, as for latter two.” Day cold sword awkward saying. Good, it seems like I must continue to try hard.” Xia Tian said. Father, I have inspected your body and merit law, actually you are to have Baoshan now, well has not actually used, the techniques of your eight Qi are remnant of emperor thoughts, your Tathagata god palm is Buddhism to high Core Law, your not dead Divine Art is very mysterious, each order for samples takes to make you arrive at very high position, in your treasure, I had not said that meteor tears simply are BUG, cheating, I have tried it maximum limit, that called the terrifying, moreover there are you. That small cauldron, I could not completely understand that most lets your [gold/metal] blade that I cannot completely understand, even links me a little to be afraid it, was right, that small insect, the small snake, is abnormal.” The day cold sword is Advanced spirits, moreover it is Xia Tian creates, therefore it and Xia Tian are the regard are interlinked.

Volume!” Heard a day of cold sword such saying, Xia Tian discovered one were really a little abnormal. These types of things of day cold sword roll-call really greatly have the background, each same has preserved the Xia Tian life. Your said double rests, the might was truly big, the painstaking care that but you spent were also many.” The day cold sword said. „Hasn't Xia Tian, gone out?” In Formation has broadcast the voice of Bishop Cao, this is outside is used to communicate in. I went out.” The Xia Tian response said. Heard Xia Tian to say has closed, Bishop Cao also directly walked, this Formation only then he can carry on internal and exterior communication. You went out finally, for these days I was separate for three days one time.” Bishop Cao said. You really broke through.” Xia Tian saw Bishop Cao the first time discovered that the makings of his whole person became different. Um, breaks through Rank 3 continuously, this feeling was too crisp, I have not tried the so crisp breakthrough, does not need to love dearly any material, moreover favored also to be fed the limit including my spirit by me.” Bishop Cao excited saying, before broke through one time, that must use various types of compounded drugs, spirit stone and material consolidate own cultivation are, but must also promote own merit law, but must be favored also to feed by own spirit, many that in brief must spend. However was now different, he is not short of money now, his resources were added to be many by the entire Cao. Rank 3, you now tripod Rank 8 Expert.” Xia Tian surprised saying.

Um, is tripod Rank 8, this time I can feel proud and elated finally.” Bishop Cao on face joyful cannot conceal. Really congratulates.” Xia Tian said. To me added that anything congratulates, walks, drinks.” Bishop Cao said. Volume, your saying, I was really so hungry.” Xia Tian closed up for a long time had not eaten meal. cultivation does need to eat meal? Naturally has needed . Moreover the capacity for food of according to different environment, needs is also different, like present this normal environment, that tripod Expert will be one month does not eat meal will not starve to death, but if in very hotly or very cold place, then two days did not eat meal are unable to maintain the quantity of heat of oneself within the body, although can take some compounded drugs to appease hunger, but this way soon, the body strength on can drop. A condition harsher place, that more needs to eat meal. Walks, delicious I had already arranged, before I called you, each time will call people to prepare the nice wine good vegetable.” Bishop Cao patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. Um.” Xia Tian is impolite, he is a glutton of genuine goods at reasonable prices. After arriving at the room, Xia Tian saw the vegetable of full big table, the sound thorough had the meat, each same was Xia Tian has not seen, Xia Tian this that looked at greedy. Can be fed up the world good food, is one type enjoys.” Xia Tian very excited saying.

How you said that also closed up was so long, how not to have seen that your strength did have the too big change?” Bishop Cao looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. You also know, I, special a point, therefore breaks through also to be more difficult than the normal person.” Xia Tian said that he hasn't broken through? No, naturally broke through, but he breaks through is not strength Realm, but is the soul intensity, his present soul intensity is tripod Rank 5, moreover his soul may attack to defend, were too more than other tripod Rank 5 person soul. Good, currently brothers I also slightly have the strength, moreover I also had the Advanced treasure guard, generally was to ordinary four cauldron Expert, I can also preserve itself not dead.” Bishop Cao excited saying, the might of Advanced treasure is big, moreover his is the protection, therefore generally speaking, others want to attack him, that is also very difficult. However Xia Tian also understands that Advanced treasure is used to maintain life, cannot casual use, the treasure a little advantage of Bishop Cao is, his treasure is defense, therefore has used generally, others will not discover easily, if were aggressive is different. Young master, the master is invited.” Butler walked. Master? Does not go.” Bishop Cao said directly. Young master, was the people of City Lord Mansion law enforcement team came, wants to see you, few madame and your friend.” That Butler said again. Hearing is the person of City Lord Mansion law enforcement team, Bishop Cao stares slightly . Moreover the opposite party unexpectedly roll-call said that is makes them go, before their three are not just , went along the waterside pavilion? Um, I look for few madames first.” Bishop Cao said. Young master, does not use, others went to please few madames.” That Butler said again.