Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1929

The future is bad. Good, our in the past.” Bishop Cao heard own wife to be brought to pass, he has to go, since the law enforcement team clarified looks for their three, that definitely with being suitable for the waterside pavilion matter was related. Walks.” Xia Tian showed a faint smile, has patted the shoulder of Bishop Cao, this was the meaning that asked him to feel relieved. Why Bishop Cao does not know, Xia Tian Realm does not have him to be high obviously, but Xia Tian can make him very relieved each time. Xia Tian only needs casual movement, even if a smile can also make his tight spirit relax directly. Now he is not worried. Before heard the given name of law enforcement team, he was a little anxious, but this intense feeling completely vanished now. Since the opposite party looked **** came, they were hide unable to hide, that directly faced. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao went to the reception room directly. The father of Cao current head of the clan Bishop Cao, Bishop Cao is Cao this generation of authentic only descendants, although Cao also has many branches, but the authentic each generation is the sole line of descent, father and Cao of main dean Bishop Cao looks like very much, father and son's relations are not too probably harmonious. Bishop Cao arrived at the reception room complexion to be cold immediately: Comes.” He is speaking to his wife. When Liu Yuanyuan just about to stands up. Wait / Etc.!” The people of nearby law enforcement team said directly. Um?” Bishop Cao the facial color stares, afterward looked said directly to the people of law enforcement team: Your what meanings? This is Cao, she is my wife, I made the right that her wife came not have in Cao?” Some matters we want to clarify, before clarifying, you must stand in same place, which cannot go.” Saying that the people of law enforcement team unemotionally.

What matter wants to ask, that is you asks me, but is not orders me, although you are the City Lord Mansion law enforcement teams, but I have not violated the law, why therefore I do want to listen your?” The words of Bishop Cao said that the atmosphere became tighter. Snort, if you do not coordinate.” Yuanyuan, comes.” Bishop Cao gentle looked that said to Liu Yuanyuan. The words of that person were interrupted by Bishop Cao, on the face appeared disgruntledly: Halts to me.” Liu Yuanyuan has not paid attention to him, moved toward Bishop Cao directly, in her at heart, Bishop Cao is her man, his man called himself to pass, certainly will pass. I make you halt.” That person said that must draw Liu Yuanyuan with the hand. ! At this moment the form suddenly appears in the side of that person together, a handle sharp dagger tight is pasting his neck, the fine hair of his neck place by this dagger to the tangential point, he is not dared to move, even swallows the saliva not to dare, he worried that he moves, then own throat will be cut open. Is Xia Tian. He got rid. His unexpectedly got rid to the law enforcement team. Stands side me, nobody dares to bully you.” Bishop Cao looked said aggressively to Liu Yuanyuan. Um.” Liu Yuanyuan's elegant face one red, standing of tender feelings in Bishop Cao. Stop, are you doing.” Cao Patriarch that had not spoken shouts loudly. Old man, do not shout and wrangle, if frightens my friend, his hand shakes, what happened me to be possible, no matter, moreover my this friend temperament is not good, do not annoy him.” Bishop Cao looked that said to own father, although the opposite party is his father, but his fathers have not said.

I am your father, your unexpectedly such spoke to me.” Father angry saying of Bishop Cao. You also know that you is a my father, how does my paternal aunt die?” Bishop Cao looked that asked to own father. Snort!” Cao Bishop father cold snort, anything had not said that obviously he does not want to mention this matter. You best were think, the law enforcement team in the Giant Bull City anything status thinks that did not need us to remind, if you have killed the person of law enforcement team, then do not say that was your several is small, your Cao could not be inseparable from.” The members of other one side law enforcement teams said. „Are you threatening me?” Xia Tian looked that said to the members of that law enforcement team. You can think.” The members of that law enforcement team said. I have the confidence to make you unable to go out of this room, lets off me as for the law enforcement team, thinks that you are look to disappear, how is it? Can bet one?” Xia Tian looked that said to the people of that law enforcement team, on his face has piled up with the smiling face, seems is cracking a joke to be the same. Hears the Xia Tian words, the members of that law enforcement team have not spoken again. Puff! A finger high flies, in front of Xia Tian that law enforcement team member points at cuts off by Xia Tian directly. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from his mouth. „Do you want to do?” Other law enforcement team members have encircled Xia Tian directly. Now gives my friend to apologize.” Xia Tian looked that cut off the law enforcement team member of finger to say to that. I am the person of law enforcement team, how possibly easily to apologize to others.” The people of that law enforcement team look at Xia Tian angrily.

Did not apologize, I killed off you.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Cao Patriarch, your what is this.” The people of these law enforcement teams think that front person is a lunatic, they could not communicate with the lunatic, but they can communicate with Cao Patriarch. Yeah, I do not manage, makes as you like.” Cao Patriarch said that direct turn around left. Then the people of law enforcement team may on ignorant, they unable to find out the Xia Tian details, moreover Xia Tian in their eyes is a lunatic, what to do at this time they did not know should. You may, if wants, the entire Giant Bull City nobody to dare to offend us to enforce the law the team.” The people of these law enforcement teams sent out the given name again, usually they must take away any person, that nobody dares to revolt radically, but unexpectedly bumps into the Xia Tian like this hard role today. Either apologized, either died.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the opposite party, but is expression ice-cold saying. Saw that atmosphere thoroughly coagulated. I apologize.” That cut off the person of finger to say directly that afterward he is covering his hand, has arrived at Liu Yuanyuan's front: Sorry.” Liu Yuanyuan has not spoken. He has picked up the finger of ground hurriedly, then runs to outside, he must find the doctor, he does not hope that his finger so was waste. Now can say the matter?” The people of another law enforcement team asked. Said.” Xia Tian said. On that day was suitable for the waterside pavilion, was your obliging waterside pavilion elder hits.” The people of that law enforcement team asked again. Right, is we.” Bishop Cao had not denied, because he knows that his status definitely has exposed, words that conceals, that also will definitely cause the suspicion of opposite party.