Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1930

Since you acknowledged that that follows one us.” The people of law enforcement team said. Why?” Xia Tian asked. Now we need your three to go back to assist to investigate, you can revolt, can not go back with us, next time but will come was Expert and City Lord Mansion of law enforcement team Expert.” The law enforcement team spoke of here time looked to Xia Tian: Walks does not walk?” Walks, why doesn't walk? Isn't assists to investigate? Does not have the issue, but the words said in front, wants to invite several of us in the past, after that finished up, I am receive money.” Xia Tian said directly. This you can go to discuss with the elder.” Saying that the people of law enforcement team disdain, he thinks Xia Tian really live is impatient, unexpectedly also dares to propose money with them. Although they now possibly are not the Xia Tian matches, however was different in elder that but the strength of elder in Giant Bull City being able to stand in line given name. Good, guides.” Xia Tian said directly. Walks, all right.” Bishop Cao held Liu Yuanyuan's hand directly, afterward the people of their law enforcement team walked directly. Destination, City Lord Mansion. City Lord Mansion is the Giant Bull City center, but Cao in the Giant Bull City east side, Giant Bull City is very big, if such walks, that least also results for day, but must be their full speed advance, therefore their this time sat the transmission past directly, entire Giant Bull City had to City Lord Mansion nearby transmission. Because this has after the convenience important matter occurred can gather to City Lord Mansion fast. The law enforcement team has the person to ride transmission, naturally did not need to make a payment. Quick Xia Tian they arrived in City Lord Mansion, enforces the law hall in the City Lord Mansion backyard, backyard gate that therefore Xia Tian they walk directly, although is only the backyard gate, but also similarly is the unusual atmosphere, seems probably is a giant Dragon Gate is the same.

Even if this front door is abreast in row does not appear crowded through 20 people. Just entered the backyard, Xia Tian sees has enforced the law hall these big characters. After entering enforces the law hall hall, the Xia Tian vision looked in the surroundings, here is very big, the surroundings have several rows of seats, at this time on these seats sat many people. The people who the left sits are wear enforce the law hall the person of clothes, the right these people seem the spirit are not quite good, in this also energetic dispirited of person, looked that was injured, a person was Xia Tian their acquaintances, before was that that and Xia Tian they fought along waterside pavilion elder. But their frontages are having a very dignified old man to sit well there. Scene very peaceful. Nobody spoke. For a long time. Is they?” That dignified old man opens the mouth to say slowly. Is they.” That and Xia Tian they have fought said along the waterside pavilion elder. Um.” That dignified old man nodded: Your several, introduced itself.” I called Cao Yaqian, she was my wife, he was my brother.” Front Bishop Cao moves toward directly said.

Person of Cao.” Enforces the law hall elder expression ice-cold saying, his facial color is very cold, facing anyone. I am I, Cao is Cao, you are ask us to come back to assist to investigate, now we came, said the proper business directly, said that we must go back to drink.” Bishop Cao very aggressive saying, although he has not seen has enforced the law hall the elder, but he listens to enforce the law absolutely hall the reputation of elder. When he is very small, family's elders with enforcing the law hall the given name of elder frighten the child and ensure the child does not cry. Regarding their this generation of people, enforces the law hall the elder is devil same existence. However today his unexpectedly dared relaxing board to come and enforces the law hall the elder spoke, moreover manner also so aggressive. Um?” Enforces the law hall the elder vision has observed closely Bishop Cao directly. Boy, you knows that what person you to were speaking? unexpectedly dares to speak to the elder Sir by this tone, you live is impatient.” Sits the person stands to say in the left these enforce the law hall. I? You make us assist to investigate, how haven't I assisted you to be?” Bishop Cao looked to enforcing the law hall the person said that he discovered he mixed the time of grew after Xia Tian, oneself work also becomes very overbearing. You said right, you truly are come back to assist to investigate, then said that is related with you along the waterside pavilion robbed matter.” Enforces the law hall the elder looked that said to Bishop Cao. I am young time listened to others to say enforced the law hall the elder was fierce, now sees also mediocre.” Bishop Cao saying of face ridicule. Dissolute.” The surrounding these enforce the law hall Expert has all stood. Does? Fights? Enforces the law hall wants to bully?” Bishop Cao asked.

Goes back.” Enforces the law hall the elder scolds one, these enforce the law hall Expert also returned to the seat, afterward his vision looked to Bishop Cao: Answered my issue.” Evidence, other I do not want to say that I must look at the evidence, moreover we daytime cause trouble, in the evening can begin? You rather also look we.” Bishop Cao vision stubbornly stares is enforcing the law hall the elder saying that his imposing manner not low, like this with enforcing the law hall elder to holding. It seems like you do not want to answer my issue well.” Enforces the law hall the elder said. I do not understand that your what meaning, was our is bullied obviously, moreover we had also been blackmailed more than 200 million low grade spirit stone, then you ask us to ask that now east asked the west, what's wrong? Could not find the murderer, wants stressed several to take punishment for somebody else, it seems like I visit you really high, law enforcement elder.” On the face of Bishop Cao presented the facial expression of disdaining. Regarding him, the beforehand law enforcement hall elder in his mind, that is very terrifying existence, when he saw this law enforcement elder at this time, he discovered that the so-called law enforcement elder is also a person. Tortures.” Law enforcement elder light saying. Torturing. This is the Giant Bull City prison the unique penalty, these penalties are terrorist, even if four cauldron Expert cannot shoulder. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” At this moment, Xia Tian that had not spoken said with a smile suddenly loudly. Brat, what do you smile?” The surrounding these enforce the law hall Expert asked. I smile your so-called law enforcement halls am the fellows of some not long brains, are we do do? We are only assist to investigate, you just asked that a few words must carry out a punishment, probably we are the criminal are the same, carry out a punishment, I want to ask, if you have been unfair to me, how that is you to the punishment that I move, how can I give back to you?” Xia Tian spoke of here time looked directly to the law enforcement elder.