Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1931

Good power and prestige.” Bishop Cao looked that the person said to these enforce the law hall. „Did boy, you believe us now to kill you.” Enforces the law hall the person looks angrily Bishop Cao said that the law enforcement elder's status in their mind is very high, but Bishop Cao unexpectedly dares the provocative law enforcement elder now, how they possibly are not angry. Does not believe.” Vision staring of Bishop Cao stubbornly to the opposite party, whole person actually has not weakened slightly, even if these enforce the law hall Expert is four cauldron Expert, he does not have the slight weakness. Even if the law enforcement elder is entire Giant Bull City can stand in line Expert, he had not feared. I now have killed you.” That four cauldron Rank 1 Expert said that must begin directly. But at this moment, a sharp knife blade appears in the place of his throat. In two meters, the Xia Tian speed can arrive at the situation that ordinary four cauldron Expert are unable to realize continually. You kill his to try.” As if the devil same voice of appears near the ear of that person together, at this time a bloodstain appears on the neck of that person, the skin on his neck had been cut open, so long as Xia Tian again even if forward 0.1 millimeters, then his blood vessel will directly cut off. Um?” Saw that such situation all people all stare. Law enforcement elder has not thought that some people dare to begin before him. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people. Afterward Xia Tian returned same place, after he returns to be in-situ, that was hit four cauldron Expert to hoodwink a moment ago, he is four cauldron Rank 1 Expert, next three in topest strengths, but his unexpectedly had been slapped, this was also too terrifying.

Hit the person. Moreover Expert of hit law enforcement team. In front of law enforcement elder to hit, this time matter perhaps was small. Bishop Cao has selected 32 to praise to Xia Tian silently, he thinks that he was aggressive enough, but looks at Xia Tian now, he discovered one weakly have exploded, oneself orally and opposite party has the conflict, but has gotten rid in one side very low-key Xia Tian unexpectedly directly dozen of people. Here has these many four cauldron Expert. Xia Tian as if completely has not gone to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Peaceful. At this time nobody spoke on the spot. You hit us to enforce the law probably the person in hall.” Saying of law enforcement elder coldly, no matter who can look, he should in the edge that must get angry. Before others said that must kill me, I kill directly, this time enforces the law to you hall face, kept his poor life.” Xia Tian very optional saying, his tripod Rank 1 boy, unexpectedly said that kept the life of law enforcement team person, this simply was good. When jumped the ranks the challenge to be able by the tripod Rank 1 strength to jump the ranks to challenge four cauldron Rank 1. Actually this matter is very simple.

If makes Xia Tian kill the opposite party, then fears his successful probability not to be high, although in several meters, the Xia Tian speed is over four cauldron Rank 1 Expert, so long as he brought to kill intent in the past, then the opposite party can definitely shunt in the subconscious. But you have hit him.” The law enforcement elder continues to say. You can make him have the skill to return, his four cauldron Rank 1 person had been hit by my tripod Rank 1 boy, but also is worth showing off? Said that he did fire off that to ask his master by a tripod Rank 1 boy to take responsibility, helping him exit? The grove was really big, any bird has.” The Xia Tian words are grating. This was saying simply law enforcement team nobody, will only bully. Boy, you were said that we did bully? Our two gesture gestures.” Four cauldron Rank 3 law enforcement hall Expert walked directly. If you enforce the law the hall not to call to bully, place that has not bullied, invited saying that us was the coordination investigates, the result came up just to ask that a few words must carry out a punishment, what didn't this call to bully to call? Is that if my person are many, strength, I said that you stole my sock eating, can you acknowledge? If you did not acknowledge that I can carry out a punishment to you, I said is right?” Xia Tian smiling looked that enforces the law hall the person to ask to surroundings these. This time law enforcement elder also knit the brows. Words that because Xia Tian spoke, was too direct, if they also continue to carry out a punishment, that really bullied. Does not carry out a punishment, you said that on that day you were doing.” The law enforcement elder long time said. Naturally was being angry, you think that who 200 million much low grade spirit stone could also not be angry by the pit, we were the victims, you enforced the law the hall to safeguard the rights of our victim, but did not come up to interrogate our victims, if I just the pit your more than 200 million low grade spirit stone then I had been putting the blame on victim, brought to ask you you, was you have stolen my thing, your can be happy?” Xia Tian neither arrogant nor servile looked that asked to law enforcement elder. Volume!” The law enforcement elder had many words to say that obviously, being dumbfounded that but his unexpectedly is said by Xia Tian now. I thought that they along waterside pavilion this are the retributions.” Xia Tian smiling looked that to being suitable for the waterside pavilion person said.

Brat, you said anything.” Along these elder angry shouting of waterside pavilion. I said you should.” Xia Tian said again. At this time this enforces the law hall in main hall besides Xia Tian them, other all people are four cauldron above Expert, but they actually by Xia Tian and Bishop Cao these two tripod boys to air/Qi could not speak. Law enforcement elder, I looks to torture, you have a look at their manner, I suspected that this time matter is certainly related with them, initially he walked spoke a few words: My money is not good to take, you listen to these words, this clarifies is the matter that will tell us him definitely to make to make us regret.” That said with the elder who Xia Tian has fought along the waterside pavilion directly. „?” The law enforcement elder when hears these words, looks once more to Xia Tian: What he said is real?” Right, the words were I say.” Xia Tian said directly. That is good, enforces the law hall the custom is this, so long as determined that you truly have threatened the opposite party, then has the right to torture to you, draws an analogy, my person did not say a moment ago must kill you, then goes back you tonight, if died, that I will also torture to him tomorrow.” The law enforcement elder had finally found to the excuse that Xia Tian tortures. I, if doesn't make you torture to me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the law enforcement elder. Perhaps this is beyond control you.” Law enforcement elder vision ice-cold saying. Whom I have a look at to dare to me to torture.”