Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1932

You believe that you do have the ability of revolt?” The law enforcement elder looked that asked to Xia Tian. That gives a try.” Xia Tian has prepared to carry on a war, since previous time he was suffered by Abao, he has not hoped one experienced these, he understands that he revolted with does not revolt against the opposite party to be the same to his torturing method, why he must stand there is grasped by others. Begins!” The law enforcement elder said that surrounding these four cauldron Expert all moved. Really lively.” At this moment, the sound conveys together, hears this sound a time law enforcement elder brow wrinkle, the person who these preparations begin all has also anchored the movement on hand. Is you.” Xia Tian has recognized the identity of opposite party. Is he sneaks the demon to teach alliance the time that demon immortal kitchen. For a long time does not see.” The demon immortal kitchen looked that said to Xia Tian. „Can you recognize me?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the demon immortal kitchen, initially submerged the demon teaches the alliance the time, but disguise, their Disguise Technique are very self-confident. Although you disguise, the method was also at that time wise, but I am a chef, my induction to the face is not big, but my match has a vivid memory, your hand has not changed, I naturally knew you.” The demon immortal kitchen said that hears his words, Xia Tian discovered one have looked down on this world, before he also thinks that his disguise method already arrived at reaching the pinnacle Realm, because in own Disguise Technique mixed the hidden rest/breath technique. But now looked, some people can recognize him to come by other method. Law enforcement team Expert that will begin all looked to the law enforcement elder. The complexion of law enforcement elder is a little ugly, but anything had not said. Law enforcement elder, can sell my face, some words said well that carried out a punishment exempts.” The demon immortal kitchen opens the mouth to say.

This time I can consider as finished, but you told him, do not let me look up any clues again, otherwise I will be absolutely impolite.” The law enforcement elder said that direct turn around left, he has truly given the demon immortal kitchen face, but he also said was very clear, this time, moreover this is because he does not have the evidence. If he has the evidence, that will be the face of demon immortal kitchen he will not give. Walks, the boy, the meal that tries me to make newly.” The demon immortal kitchen looked that said to Xia Tian. Um.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he and Bishop Cao walks toward out of the door directly. Hey, how you do know the demon immortal kitchen Sir?” Bishop Cao asks. Demon immortal kitchen Sir?” Hears this name time Xia Tian to stare slightly. Naturally, he is in Giant Bull City the best chef, even if the thing that City Lord wants to eat him to make, that must result in looks at his mood, moreover entire next three, only then he will make the magic meal, that thing can reduce the heart demon the vegetable.” Bishop Cao incomparably saying of worship. Is so fierce.” Before Xia Tian, only discovered that demon immortal kitchen teaches the status of alliance to be very high in the demon, the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to be called the person not to offend him. However now he knows that the original demon immortal kitchen has such high status, this radically is not that any small demon teaches the alliance conceivably, even if the demon teaches in the alliance the strongest demon to teach the hegemons of alliance is also only ordinary tripod Expert, but was four cauldron Expert sees the demon immortal kitchen also to politely call the Sir here. Makes Xia Tian think what is surprised is demon immortal kitchen unexpectedly meets any magic vegetable, can reduce the heart demon. This may too extraordinary. Regarding four cauldron Rank 3 above Expert, the heart demon appeared . Moreover the heart demon also wants majority of Realm not steady or behaves badly the lives of too many person, the heart demon regarding them, is nightmare same existence.

You so are no wonder confident, unexpectedly you dares to provoke including the law enforcement elder, originally you know the demon immortal kitchen Sir.” Bishop Cao as if understood anything is the same. Volume!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he did not know the status in demon immortal kitchen before. Say nothing was any psychology is confident. Reason that he resists with the law enforcement elder hardly, that is because he has the self-confidence to his these cards in a hand, although the law enforcement elder is existence in legend, but if he breaknecked, that several other four cauldron Rank 1 Expert can be buried along with the dead with him, moreover here will be razed, the law enforcement elder also definitely will receive when the time comes the punishment of Giant Bull City City Lord. After arriving at residence of demon immortal kitchen, Xia Tian doubts looked to the surroundings: Vegetable? Weren't you say new vegetable?” Can words that I spoke, take away you? Your boy was really the courage was getting bigger and bigger, this unexpectedly made such big matter to come, later, the law enforcement elder was not carefully simple, he hated the wicked as if they were personal enemies, once suspected you, he will look up you.” Demon immortal kitchen reminder said. Looks up on.” Xia Tian does not believe that the law enforcement elder can look up any useful matter. Including me knows that your boy likes digging a hole, once he looks up the serious famine, your boy had an accident.” The demon immortal kitchen said. Volume!” Listens to the words of demon immortal kitchen, Xia Tian also to stare. Truly, some people in the serious famine knows that he will dig a hole: I am self-confident to my brothers, nobody will betray me.” That is good.” The demon immortal kitchen nodded: Your boy may the limelight, again not move along the waterside pavilion big influence next time really as far as possible existed like this, first time possibly said that has along waterside pavilion Boss and elders is unjustly discredited, but happens the second time, that absolutely will go all the way with it.” He, if looks up me, I have killed him.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Kills? Kills? Although the law enforcement elder the manner is severe, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, has offended many people, but his prestige is very high, if not his Realm is insufficient, that now he already was Giant Bull City City Lord.” The demon immortal kitchen thinks that Xia Tian was simply insane. Hundred dense one sparse, regardless of the strong person, the body is the meat does, the person also has that moment of relaxing, what is I strongest skill? Sneak attack.” Xia Tian self-examines saying that answered. Was good, the matter that your kill I do not like, I am interested in the vegetable, how is it? Can the boys, the new meal that tries me to make?” The demon immortal kitchen opens the mouth to ask. New vegetable, I heard that you can any magic vegetable, make two to taste.” Xia Tian said. Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, the demon immortal kitchen stares slightly. You should, it seems like others not pass on is talks nonsense.” Xia Tian disappointed shaking the head. Who said that I not, I go to do to you now, wait for my half-day time, I need to prepare the material.” The demon immortal kitchen said directly. Good, Bishop Cao, called to taste your sister-in-law together.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Your boy.” The demon immortal kitchen only knows in one method of goading somebody into action.