Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1933

Do not be impolite, you have done in any case, that did not care calls several people.” Xia Tian smiling saying. „, You sit this to drink to meet the tea first, can only drink the tea that I called to be artificial you to prepare, but remembers that cannot drink.” Demon immortal kitchen reminder said that his magic vegetable is not ordinary can eat. After the demon immortal kitchen walks, Bishop Cao a face worship looks at Xia Tian. „Do you want to do?” Xia Tian both hands cover their chest to say. Big Bro Tian, I too worshipped you, later I mixed with you.” Saying that Bishop Cao admires. How?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. How?” Bishop Cao asked back: My Elder Brother Tian, how your unexpectedly has not known, do you know that magic vegetable value, you not only made the demon immortal kitchen make the magic meal to us, but also your unexpectedly can also ask the person to eat, you must know before others ate the magic vegetable, must one month prepare ahead of time, but must bathe to change clothes, for one month took the compounded drug to eat, was your saying, demon immortal kitchen unexpectedly complied directly, but also in the half of the day can make us eat, that law enforcement elder, you knows how much money he does want to eat the magic vegetable to need to give?” Also can give money?” Saying of Xia Tian doubts. Naturally, even if law enforcement elder that type has a person also to 10 million low grade spirit stone, this is because of his status special reason, if others, that 50.001 million times, moreover can only you eat, even if you leftovers, others cannot eat, but few people can remaining.” Bishop Cao answered. Is so expensive, this old fogy was also too black, unexpectedly wanted these much money, how he did not take by force.” Xia Tian as if saw the business of prize investment, if he also learns this so-called magic vegetable, he also increased the family fortunes, naturally, he now is also a rich man. You really have not understood, the material of magic vegetable is transparent, all people know that the values of these materials add to have 8 million costs, this has not included him to have any Mi Liao.” Bishop Cao said. „A your such saying, this magic scratched probably also well.” Xia Tian nod of silently.

Boss, what is good, this is very good.” Bishop Cao looked at Xia Tian one, afterward continues excited saying: Magic vegetable is not who wants to eat to eat, normally, even if I gives money, I cannot eat, if waits to make an appointment, perhaps appointments within that 200 years have filled, this must think that he when the time comes does have the time, does not have the time, will also lengthen unlimited, the magic vegetable five years of demon immortal kitchen Sir can have a appointment, if in five years the demon immortal kitchen Sir has not done, that on unlimited extension to below one five years.” This also Taikeng, to eat a dish makes an appointment for 200 years later? Can exactly by that time.” Xia Tian really thought that the present person did not have the place to be colored richly. Generally speaking is some respected family big influence appointment, then waited for the time to arrive, they chose the talent and strength from the family are the most superior person eat.” Bishop Cao answered. „A your such saying, I also really a little anticipated to this magic vegetable.” Xia Tian saying slowly. A little anticipation!!!” Bishop Cao was thorough was really speechless to Xia Tian, the magic vegetable regarding the entire next three people was the incomparable anticipation, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said a little anticipated, if this made others know, perhaps that will directly envy dead. In several hours, Liu Shishi killed. You such worry called City Lord Mansion to do?” Liu Shishi sees Xia Tian they three time very discontented saying, obviously she was broken in cultivation. Sister-in-law, if I said that makes you do, you definitely will thank me.” Bishop Cao looked that said to Liu Shishi. Thanked you, did I thank you to do? If you dare to bully my younger sister, looked how I tidy up you.” Liu Shishi is still that the violence. „Does sister-in-law, you believe your this time will thank me absolutely.” Bishop Cao serious saying. Said that what matter?” Liu Shishi asked.

We are call you to eat the magic vegetable.” Bishop Cao very optional saying. „It is not the magic vegetable. Wait / Etc., what you said is the magic vegetable?” Liu Shishi looks surprisedly to Bishop Cao. Um.” Bishop Cao earnest nod. This is how possible, magic vegetable did not say that eats eats, I heard that demon immortal kitchen Sir there has made an appointment for more than 200 years, even if we want to eat, definitely cannot eat.” Liu Shishi does not believe the words of Bishop Cao. Elder sister, real.” Liu Yuanyuan said. Anything!” Heard own own Little Sister saying that real, Liu Shishi the chin fell to the ground immediately. Where you do not have a look at this are, although you with directing the symbol come, but you should also know that here is City Lord Mansion, do you have a look at this nearby interior decoration, the place that the average person treats to be so luxurious again? This is the room of demon immortal kitchen Sir.” Bishop Cao said. This what's the matter?” Liu Shishi this time hoodwinked, she had a dream cannot think own unexpectedly had the opportunity to eat the magic vegetable of demon immortal kitchen Sir. This is the thing that these big figure want to eat continually uses energy. Even if Giant Bull City City Lord wants to eat the magic vegetable also to need to make an appointment ahead of time. This naturally was we most respected Elder Brother Tian merit, he with demon immortal kitchen Sir, but the friend, he spoke a few words, finally the demon immortal kitchen Sir directly went to do to us.” Bishop Cao smiling saying.

Xia Tian?” Liu Shishi looks surprisedly to Xia Tian. Although she knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but she discovered that Xia Tian absolutely is a person of being loyal, all afterward she had not gone to look for the trouble of Xia Tian, if otherwise others dare to play jokes upon him, she already saw one time to hit one time. Um.” Bishop Cao nodded. You let me slowly, this matter was too inconceivable regarding me, I must well slowly.” Liu Shishi thought that was too inconceivable, even if were the friend in demon immortal kitchen cannot say that ate eats. City Lord Mansion enforces the law hall. „Does elder, this time such consider as finished? Also never has the person to dare in enforcing the law hall in begins to our people.” Enforces the law hall Expert asked. Naturally cannot consider as finished, gives my careful, looks up the origin of this person, I do not believe unable to find out any news to come.” Saying of law enforcement elder coldly. After quite a while. Several honored guests, the vegetable of Sir was immediately good, we must now for your last before meals start to talk tea.” Several young lads walk up to say.