Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1935

This also called not to make anything. Your boy, this also called not to make anything, jumped the ranks to kill people that is not everyone can achieve, moreover do you know the people who big destiny had the heaven to protect, wants to kill to have the big destiny person, that may jumping the ranks to challenge more difficult than much, even if were four cauldron Expert wants to kill tripod the person of big destiny also is almost impossible.” Demon immortal kitchen strange is sizing up Xia Tian. Yes, I also heard that the big destiny adds the person of body almost not dead, their luck were good the extreme, at least I had not heard that the oversized destiny will add the person of body dead, before I heard that Abao will be has the big destiny to add the person of body, but I do not know how you have killed him.” Bishop Cao has heard also very saying of doubts. Normal, the big destiny adds the person of body not dead, nobody can kill them, but you are an exceptional case, I heard at the serious famine your many matters, the short 1-2 years do not see now, your unexpectedly turned into the tripod, and has made these many important matters, this was in itself not simple.” The demon immortal kitchen said. His cultivation speed, that is the anomaly.” Bishop Cao says with emotion, initially Xia Tian participated in that entrance big ratio the time similarly cauldron many strengths, but now unexpectedly tripod . Moreover the Xia Tian match generally is four cauldrons about, his tripod Rank 1, but other tripod Rank 1 with him, as soon as compares, that simply is the trash. Other did not say that can dare to shout to drink with the law enforcement elder there by the tripod Rank 1 strength, you absolutely are first, if I do not go, you died at that time that.” The demon immortal kitchen admires the Xia Tian courage. „Since, has wanted to kill my person to be many, but which does not die finally in my hands, perhaps he and me the disparity between you should be the colossus, but in my opinion he is also the flesh and blood, so long as I can escape his chasing down, I am his nightmare for a lifetime, I will make him not dare to sleep for a lifetime, so long as he dares to sleep, I will cut his number of people.” Xia Tian very solemn saying. Has saying that the aggression of Xia Tian is inherent. Regarding the normal person, a tripod Rank 1 person to on law enforcement elder such person, surely does not have including the thoughts of revolt, but Xia Tian never has actually thought feared. „The air/Qi of very strong King.” Demon immortal kitchen innermost feelings secretly thought, these four characters he has not said that because the air/Qi of King solely is not the imposing manner. Kills! The mouthful kills, is the murder so easy? You killed people you to have a good sleep to think.” Nearby Liu Shishi very discontented saying, she kills people very much repugnantly.

Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward helpless shaking the head of: Does not have the means that I do not kill them, they kill me, kills I most own person.” Sister-in-law, this world did not say that I do not kill you, you can not kill my, everyone when kills the first person to be compelled, either was compelled by the matter.” Bishop Cao answered. I ate to the full, paid no attention to you.” Liu Shishi does not want to continue to discuss the topic of murder. Wait / Etc., elder sister.” Liu Yuanyuan shouts hurriedly. How?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking: Was he bullies you? If he dares to bully you, looked that I do not tidy up his.” Elder sister, nobody bullies me, he is good to me.” Liu Yuanyuan very happy saying. Your what matter?” Liu Shishi asked. Elder sister, what won't you have colored congress tomorrow? Haven't your sisters laughed at you not to have the boyfriend? Do you have a look at Xia Tian to be what kind of?” Saying of Liu Yuanyuan very element. He? Ok, I do not want to look to slaughter the machine to go home.” Liu Shishi stared Xia Tian one. Elder sister, you wants to be many, what I said is you can make him disguise the city the boyfriend, making him go with you, they will not laugh at you, or you come back every year are not happy.” Liu Yuanyuan answered hurriedly.

Volume!!!” After Liu Shishi listened to oneself Little Sister words, slightly stares, every year their flowered congress she will go, but after going, others in front of him changes to the show love, moreover some people ridiculed her intentionally , some people entrances introduced the boyfriend to her, resembled her to not marry was really same. I will have the matter tomorrow, that Cao brother, you did not say that tomorrow asks me to go together.” Xia Tian to Bishop Cao made a look, the meaning quickly help me say anything. „.” Bishop Cao said directly, very simply happy. Xia Tian thinks Bishop Cao will say to do, does do, finally Bishop Cao unexpectedly cannot say. Brother Xia Tian, since my master does not go, you will help tomorrow.” Liu Yuanyuan begged. Volume, this.” This anything, I asked you to resemble probably.” Liu Shishi's discontented saying. Good, Xia Tian, you are also all right, is familiar with the Giant Bull City local conditions and social customs, at the flowered congress has many good flowers, you are not do not know that which I did use 72 to plant flowers? Tomorrow you can see ten have planted, I also will go when the time comes, I give you to introduce in detail.” Nearby demon immortal kitchen said directly. „, Good, happen to I also want to know actually your this tea how soaks.” Xia Tian regarding the set of magic vegetable of demon immortal kitchen is the curiosity of real from the heart, after all this vegetable can reduce the heart demon . Moreover the vegetable flavor truly is also good. Good, the master, we first deliver to our Liu Jia to go him, like this they tomorrow also good.” Liu Yuanyuan said to Bishop Cao.

Saying that Bishop Cao understands: Good, this.” Um.” Xia Tian nod of slightly, thought they said also some truth. Afterward their four leave directly, after they leave, the demon immortal kitchen looked at the Xia Tian back: Can strike the person who kills the big destiny, moreover there is the air/Qi of King, can he be the legend child of destiny?” Xia Tian their four sit transmission, directly to the mansion of Liu. The mansion of Liu Cao is bigger, moreover is also more magnificent, in next three, the size of mansion is representing the honor of family, therefore Liu should compared with a Cao bigger family. Elder sister, arranges a good place to Brother Xia Tian, our two walked, happen to the master also promises me to accompany me to window-shop.” Liu Yuanyuan said directly. „, Right, our two must window-shop.” Bishop Cao echoes to say hurriedly, said is very reluctant, obviously this matter just decided. We walked, Brother Xia Tian, you may result in tomorrow take care of my elder sister.” On Liu Yuanyuan's face has shown the mysterious smiling face.