Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1936

After Bishop Cao and Liu Yuanyuan walked, Liu Shishi's complexion was cold immediately: Walks.” She is impolite to Xia Tian, the reason is because let Xia Tian disguises as her boyfriend the time a moment ago, on the face of Xia Tian shows the expression that did not want, this made Liu Shishi not be feeling well, previous Xia Tian deceived her matter she not to look for Xia Tian to do accounts, now makes Xia Tian disguise her boyfriend, his unexpectedly has not wanted. No matter what are also big beauty . Moreover the strength is also good, the family background is also very good, but Xia Tian on the face unexpectedly presented the facial expression that did not want a moment ago. Hey, your manner cannot good, no matter what I also asked you to eat the magic vegetable a moment ago.” Xia Tian said directly. That is my brother-in-law asks me to go, has any relations with you.” Liu Shishi is also very impolite saying. Your brother-in-law has not told you, is I makes him call your? You have a look at me to care about you, knows that is the good thing, therefore also together called you.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Volume!” Hears Xia Tian these words, Liu Shishi's complexion finally was moderate, although Bishop Cao had not said a moment ago, but looked like after the matter, should be Xia Tian makes Bishop Cao ask her to go, after all that demon immortal kitchen looked is the Xia Tian friend, even linked Xia Tian to say him, he was not angry. Cracks a joke with Xia Tian. The status in demon immortal kitchen is very high. Even if were their Patriarch of Liu sees the demon immortal kitchen also to be respectful, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares such to speak with the demon immortal kitchen. Today you live in this, tomorrow, will have the servant to arrange you to eat meal in the evening.” Liu Shishi said that walked. Xia Tian has not cared, in any case day of quick on the past. Is idling bored, Xia Tian opens directly rests, technique of best points his eight Qi are sleep can increase spiritual energy. Next morning, Xia Tian has combed the hair and wash the face simply.

Gets up is so late, you are the pig.” Liu Shishi very discontented saying. Elder sister, now just shone Heavens!, this is late.” Xia Tian depressed saying. „Being late, the juniors of our family early got up cultivation, does not know how really your strength was increased to be so quick, was not diligent.” How Liu Shishi clarifies the present to see that Xia Tian was not feeling well, as for why perhaps yesterday's matter. The women are this, bears a grudge, you possibly do not know when offended her, no matter she will turn several days later to you. Xia Tian has not spoken, he knows one said are more, Liu Shishi definitely counterattacks are more, he will not say one sleep is equal to cultivation. Has the breakfast to eat, starved to death.” Xia Tian said. Eats, knows to eat, you will not plan that puts on this to go to the colored congress?” Liu Shishi sees that actor discontented saying of Xia Tian. That also puts on anything, my this clothes newly trade, is clean.” Xia Tian puzzled saying, his clothes newly buy in the serious famine. Your taste was really too bad.” Saying that a Liu Shishi face shuts out. I must eat meal.” Xia Tian is not willing to haggle over to put on anything's issue with her. Can change the body clothes.” Liu Shishi asked again. I must eat meal.” Xia Tian said again. I spoke to you.” Liu Shishi sees appearance panting in indignation saying of Xia Tian.

I must eat meal.” Xia Tian or these words. Eats, eats you.” Liu Shishi said that brought Xia Tian to move toward the guest room directly. Arrives at the guest room time, Xia Tian saw the vegetable of full big table. Eats, after I called , the kitchen did to you specially, the person in latter kitchen was very laborious, you cannot waste their regard, therefore you must all eat.” Liu Shishi smiling saying, she puts before the general idea, then made Xia Tian eat the vegetable of this table. This is most at least has 20 dishes. She actually wanted Xia Tian to eat, moreover that words have clarified if i.e. Xia Tian has not eaten all, after that has wasted, kitchen these People got up in the morning to the regard that he prepared food. Eats, these many vegetables, naturally must all eat.” Xia Tian serious saying. Good, you eat, remember, all ate.” Liu Shishi intentionally all will also eat these characters to aggravate the intonation. Xia Tian has not spoken, but opens directly eats. After a half hour. Liu Shishi has rubbed his eye, then looked at the table, looked at the belly of Xia Tian: This.” The vegetable on table all did not have, a wee bit does not have remaining, but the belly of Xia Tian seems is the same, without any sign of increasing. Although has not eaten to the full, but is reluctant, next time you will tell the chef to put a crag, the taste was too light, many ordered the meat to be good again.” Xia Tian very serious saying.

Actually you how achieve.” Liu Shishi very puzzled asking, she does not know that actually really Xia Tian is how all ate these many vegetables, moreover Xia Tian finished eating unexpectedly also to say has not eaten to the full, this was also too terrifying. Is eats, my appetite is very big.” Xia Tian very optional saying, compared with eating and resting that fears him not to lose. Good, you have won, now we can walk, that side flowered congress must start immediately.” Liu Shishi said. Walks, on the road you can tell that me the flowered congress is anything.” Xia Tian said. Um, walks while said.” Liu Shishi nodded, afterward them, but flowered congress in the west, therefore they need to ride transmission, then walked a distance to arrive. On the road Xia Tian finds that this time flowered congress to put it bluntly is strolls the garden, the owner in garden is mystical, she does not turn over to any influence to manage, even if City Lord does not manage her here, the name of this garden is called Baihuayuan, here one year of only opening to the outside world one time, moreover does not allow anybody to destroy here flowers and plants, cannot pick, who will destroy here flowers and plants dead. Right. Dies, knows as for nobody who how dead. Also existence because of Baihuayuan, therefore Giant Bull City every year today will decide as hundred flower festivals specially, hundred flower festivals will have the flowered congress, when the time comes the eminent figures from all circles will come, but the City Lord Mansion person is also responsible for maintaining the order, destroys here flowers and plants as for these person is not the City Lord Mansion person kills, but was the mysterious death. This also makes these go to here person, does not dare to touch these flowers. Naturally, some people said that is because here has the Spiritual God protection. Xia Tian does not believe any Spiritual God: „The Spiritual God protection of nonsense, was not sneak attacked to plot until death, is the poison perishes.”