Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1937

Quick, they went to Baihuayuan. Does not have the flower fragrance.” Xia Tian they from the Baihuayuan also 500-600 meters appearances, although the distance is not very near, but normal here should be able to smell the flower fragrance is right, but his unexpectedly is unable to smell the flower fragrance now the smell. Naturally did not have the flower fragrance, in legend Baihuayuan had existence of Huaxianzi, they were fairy maiden general existences, they did not make the flower fragrance flutter Baihuayuan, that the fragrance of Baihuayuan naturally will not flutter.” Liu Shishi very earnest saying, when she spoke of Huaxianzi, but also has revealed the vision of worship. „, This nonsense you also believe that where has any Huaxianzi.” Xia Tian felt that Liu Shishi became the moron pink / white of Baihuayuan, said Baihuayuan all the way well. When Xia Tian arrives at the entrance of Baihuayuan he smelled intentionally, finally does not have the flower fragrance: Can be Formation?” The hand of Xia Tian traces in the ground, but anything has not traced. Do not trace, here does not have Formation.” Liu Shishi said. How doesn't have the Formation fragrance possibly unable to pass on?” Xia Tian very puzzled saying. Told you to have Huaxianzi, they protected here flower, did not make the colored fragrance disperse Baihuayuan.” Liu Shishi's serious saying. I do not believe that any hundred flowers fairy maiden, in this definitely has the secret.” Xia Tian has had the interest to this Baihuayuan finally, he is very curious, in this Baihuayuan so many flowers, but a flower fragrance of faint trace has not spread why actually Baihuayuan. When he enters that moment of garden, various flower fragrances head on. Really appeared!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: What's the matter?”

You, said you do not believe that told you are Huaxianzi, moreover after you went, do not destroy here flower, otherwise Huaxianzi same will also kill you, but Huaxianzi here patron god.” Liu Shishi reminded. I do not believe am Huaxianzi, today but actually actually I must investigate thoroughly this Huaxianzi am any thing.” Xia Tian saying slowly. After he enters to Baihuayuan , the vision looked to the surroundings once more, has not discovered Formation. Walks, today some of our entire Giant Bull City most famous youth talents may come, when the time comes you can experience the Giant Bull City these super talents, avoid you sit the well view day.” Liu Shishi reminded. „? What famous talent does Giant Bull City have?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally, their reputations in next three were resounding, these people most famous is three Dragon Sanfeng, three dragons are refer to the wind family tradition raising, Niu cow with the European southeast of Ouyang family \; Three phoenixes refer to Bai Family white snow Yuan, Chu Chu Menghuan and Chen Chen Yuanyuan, their strengths may in be strongest in the youth talent, moreover their ages all do not have over 50 years old.” Liu Shishi is also very saying of worship, 50 years old in next three simply looked like just the grown people, looked like on Earth the 18-year-old person. Can reach this altitude within 50 years old, this is very existence of extraordinary. „.” Xia Tian very optional nod. If the talent strong person, he thinks that the talent of Abao and corrupt wolf is strongest, because of their this growth all the way in Giant Bull City these people, their cultivation is not closes right up against to use all might likely, but Giant Bull City these person of cultivation do not get up any bottleneck, after arriving at certain Realm, how will have the elder to tell them to break through, what the knack of breakthrough is. In the serious famine, wants to break through tripod, but is difficult, because there does not have the method of breakthrough. If the day spirit five child leave the serious famine earlier, perhaps they also already broke through, did not use on two cauldron Rank 8 Realm treats for 200 years.

„Is here flower how is it?” After Liu Shishi sees the flower, whole person also open, even has forgotten to feel embarrassed the Xia Tian matter. Very is truly attractive.” Xia Tian nod of slightly, Xia Tian discovered that here each flower by person meticulous care, is not one big that moreover these flowered each have their serial number. That was natural, walks, in we go, there is the climax, most beautiful flower there.” Liu Shishi said that runs directly to inside, Xia Tian also followed, this Xia Tian discovered all the way, although here person are many, but truly nobody dares to destroy here flower, moreover he has not felt a Formation fluctuation of faint trace here. This makes him think that he guessed mistakenly, here possibly really did not have Formation. Looked here person, Xia Tian knows why Liu Shishi said own today puts on had the issue, what because Xia Tian put on was the civilian clothes, but here other people put on very bright, even if were the symbol that the man also put on is wounded in battle, what today's Liu Shishi puts on was a white clothing, what on the clothes was embroidering was the lotus flower, seemed does not have the flaw chastely. The implication of lotus flower is silt does not dye, but oar clear ripples not monster. Simply seems is very beautiful, natural is very low-key. Xia Tian walks with him periphery turning head in the same place leads very high, these men are envy look at Xia Tian that the envy hates, but these women are the envy looks at Liu Shishi. Liu Shishi's beautiful is in itself that cleanness, today the simple beauty, her the clothes can be said as her serve as contrast was more perfect. The flowered congress comes is the celebrities. The so-called celebrities are also the young master buddies of these wealthy families, naturally some people of getting old, they will also come here goal to be very pure, to view the flowers, but these celebrities young master buddies are half to view the flowers, half to look at beauty.

Moreover the man here seems will think generally has the taste very much. If which female student has a liking for some man here, that quietly will send out to caihua, inside will have own contact method, the meaning can relate from now on. Naturally, was unable the male candidate man, only to be able the woman to elect the man here. Riches and honor some that therefore here man intentionally will dress up, have personal status some. Where, greedy and desire exists throughout. How today poem poem, you come is so late.” At this moment, two females never distant place walk. Liu Shishi saw these two females time shows a faint smile: Anything, a little matter has not delayed in the morning.” Poem poem, you may probably favor today, saw good must get rid, do not wait later to get old has elected others to select remaining.” And a female said. „, I lead boyfriend to come today together.” Liu Shishi direct pulling Xia Tian.