Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1938

Leads the boyfriend to come. Hears here time, that two females stare immediately. Did Liu Shishi make the boyfriend? This is the flash news, they knew that Liu Shishi's time is not short, but they had not heard Liu Shishi makes the boyfriend, although they and Liu Shishi are friends, but the friendship between women forever is hopes one compared with other people good, they are also so. They have changed several boyfriends, it can be said that attempt many matters. Generally speaking, the women think one are very beautiful, but their two actually understand that with words that Liu Shishi's beautiful compares, they a little insufficiently have compared, therefore they a little envy Liu Shishi, moreover Liu Shishi has not made any boyfriend to the present, Liu Shishi's talent is also higher than them, strength also compared with them. It can be said that Liu Shishi each aspect compared with them, does not have the boyfriend. All they always like looking for the superiority feeling on the boyfriend. However today their unexpectedly hears Liu Shishi saying that is leads the boyfriend to come, this may be a little inconceivable. The boyfriend who if Liu Shishi found compared with good, they who they found in Liu Shishi's front has not existed to feel, therefore their two looked to Xia Tian, when they saw the Xia Tian wear, innermost feelings obvious loosen, afterward a female opened the mouth saying: Poem poem, didn't you introduce your young boyfriend to us?” Young boyfriend name can be said as derogatory term, including the meaning of living by pimping. He called Xia Tian, was my boyfriend.” Liu Shishi said that afterward looked said to Xia Tian: She called just like, her name was Lijun.” Called just like the female will put on make-up, moreover picture was very thick, Xia Tian can determine, if she took off one's jewelry, that did not have to look that absolutely, moreover her purple sent under the vision seems happen to by her makeup, were not many much.

That was called Lijun's person to put on very exposed, her stature was also very good, person vision of communication always in her upper body stay. Walks, we go to hundred flowers reunion there first, three Dragon Sanfeng one will appear also there.” Just like asking. Um, our boyfriends went to there to wait.” Lijun very her upper body said. Such early goes to there to do?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking. I heard that this year three Dragon Sanfeng plan to seek for own boyfriend and girlfriend.” Just like answering. Why? Their talents are so high, do the late several years look again are not?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking. Is City Lord orders, said that let them but, moreover City Lord planned probably after they got married, chose a successor from their several people.” Just like saying. I also heard, City Lord said that no matter three dragons are three phoenixes, must have own posterity and lover, such life will not have the disappointment, can better sensibility life, like this is not only helpful to cultivation, but after, can also better management Giant Bull City.” Lijun nodded to say. No wonder they also planned to look for boyfriend and girlfriend, that today may have the good play to look, following them to keep any person to be possible in the future becomes the City Lord wife or City Lord husband , has soared, the status straight line rose.” Liu Shishi's nod of silently. We planned to tell you this matter, then makes you select three dragons the person, by your intelligence and appearance, can definitely attract the attention of three dragons.” Just like regretting saying, although she on the mouth said that at heart but thinks was good to have the boyfriend in Liu Shishi, otherwise this time in people by three dragon settled on accidentally really words, after them, may really only be able to look up to Liu Shishi. Yes, since currently you had the boyfriend, you also can only with our same looks.” Even just like appearance that a little takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. Before their two came time also how was finding the way not to make Liu Shishi know this matter, or made Liu Shishi not be interested in three dragons, but looked now that their anything did not need to do.

I felt that I am now good.” Liu Shishi shows a faint smile, she among dark war understanding of women are not many, therefore has not thought. But Xia Tian is different, he saw ripping among various women, B, just like he not to be how possibly able to look with Lijun this small trick. That is good, we walk.” Just like saying. Um.” Liu Shishi nodded. Afterward several people moved toward hundred flowers reunion there, the so-called hundred flowers reunion, is 100 different flowers, plants in the same place, each flower very gorgeous, all flowers blooms together, is very beautiful, here is also the central place of Baihuayuan, each second quality item flower congress final agglomeration. When Xia Tian arrived here, he discovered here clue finally. What are you smiling?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking. Does not have the culture to be really fearful, Huaxianzi in your mouth is really Formation.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Formation? How possible, these Formation Master have not induced Formation in Baihuayuan.” Liu Shishi said. They cannot induce to be also normal, even if were I is almost also given to hoodwink by here, here Formation was Rank 5 Formation, moreover was series in Rank 5 Formation, second Formation was used to hide first Formation, this Formation was this so-called hundred flowers gets together, but you said somewhat will destroy here colored person bewildered death, was actually struck to kill by here Formation.” Xia Tian answered. How you discover?” Liu Shishi looks puzzled to Xia Tian. If other Advanced Formation masters had not discovered that actually that Xia Tian does discover?

Why actually Xia Tian will discover that is very simple, because these two Formation are that several Formation two of broken day institute meeting, Rank 5 Formation of broken day institute meeting are not many, but each is super Formation, unusual formidable, because this super Formation, therefore he can have that high status in the place list. What Xia Tian is not clear, the broken day said in his memory that these Rank 5 Formation of his meeting are the secrets, almost nobody meeting, but why here will present his two Rank 5 Formation, moreover series. We here.” Just like is beckoning with two men who other female talked to front two. That two men see just like after Lijun, is directly leaves from that several females, afterward moved toward their here. Introduced to you, this was my boyfriend, Qi Shao, this was Lijun's boyfriend Wang Shao.” Just like introduced simply and Lijun's boyfriend, said to that two men afterward: This is the boyfriend of poem poem, said. What called to come?” Xia Tian.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, oneself said. Right, called Xia Tian.” Just like saying. „, Xia Tian? Has not heard family surnamed Xia.” Little optional very saying, vision inside has an envy of faint trace together.