Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1939

Family! These people introduced that said is any few, meaning i.e. they are any family young masters. But as soon as they open the mouth also to be held responsible others anything family, because in their eyes only then the family and status, whose family is big, the status is high, they respect anyone. Possibly the family from any small place, has not listened normally.” Wang Shao said. My anything family is not, the powder cultivates one.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „? Does the powder cultivate?” Hears the Xia Tian words, on Wang Shao the face filled despising, the powder has repaired most is looked down upon in their eyes, because these powder cultivated the general final goal is to join in these families immediately the person, therefore in them, the powder cultivated is the synonym of servant. They are interested in Liu Shishi obviously, but has not gone well, therefore they see Liu Shishi to find the boyfriend now, that naturally must take the contrast contrast, finally this contrast discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly is powder cultivates, this made them not be feeling well. They are self-confident to themselves. They are not clear, why Liu Shishi chose the powder to cultivate does not choose them. After Qi Shao and Wang Shao have looked at each other one, little opens the mouth to say together: Powder cultivates is also cultivation is not, Brother Xia looked that does the person of important matter, definitely is not that type lives by pimping, perhaps now every month gives the spending money of poem poem to tens of thousands low grade spirit stone.” Should be, does not know where Brother Xia do get rich? What does is what buys and sells?” Wang Shao echo to say. They from the Xia Tian wear saw that Xia Tian was not the person of any bulk bargain absolutely, therefore they intentionally said. Anything has not gotten rich, has not done business.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

„? That let people walk all over one.” Qi Shao the food character has not said that but everybody understood the meaning in his words. Brother Xia definitely were busy with cultivation, therefore has not made anything to buy and sell, the Brother Xia strength looked that was that type has reached the pinnacle that has planted.” Wang Shaoke does not think the strength that the powder cultivates can high . Moreover the Xia Tian age looks does not have in a big way, this speech way for does not give under the Xia Tian stair. „, I also think that thought Brother Xia four cauldron Rank 5 Rank 6.” Qi Shao said intentionally. In four cauldron Rank 5 Rank 6 youngster only then three dragons and three phoenixes, this point they understood that they also know Liu Shishi is four cauldron Rank 4. They clearly know that Xia Tian surely does not have four cauldron Rank 5 Rank 6 Realm, but said intentionally that clarified was saying Xia Tian, if has not arrived at this Realm, that lived by pimping. At this time their several people all looked to Xia Tian. They are waiting for the reply of Xia Tian. I am tripod Rank 1.” Xia Tian very optional saying, does not have slight concealing. When Xia Tian said is in itself tripod Rank 1, on their faces has written all over disdaining. Just like was also on the face has been full of the ridicule with Lijun, although Liu Shishi anything compared with their two, the appearance, the family, was on the talent, but Liu Shishi looked for boyfriend not their, their boyfriends were the young masters of various respected families, may cultivate compared with Xia Tian this powder, moreover Realm also compared with Xia Tian. Their specialty was retrieves some to balance at heart. Does not have the family background, does not have the enterprise, does not have the strength, this.” Qi Shao disappointed shaking the head.

Liu Shishi looked for a worst boyfriend simply. Poem poem, you are.” Wang Shao are also from the heart looking down upon Xia Tian. I liked being OK.” Liu Shishi very optional saying. Since poem poem want, we let us not say anything, that side caihuas, we watch the fun.” Just like does not want to let Wang Shao and Major General Qi they give to mix yellow, because Liu Shishi had Xia Tian this boyfriend, she looks that is crisp, what she thinks: Isn't your Liu Shishi fierce? How to look for a such boyfriend, makes the person look down upon. Wang Shao, we guide.” Qi Shao looked at the one-eyed person little saying that he on looked straight at to look at Xia Tian from the start uselessly, had not planned that followed Xia Tian together, he thought that left own price with Xia Tian together. Three females follow in their behind, Xia Tian to stand in Liu Shishi's side. Excuse me.” Liu Shishi said in a low voice. Has anything to be embarrassed, what happened.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „After going back me to call , the kitchen many does to order food to you, is apologizes.” Liu Shishi's helpless saying, she has not thought that the matter will turn into this, she is also embarrassed with her friend gets angry, therefore can only put in great inconvenience Xia Tian. Good, I am a glutton.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Caihuaing is Baihuayuan supplies, everyone can only take one, these flowers are fresh, is the person in Baihuayuan picks ahead of time, today the women on the scene can inscribe the note in colored inside, then gives to the man who oneself admire, if the man also had a liking for the female, then can in the address following flower seek for the female, if did not like discarding quietly after departure being OK. At this time the present female is the words that chooses itself to like excitedly.

One dream 34 years.” Caihuaing above has a signboard, signboard above writes these five characters. Um?” The Xia Tian brow wrinkled has as if thought of anything, however flashed past, he had unable to think. Visits them is really energetic, what a pity we had the boyfriend, cannot lead to caihua again.” Just like saying. In the spirit world, the polygamy is very common, but before generally speaking 50 -year-old people have not married the second wife, therefore here has the youth talent of girlfriend also to stand in the side of own girlfriend, avoid has the misunderstanding. That called Xia Tian, your standing near-point, one do not let the person misunderstand.” Qi Shao Brother Xia were long a moment ago, Brother Xia are short, but directly calls Xia Tian now, moreover name that despises. Qi Shao, your this saying said is not right, far that even if he stands, who can have a liking for him.” Wang Shao are also very impolite saying. They were a moment ago dark were saying that played the word game, but they visibly said now, because they envy Xia Tian, they were not convinced, why the Liu Shishi such outstanding woman they could not obtain, but Xia Tian anything did not have, can actually obtain the Liu Shishi such perfect woman. You looked quickly that three dragons came.” At this moment, has the People sound to shout. Heard three dragons to come, scene male was female, all looked to rear area.