Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1940
Three dragons are refer to the wind family tradition raising, Niu cow with the European southeast of Ouyang family. Their three are the Giant Bull City subordinates talent strongest three men, they will be Giant Bull City the stars of tomorrow. Their back also separately by three respected families' support, these three respected families in Giant Bull City is the colossus. In a flash, countless women screamed for them that on the faces of these men has also written all over envying, they do not even have including the thoughts of envy, because radically not in a rank. A person can envy to be slightly strong on some people, person but who he is unable to envy on a strong non- several fold absolutely. The qualifications that because he envies do not have. Three people each are dashing. The wind family tradition raised a grey clothes, on the face has written all over self-confidently, moreover his footsteps were lithe, to the person he was fluttering the feeling, valiant. Niu cow upper body ****, only then several equipment maintenances, seemed the body of whole person have been full of the explosive force, on his body, all people saw strongly. The European southeast of Ouyang family is one keeps aloof, very callous appearance, he as if not pay attention to anybody, nobody can enter his eyes, he is arrogant, callous. Was too graceful, was too cool, three perfect men, each is the different styles, simply was too perfect.” If there is any to be able with me in the same place, my this whole life anything did not strive.” Is dashing, strong powerful, a callousness, really has not known that which should choose to be good.” Surrounding these females all flood starry eyed, they completely by these three men charming. „, Has any extraordinary.” Saying that Qi Shao envy.

His words just said that the body of his whole person directly threw to fly, afterward pounding maliciously above the ground, a foot stepped in his face, person that arrogant callous Europe southeast of getting rid, his words were heard by Ou Yangtian. Anything.” Wang Shao the complexion immediately changes, he has not thought that European southeast unexpectedly is so overbearing, moreover ear unexpectedly so is also easy-to-use, Qi Shao the voice, compared it can be said that to calculate with these starry eyed females a moment ago slightly. Wang Shao body retreat cannot help but several steps, he has not wanted to let Ouyang god knows obviously and uneven unusual relations, he worried that the European southeast will vent anger in oneself. No matter before , she and uneven unusual ripe, relations good, at this moment he recognized has instigated, because he knows that he absolutely possibly was not the match of European southeast, if the European southeast wants to kill him, that only needed to begin the finger to be hungry . Moreover the skill that he revolted against did not have. Moreover was Ou Yangtian has killed him, his family does not dare to go to Ouyang home to look for trouble. His family in the front of Ouyang family, is only the young underling. The surrounding person also all by this sudden situation shaking, them does not understand why the European southeast will get rid suddenly. You said that what extraordinary I do have?” The foot of European southeast steps in the uneven few faces asks. Just like complexion big change, no matter what whose man were stepped on the under foot, that thought that does not have the face matter, moreover she does not dare to go forward, because she knows the European southeast fierce. Really acts recklessly, Young Master Lian Ouyang dare to offend.” This person is envies others compared with him, now ends up to turn out so is out, is really should.” The surrounding these people with the vision of ridicule looked that said to Qi Shao. The ache on this time uneven few semblance distant is unable compared with the wound in his mind, he to feel the surrounding these people to look down upon his look and ridicule words, at this time his side also has his girlfriend just like, Liu Shishi who he has admired, he such loses face now, simply before him, all good images to destroy. Speech.” Ou Yangtian looks that Qi Shao said.

Bang! Afterward his direct foot trampled on Qi Shao the face, Qi Shao felt that their face bone must trampling to break to pieces by the foot of European southeast. Speech.” Ou Yangtian said again. Bang! Also is a foot. I have made a mistake, I made a mistake.” On Qi Shao the face is the tears, he finally knows now one wrong was odd, he should not say that from the start words of these envy, now was good, this time offended big figure, at this time he could not give a thought to the face the issue, he did not doubt Ouyang Tianzhen will kill him. Therefore he recognized instigates. Waste.” An European southeast foot has kicked his body directly, afterward European southeast once more stand forth. Wang Shao ran quietly. This.” Lijun just about to looks at Wang Shao, she had discovered the back that Wang Shao escape, she has not thought her man unexpectedly such loses face, unexpectedly ran away in fear directly, the opposite party from the start does not even want to be what kind of him, but her unexpectedly such escaped. Just like looking at Qi Shao the kicked body, stares slightly. „Don't you have a look at your boyfriend?” Liu Shishi looks puzzled to just like. Does not use, now I unmarried, happen to can with caihuaing.” Just like said directly. Unmarried.

In other words, at this moment he bid good-bye with Qi Shao officially, she does not want again with Qi Shao at together, scene these people the honored and popular celebrities, if she continues with Qi Shao in the same place, after that this, how makes her mix in this circle, she cannot even gain ground, looked that everyone is laughing at her probably. I also unmarried.” Lijun's saying slowly. Lijun thought that her man simply was too useless, the Europe southeast did not have from the start has been seeing him, but his unexpectedly like this ran away in fear. Before they still there boasted that own man actually some multi- extraordinary, man who they looked for compared with Liu Shishi's man good many, but looked now that most at least Liu Shishi's men had not run away in fear. The bodies of three dragons have arrived at the front of people directly. How is it? Said, since we always look for the girlfriend today, that each other first said own request.” The wind of wind raises very optional saying. Hears his words, the surrounding women must fall simply insanely. Looks for the girlfriend, three dragons really must look for the girlfriend. Hears this news, they went bad excitedly. Said that they also had the opportunity. My request is very simple, on Liu Shishi, she family background, is the talent or the strength, reluctantly can be joined to me.” European southeast very arrogant saying, in his eyes only then others match cannot be joined to him, he is overbearing, since he announced this matter here, then Liu Shishi was his. Liu Shishi!” Hears this name time, the surrounding person all cannot help but looked to team central Liu Shishi, her fame was quite big, suddenly Liu Shishi's surrounding person resigned a place.