Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1941

Suddenly including just like also looked with Lijun to Liu Shishi, on they two faces has written all over the envy once more. Their two do does not understand that Liu Shishi's luck so is why good, unexpectedly can also by European southeast such Expert having a liking. They hope that person who the European southeast has a liking for is their two. Can become the woman of European southeast, that walked simply can walk sideways, moreover in these celebrities can also the arrogant survival, others definitely envy their, now what the Europe southeast has a liking for was Liu Shishi. Hears Liu Shishi this name time, the wind raises with cow them also stares. So will not be skillful.” The wind raised with the cow has looked at each other one. Um?” Vision coldly of European southeast looked to them: Your anything meaning.” I and Liu Shishi have several reasons, I am good to her feeling, therefore I also just want to say her.” The wind raises said directly. I, although has not seen her, but hears her besides three phoenixes, talent highest . Moreover the appearance is also better than three phoenixes, what is main is she from not delivered any boyfriend, therefore I also plan to elect her.” The cow said directly Humph! All people cannot help but have all held breath cold air, three dragon unexpectedly all had a liking for Liu Shishi. This is the flash news. At this time this news lets all women is envies the envy to hate. But side Liu Shishi just like soon envied with Lijun, they heard three dragons to have a liking for Liu Shishi's news, that really must envy, had a mortal hatred, their two have not envied, only then envied and hates.

Since continuously, Liu Shishi anything compared with them. Liu Shishi looked for one boyfriend who they are worse, their mood is very good, but their boyfriends too do not make every effort to succeed, unexpectedly is so distressed, was hit to recognize has instigated, another directly escaped, now Liu Shishi reaches the sky in a single bound, simultaneously all had a liking for by three dragons. Um?” European southeast vision one horizontal, afterward looked has raised directly to the wind with Niu Man: I do not like others mixing in my matter, since I thought that she is good, she should be my, she cannot reject, you cannot insert one horizontally.” „The European southeast, receives your overbearing disposition, what is called you to think her to be good, she was your, have you solicited her suggestions?” The wind raises saying that disdains. „Do you want to fight?” Ou Yangtian looked that windward said. She thinks this is a very simple matter, that is gives Liu Shishi an opportunity, Liu Shishi was then good to oneself his caihuaing, is so simple, successful, can make him have a liking, that should be being convinced that the Liu Shishi eight lifetime cultivate. But now unexpectedly had such condition. Hits hits, I do not fear you.” The wind raises very optional saying. Suddenly, the atmosphere soon coagulated, the surrounding these people envied to envy Liu Shishi, unexpectedly Lian Sanlong must fight for her, this had the face simply. Wait / Etc., fought, but I want to listen to meaning of others, I do not like demanding, so long as she said that does not like me, I.” The cow stops two who must immediately start, hears his words, wind and southeast is also nod of slightly. Therefore all people all looked to Liu Shishi in team. When the worthless person noticed that Liu Shishi's that moment also slightly stares, because today's Liu Shishi was really too attractive. Really is knowing a person by his reputation not as good as meeting him face-to-face.” The cow said.

Liu Shishi, this you make the decision now, you said first that whom most at least you like in our three.” The wind raises looked that asked to Liu Shishi directly. Three dragon each people have their merit, has own characteristics, but they without doubt all are strongest, is most outstanding. All people all looked to Liu Shishi, they were waiting for Liu Shishi's reply. Everybody understands, so long as at this time Liu Shishi elects a person casually, that this person can be her boyfriend, she all of a sudden became the object who all people envy the envy, all people understand that perhaps this time Liu Shishi soared. I had the boyfriend.” Liu Shishi's saying slowly. When all people all look to her, she said such a few words, hears her these words time, all people have all been shocked, Liu Shishi unexpectedly had the boyfriend, this also too exaggerated, who was Liu Shishi's boyfriend? Has heard from nobody, moreover if at this time trades to do is others, even if there is boyfriend unable to say. Um?” Hears Liu Shishi's words, an European southeast brow revolution, at this time the people note Liu Shishi's Xia Tian, before Xia Tian had been all given to neglect by all people, but these people once more look now to Xia Tian, Liu Shishi was too dazzling, the dazzling all people have not noted Xia Tian. Thought so that the people had doubts, because Xia Tian puts on was too unsophisticated, radically likely is not any celebrities prominent family, moreover nobody knows Xia Tian. But Liu Shishi unexpectedly to such not a famous person, directly give up the pursues of three dragons. Must know that Liu Shishi only needed to say three dragon one of them 's names a moment ago casually, then she can hand over a super boyfriend directly, but her unexpectedly, for a wear such earth person let go so the golden opportunity. I knew, I withdraw.” Cow saying slowly. I do not like destroying others' happiness, I also withdraw.” The wind raises saying slowly, he withdrew, that showed that nobody has struggled with Ou Yangtian, nobody dares with the European southeast struggle. As for Xia Tian, the European southeast has not paid attention, in the eye of European southeast, only then the cow gentle breeze raises is also a match.

Good, since you withdrew, that met Liu Shishi you your caihuaing to give to me.” The European southeast said directly, he directly Xia Tian disregarding. Powerful. The European southeast was too strong. His unexpectedly is in front of others boyfriend to tell others a meeting to become his girlfriend. This clarified has not paid attention to Xia Tian. I had the boyfriend.” Liu Shishi opens the mouth to say once more. He?” Ou Yangtian disdains looked at Xia Tian one: This type of waste is useful, you do not need to pay attention to him, elects me directly.” Waste! Was in front of others girlfriend to say when man the waste, the average person could not endure absolutely, but the match was European southeast such colossus, therefore the average person could not endure also to endure. But Xia Tian was anything had not said. The surrounding these people all cast the vision of despising to him. I only elect my boyfriend.” Liu Shishi said again.