Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1942

These three people all are the most outstanding men. But Liu Shishi does not like. Moreover she does not like the European southeast overbearing, she does not like her destiny being grasped by others, moreover she only likes live is happier, does not want to become the girlfriends of any three dragons, even if will be three dragons becomes Giant Bull City City Lord she also will be in the future same does not like, why will not know, before she also thought that figure in three Dragon Zhezhong legend will be very outstanding, but looked now that she discovered that if careful looked that Xia Tian does not know how many this three dragons to be stronger. Although Xia Tian on Realm did not have three Dragon to be strong, so long as to Xia Tian enough time, that Xia Tian will be certainly stronger than their three, moreover passes through him and Xia Tian matter in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, she discovered that Xia Tian is one feels emotion the real man of righteousness, but is not that type can only everywhere the act high and mighty aristocratic family juniors. If before knowing Xia Tian, Liu Shishi also thinks that three dragons were really too outstanding, once he knew Xia Tian, then he thought that three dragons simply were not anything. Saw more perfect Xia Tian, that looks at three dragons again, simply was weak feeling sorry. Although their three strengths are very strong, the talent is also very high, and has own individuality, but their so-called individualities are just to be used to play the commander-in-chief. If places Qi Wang mausoleum chamber that dangerous place them, they can have Xia Tian to do? Obviously does not have. Although before , she does not think that Xia Tian is how good, moreover is very exasperating, but compares with three dragons now, he discovered that Xia Tian truly also calculated well. Rejected. Liu Shishi in a moment directly has such rejected the European southeast. Ou Yangtian is person of the ruling by force, he works strong . Moreover the person who he recognizes, others cannot reject, he thinks that he has a liking for Liu Shishi, that is Liu Shishi's good fortune, Liu Shishi cannot reject. Um?” On the face of European southeast presented the disgruntled facial expression: I give you again an opportunity.” I said that I only elect my boyfriend!” Liu Shishi said again. The European southeast this time changed Xia Tian vision directly: Boy, in report given name.”

„my name is to reach, call wildly.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Reaches? Had not heard this surname, looks is not the respected family.” Saying that Ou Yangtian disdains. Just like with Lijun, as soon as listened to Xia Tian not to dare saying that own name, thinks that Xia Tian has feared, immediately on the face presented the facial expression that disdained. Naturally, I was not only the Rank 1 powder cultivate.” Xia Tian said. Reaches wildly, I give you an opportunity, now leave, never appear in my front again.” European southeast coldly looks to saying, this is threatening Xia Tian. „, Is really clever.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Reaches wildly.” „!” Xia Tian complies to say once more. Reaches wildly? Sir, you court death.” European southeast facial color one cold, afterward his body vanished in directly same place. Whiz! Xia Tian stands in same place has not moved, all people think that he definitely cannot shunt, the person who because gets rid is that European southeast, he is not affable, everybody saw a moment ago, so long as dares to anger his person, he will directly get rid, Qi Shao were the best precedents. Now Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to make southeast call his Sir, how the European southeast possibly lets off him. Saw that the European southeast has killed the Xia Tian front, but Xia Tian has not moved. All people think that he was scared. Bang!

At this moment, the form projects together, has blocked the European southeast directly. Um? Liu Shishi, you dares to block me.” The body of European southeast fell on the ground, his face looks at Liu Shishi angrily. I in this, nobody can move him.” Liu Shishi said directly. „Can you block me? Although your talent is good, but I am four cauldron Rank 6, you are four cauldron Rank 4, between our two has the drainage ditch that cannot be surmounted, you block me with anything.” Saying of European southeast coldly. Takes it.” Liu Shishi said that the body has emitted one group of blue rays, afterward her whole person as if wrapped in one group of formidable strength centers. Sees this group of blue light time, all people were all shocked. Advanced treasure. unexpectedly is Advanced treasure. Entire Giant Bull City had not heard who has Advanced treasure, even if has, definitely also regards is the rare treasure, will not take easily, but Liu Shishi unexpectedly has put out Advanced treasure at this time. What? unexpectedly takes is Advanced treasure.” The European southeast stares slightly, even if he, does not have Advanced treasure, but Liu Shishi unexpectedly has Advanced treasure, this was also too inconceivable, at this time he was firmer his idea, so long as he received under Liu Shishi his account, Liu Shishi and Advanced treasure was his. Although I cannot hit you, but you want to win me, perhaps is not simple.” Liu Shishi unemotionally looks that the European southeast said. Ouyang god knows had Liu Shishi of Advanced treasure he definitely unable to win temporarily, therefore he has aimed at Xia Tian the spear point once more: Brat, your this skill? Will only hide the woman, are you also a man.” Has the skill you also to hide woman behind.” Xia Tian very shameless saying. Hears his these words, the surrounding person thinks that he is too not concerned about face, unexpectedly also feels all right the words that said such is not concerned about face, this was working as the handsome boy simply, moreover what was main was their first time saw that some people worked as the handsome boy, hid the woman behind also to hide such proudly. Good that the old saying said.

The tree does not want the skin, must die without doubt \; The people are not concerned about face, unmatched in the world. Present Xia Tian was not concerned about face the extreme, he already thorough unmatched in the world. You.” Ou Yangtian looks at Xia Tian angrily, he wishes one could the direct fist to give to kill Xia Tian, but Liu Shishi keeps off now here, he absolutely does not have the opportunity. He is not but willingly, Liu Shishi looks is a place, moreover Liu Shishi from any perspective, is the most excellent women, such good woman cannot take shortly, his itchy at heart. If before , he is choosing Liu Shishi, then he is wants thoroughly obtains Liu Shishi now. Is the thing that cannot obtain, is better. You think that I didn't have the means with you? Do you believe me to have 100 methods to make you die not entire corpse.” European southeast expression ice-cold saying, he must kill people at this moment, moreover is in front of these many people to speak frankly must kill people. Threat! His clarified is threatening Xia Tian. But he in a great Niu Sanlong person, his strength and background are terrorist, nobody dares to suspect his these words the genuine and fake. I do not believe.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.