Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1943

Although Xia Tian only said three characters, but these three characters have actually been full of the meaning of provocation. The words of European southeast were aggressive a moment ago. Usually he such spoke, dares to refute him from nobody, because of as we all know, them did not offend the European southeast, to crime Europe southeast behind family, was not worthwhile to mump lost the life. Generally so long as the European southeast said this words, that opposite party 100% recognized instigated. However today, Xia Tian only responded to his three characters. I do not believe. You.” The European southeast first time felt own act high and mighty installs is so weak, before his act high and mighty, others feared him, all he can fit out, but this time he has bumped into Xia Tian, Xia Tian does not fear him, what is main is he does not have with Xia Tian means now. Now here these many people visit him, if he does not teach Xia Tian well, after others, sees him? He now has even felt the surrounding some people to start to question his ability. This he may unable to bear. He is one of the keeping aloof great Niu Sanlong, moreover he has thought one are the heads of three dragon. If this matter is not solved today, even if were he will find the person to kill Xia Tian from now on, that today is also lost face, this face lost, his status will plummet, when the time comes him the status in others heart definitely is lower than the wind to raise with the cow, this was not he can accept obviously.

Since he is person of the ruling by force. He must carry through to the end overbearingly. Liu Shishi, my family's person will go to your Liu to discuss marriage tomorrow, I believe that the elders of Liu will certainly understand the choices.” Saying that Ou Yangtian rules by force, his meaning is I, no matter you did agree that you must be my person. Good cow B, to be quite fierce, my nail that frightens fell.” Saying of Xia Tian exaggeration, he trimmed off his nail very afterward directly. Sees the Xia Tian action, the person has almost not smiled. Snort, the boy, you compare with me with what, if I have not misread, you should just enter the tripod, the talent, money, the family background, the background, the strength, you said that your what line?” Saying that Ou Yangtian disdains, in his eyes, Xia Tian is just a young underling, cannot enter his discernment, regardless of compares anything, Xia Tian definitely is not his match. Ratio? Good.” Xia Tian hears the ratio time, at present immediately one bright. Um?” Heard Xia Tian to comply with him to compare, the European southeast also slightly gawked, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to accept, afterward on his face presented the excited expression, regardless of then Xia Tian must compare anything with him, he must oppressive oppressive Xia Tian maliciously, he think that he was a versatile person, even if were these that he did not excel, he also absolutely compared with Xia Tian this tripod boy. Therefore he has the self-confidence to himself. Looks in your weak share, I do not bully you, you said that you said your anything line, we compare anything.” European southeast very proud saying, he thinks that he such spoke already has the face, others can also visit him high, thinks that he was the versatile talented person, he put out casually same comes, strove to excel compared with Xia Tian. Good, since compare, that must a little gambling stake you say.” Xia Tian very earnest saying.

Snort, lost, you tumble out Giant Bull City, never appear before me, cannot want Liu Shishi.” Saying of European southeast coldly. No, this is not good, I, do not like making the transaction with the woman, the woman is used to hurt, but is not used to bet.” Xia Tian saying slowly, his these words changed the surrounding these people instantaneously to his view, if the beforehand many people are looking down upon Xia Tian, then because of these words, makes many women hold in high esteem to him now. Just like with Lijun also surprised looks at Xia Tian, worst boyfriend unexpectedly in that their eyes can say such attractive words. You said that bets anything.” Ou Yangtian was also disinclined rubbish with Xia Tian, now he wants to be able with Xia Tian compared with anything, his face has preserved, will wait for him to tidy up Xia Tian to be good from now on again. This, did I hear you a moment ago very richly? We gamble, a time are 100 million good?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly. What?” Hears the Xia Tian lion big start to talk, the European southeast stares slightly. Not only Ou Yangtian was shocked, other people all were also shocked, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that a time bets 100 million, this also too exaggerated, 100 million low grade spirit stone were not the small numbers, this sum of money regarding anybody enough boasted that was very long. But Xia Tian opens mouth is 100 million. What's wrong? Considers too little, that 500 million.” Xia Tian said again. Hears Xia Tian spoke of 500 million times, the people think that he was definitely insane. Coming out that 500 million, he takes?

Boy, do you have that much money?” Saying that Ou Yangtian disdains. You have many, I have many, words that does not believe that you can take to make everybody has a look.” Xia Tian very optional saying, this words expressed that his money southeast are forever many, the European southeast just had said are very rich, moreover is the person of respected family, money that if he takes now are really less than Xia Tian, he very much will definitely lose face. This, we bet 100 million, you said compared with anything, but money must take first, avoid you lost have not acknowledged mistakes.” The European southeast said directly. 100 million low grade spirit stone regarding him, was the complete family belongings, moreover this was he got rich recently has gotten so far as 100 million low grade spirit stone, otherwise by his present Realm, cultivation gets up is eating spirit stone to be the same simply, how possibly casually to put out 100 million low grade spirit stone. ! Ou Yangtian the left hand wields, 100 million low grade spirit stone appear when the front of people, sees these many low grade spirit stone, all person all worships looked to him. The European southeast is also very proud is enjoying the vision of surrounding these people. Can put out 100 million low grade spirit stone people casually absolutely is not the average person, even if the people of some respected families impossible to have these much money on the body, once otherwise were plundered to kill, that all did not have, the money of respected family all has the place preservation of secret, to use 100 million low grade spirit stone, generally needs to report first. Now everybody is thinks really the European southeast was called one of the three dragons worthily, his unexpectedly can so relaxed puts out these many spirit stone. Boy, your spirit stone? A moment ago with, you were not will call was very fierce? Opens mouth is 100 million, 500 million, now takes.” Saying that Ou Yangtian disdains.