Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1946

„Is this custom that which family decides? Didn't I bet fear? That I asked you in turn, I used a lump of cake to bet your life, do you dare to bet?” Xia Tian very earnest looked that asked to the European southeast. Snort.” European southeast cold snort. Looked that is you do not bet right, you did not bet that to represent you to fear.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, those present think that Xia Tian this opened mouth is really too fierce, the matter that just obviously very much lost face, how many minute of truth on the contrary had by his such saying, what everybody was not clear, why Xia Tian will think that own life can surpass Pin Baoqi? How do you want to bet?” Saying of European southeast coldly. Is very simple, bets me to assign, I want your Pin Baoqi to add on your both legs, moreover is you cuts away own both legs.” Xia Tian saying gratefully, he is this, either not with you for enemy, once with you for the enemy, that will nibble you. Either does not open the mouth, either directly wants your both legs, naturally, Xia Tian has also wanted to bet the life with him, but the opposite party will not bet with him absolutely, even if has bet, the opposite party will not acknowledge mistakes. Good, I bet with you.” Ou Yangtian thinks regardless of own this time bets anything definitely to win, therefore the gambling stake he does not care. First erases the soul mark on your treasure, otherwise I do not believe your creditworthiness.” Xia Tian said directly. Snort!” European southeast cold snort, on Pin Baoqi the soul mark erased directly: Said that this time compared with anything.” Formation!” Xia Tian saying slowly. Formation?” Ou Yangtian a brow wrinkle. Right, is Formation, the time limit is two hours, you can arrange any Formation, in the time that if I cannot be again shorter than you arranges this Formation, that I lose.” Xia Tian very optional saying, hears his words, the people think that he was really too wild. Xia Tian seems young, even if he not possibly hits in mother 's womb starts cultivation the Pill Refining technique to be possible Formation to promote to very exquisite Realm.

Everybody knows a moment ago Xia Tian was Pill Refining Expert, then he also possibly did have the time to go to cultivation Formation? Snort, you died.” European southeast cold snort said that although he is not Formation Expert, but he does not believe Xia Tian is Formation Expert, because Xia Tian was too young, young is so impossible simultaneously to have Pill Refining and Formation two skills. Reason that he thought Xia Tian says for two hours, that definitely was thinks that he is unable to arrange Formation in two hours. After all general Formation arranges to require several days. But his Realm excels, therefore arranges Formation to come is also very quick. Right?” Xia Tian had not explained. Reason that you said for two hours, to put it bluntly is thinks that I am unable to arrange Formation in two hours, truly, regarding the average person, two hours was really too short, but I was four cauldron Rank 6 Expert, within the body had huge spiritual energy, therefore two hours of enough I arranged Rank 1 Formation.” European southeast not too many Formation, but some simple Rank 1 Formation he can. Moreover he also has the confidence to rely on his huge spiritual energy, can arrange Rank 1 Formation in two hours. Start. The European southeast rubbish, starts the lineup directly, although he does not excel at the lineup, but at this moment he is really more and more convenient, because he thinks that he simply is a versatile talent, so long as gives his enough time, regardless of his cultivation anything, that does not have any issue. He arranges Formation simply is handy, is getting more and more smooth. Quick, his Formation arranged. One hour 40 minutes.

Saw own unexpectedly has finished ahead of schedule, European southeast satisfied nod, he currently has won this competition self-confidently. Boy, I arranged, you can start.” European southeast very optional saying. Oh I go, you may calculate to complete, has used for one hour 40 minutes, I also think that you must arrange Rank 4 Formation, finally makes Rank 1 Formation.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, afterward his both hands fast racket above ground. After three minutes. bo! Arranges exactly the same Rank 1 Formation to appear with the European southeast together in the front of all people. Volume!” This all people have all been shocked, nobody spoke, the scene static fearfulness, nobody can say the words to come at this moment. Rank 1 Formation. Three minutes. Is this person? Moreover a moment ago the technique of Xia Tian use seemed is very mysterious. Had heard from nobody some people can arrange Rank 1 Formation in three minutes, before all people thought the Formation master, although is very fierce, but is not suitable to battle face to face, but they see Xia Tian now time, discovered that all these are because they have not seen true Formation Expert. The Xia Tian Formation skill was really too terrifying. Actually this is Xia Tian retained, otherwise regarding present him, when arranges Rank 1 Formation not to need.

You lost, Intermediate treasure turned over to me, moreover your both legs also lost.” Xia Tian very optional saying, that Intermediate treasure appears in the hand of Xia Tian at the same time directly, afterward he turns the head to look to Liu Shishi: This thing, although not, but can work as a toy to play, gave you.” Intermediate treasure, works as a toy to play. Hears here time, surroundings these people were more surprised. When Intermediate treasure did reduce to turning into the toy? Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly so does not care, as if in his eyes, Intermediate treasure anything is not same. Just like the chin surprisedly fell the ground with Lijun at this time, countryside pauper unexpectedly that they are looking down upon is so fierce, not only Pill Refining has won the European southeast, but also has won including Formation now, won so with ease, ends the victory simply, what is main is his unexpectedly Intermediate treasure does not pay attention, regards the toy to give to Liu Shishi. Now they understood finally, before that worst boyfriend unexpectedly in their eyes was best that. Trades to do is their beforehand boyfriends, perhaps even if cannot deliver their Intermediate treasure for a lifetime. They think that now beforehand taunted the Xia Tian appearance, thought that own face burning heat, they were really lose to the family disgraced, unexpectedly said that so fierce, the so rich person was a poor devil, pauper who the countryside came, they even were also in front of Xia Tian, making Liu Shishi change the boyfriend. Xia Tian slowly looked that to also the European southeast of the shock not having recovered consciousness: You said that your also what line?”