Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1947

These words that Xia Tian spoke a moment ago Ou Yangtian said his, the European southeast a moment ago was manner arrogant asking Xia Tian, your anything line. Now Xia Tian asked back. This is living face-smacking. Moreover the words that Xia Tian uses are the words that the European southeast spoke a moment ago. This time European southeast felt that own face has all lost completely, his unexpectedly lost, his unexpectedly loses to a person continuously two, he does not have to think one can lose is so miserable. to become Wangbai invader. You lost, can cash to pledge.” Xia Tian looked that said to Ou Yangtian, he will be absolutely impolite, because the enemy regarding him should treat like this, if were he lost, opportunity that then the European southeast will not live to him, was more impossible to forgive his life, therefore he naturally will not let off the European southeast. Hateful, hateful.” Ou Yangtian looks angrily to Xia Tian. The anger of European southeast could not control, he could not accept this matter, he cannot accept itself to lose to Xia Tian twice this matter continuously. Moreover this time also lost own Intermediate treasure and both legs. What's wrong, recognized instigates? Doesn't the gambling stake that one put out dare to realize?” Very Xia Tian disdains looks to the European southeast: On your such also matches saying that any three dragons, was really disgraced.” Brat, I will not let off your.” European southeast vision ice-cold looks to Xia Tian. Right? Crossed you not to have qualifications to fight with me today, because you did not match, you most at least pledged and sense of honor a man do not want, you were also a waste.” Xia Tian contemptuously looks at the European southeast, before he also high looked at European southeast one, but now looks like, the European southeast is Realm is just higher. Besides Realm high, he does not have any merit.

Aggressive, sane, the brains, all do not have. Brat, I now have killed you.” Ou Yangtian looked shouts angrily to Xia Tian, he now already thorough was insane, he could not bear the vision of surrounding these people, he first time is so distressed, such cannot withstand. He thought now all people all with despising the vision is visiting him, this keeps him from accepting, he cannot bear this vision, he must kill, he must kill Xia Tian, this can wash off his shame. Whiz! The European southeast killed directly to Xia Tian, at this moment, he may, no matter anything pledged that any gambling stake, he only wants to kill Xia Tian, he believes that so long as has killed Xia Tian, all that he had will come back once more. Acted out of desperation.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Lost sane match, absolutely does not have any challenge. Whiz! Liu Shishi also instantaneously rushed, although she Realm of southeast is low, moreover four cauldron Rank 5 this insurmountable boundaries, but she has Advanced treasure and two Intermediate treasure, this has made up for the disparity on Realm . Moreover the present European southeast lost sanely, his whole person also infinite weak trend similarly. These rounds get down, he not only has not had the superiority, instead is started to present the scar by the body that Liu Shishi hit. Hey, what four cauldron Rank 6 Expert is your this? Also was too disappointing? On the mouth was shouting must kill me, but you this way may touch continually cannot bump into me.” Xia Tian shouted to the European southeast, hears the Xia Tian words, the European southeast was angry, Xia Tian directly did not fight him, will only hide in the woman spoke the wind discouraging talk. Hateful, I want you dead, guard Ouyang, all comes out to me.” Ou Yangtian the right hand wields, a signal blasts out in the midair directly. Guard Ouyang.

Ouyang family strongest guard. Reason that Ouyang family can have that high status in Giant Bull City, it can be said that cannot separate with guard Ouyang, strength each of guard Ouyang is above four cauldron Rank 1, where regardless of Expert of this rank places, that was respected, moreover can become a side overlord, but these people are the guards of working as Ouyang family is willing. 40-50 people, from four cauldron Rank 1 to four cauldron Rank 4. Each Realm person all has. Ou Yangtian was insane, he then may play in a big way.” The wind raises hears guard Ouyang time, the complexion also changes, although four cauldron Expert inside Realm differ is also very big, but so-called double fist difficult enemy four, specially are in the Expert situations, guard Ouyang takes one casually with his single Tiao words, he can the relaxed ending victory. But if several four cauldron above Expert and he carries on to socialize, finally that loses may be he. The European southeast this time has used guard Ouyang, then the matter is not small. Even if the European southeast, cannot casual use guard Ouyang, once has used, then guard Ouyang may not be affable. Suddenly, the atmosphere thorough coagulation of scene. Boy, I thought how your this time dead, fights with our Ouyang families, you are unqualified.” The European southeast has called a halt, because he knows that continues to fight not to have any significance, he already across not Liu Shishi there, but he only needs to wait a while, nearby all guards Ouyang all will come, when the time comes is Liu Shishi has Advanced treasure, definitely cannot block these many people. Ouyang family? Quite scary, I who frightens do not dare to run away.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration, but nobody sees any panic-stricken meaning on his face. Brat, you are crazy with me, will meet me to make you live to might as well die.” Ou Yangtian has been able to imagine that now Xia Tian knelt the appearance that begged for mercy. Right? You said quite scary, scared to death the baby.” Xia Tian patted own chest to say.

Tension-filled atmosphere directly by Xia Tian relaxing. Is thinking a moment ago must evade these people who not to walk now, because Xia Tian of litigant did not fear that they also feared anything, happen to can stay here to watch the fun. ! After ten minutes, started to have the guards of Ouyang family to appear, after a half hour, the population has reached as high as more than 20. Boy, this time I thought how you die.” Ou Yangtian saw that moment that Ouyang family guards present, is sporty, he thinks that own present was here overlord, whom he wanted dead, who will die. Right? Ouyang family, is quite fierce.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Had Liu Shishi to keep off to you a moment ago, now I looked that also who can keep off to you, depends on your this kind of the boy in remote place, is impossible to know that any fiercer person, my Europe southeast must have a look today who can prevent me to kill you, but also who dares to do against with our Ouyang families.” Ou Yangtian is very intentionally big, he who the sound said i.e. gave the surrounding these people to listen. Moreover he shouted that Ouyang the given name of family comes to shake periphery these people. Ouyang family? Big weaponry.” At this moment, the rear area suddenly presented a calm sound.