Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1948

Hears this sound time, the surrounding person all turns head. Demon immortal kitchen Sir. Saw that was the demon immortal kitchen came, the guards of Ouyang family all saluted: See demon immortal kitchen Sir.” See demon immortal kitchen Sir.” The European southeast also slightly cups one hand in the other across the chest. Other people heard that is the demon immortal kitchen Sir, they are also salute in abundance, the demon immortal kitchen Sir, but Giant Bull City legendary figure, before chef occupation was very humble, although various respected families had their chef, but the chef can never ascend the floor. But since the demon immortal kitchen appears, broke this rule. The status of demon immortal kitchen is high. Was respected. Your Ouyang families were really too imposing, was bullies simply.” The demon immortal kitchen looked that said to the European southeast. Volume!” Ou Yangtian a brow wrinkle, hears the words of demon immortal kitchen, Ou Yangtian understood, perhaps the demon immortal kitchen is related with Xia Tian: This is our personal grievances.” Your personal grievances were you loses has not acknowledged mistakes, then asked the guards in family to bully a tripod Rank 1 boy together, really made my old man grow in experience.” Saying of demon immortal kitchen coldly. Demon immortal kitchen Sir, your rather control was also too wide.” Ou Yangtian looked that said to demon immortal kitchen, although the demon immortal kitchen is very high in the Giant Bull City status, but he wants to kill Xia Tian today, therefore he could not have scruples that many, moreover his not familiar demon immortal kitchen person, he only knows good that radically the vegetable of demon immortal kitchen made, but also met one type skill that was called the magic vegetable. But he has not seen the magic vegetable, moreover he heard that the demon immortal kitchen also little begins, therefore he thinks that the demon immortal kitchen is also mediocre. Width? He is the friend of mine, today I in this, I do not allow anybody to get rid to him.” The demon immortal kitchen walked directly. Xia Tian unexpectedly is the friend in demon immortal kitchen. Hears this news time, all people have all been shocked, they understand finally Xia Tian so was why secure, originally his unexpectedly is the friend in demon immortal kitchen, right now his status thoroughly advances.

If the beforehand people also think that he is only a peon, then again also nobody dares to despise him now, because he is the friend in demon immortal kitchen. Snort, do not think that I called your demon immortal kitchen Sir, you real extraordinary, aren't you a smelly chef? Although your cook is very high, but the chef eventually is only a chef.” Saying that Ou Yangtian disdains, he thinks that the demon immortal kitchen has unearned reputation, today his face has lost completely, then he must look demon immortal kitchen here. Others think that his demon immortal kitchen keeps aloof, today does not give him this face, at this time around him has existence of guard Ouyang, therefore he disregards all enemies. Right?” The demon immortal kitchen shows a faint smile. You, if dares to block, my you hit together, I currently here has more than 30 guard Ouyang, person of spit is drown to death you.” Very Ou Yangtian disdains looks to the demon immortal kitchen, he has torn to pieces the facial skin with the demon immortal kitchen, therefore he any words has dared to say. „? You can try.” Demon immortal kitchen smiling saying. Good, since you court death, I help you.” European southeast facial color one cold, afterward shouts directly: Guard Ouyang, gives on me.” Silent! All people think that the European southeast definitely was insane, but the demon immortal kitchen the City Lord Mansion person, his unexpectedly dares to move including the City Lord Mansion people. Silent. Guard Ouyang nobody moves. Em?” Ou Yangtian has doubts looks to surrounding guard Ouyang: You are also gawking doing, gives on me.” Still is nobody moves. „Are you staring doing?” The European southeast moves toward an guard Ouyang. Young Master, cannot on.” That guard Ouyang said.

On you, you give on me.” Ou Yangtian moved toward second guard Ouyang. That guard Ouyang shook the head. On nobody. All is the TM waste.” Ou Yangtian angry shouting. Young Master, walks.” The guards of Ouyang family said. Your this crowd of waste, did you eat without paying the food of our Ouyang family?” Ou Yangtian at this time already thorough cannot control own anger, own enemy at present, but he does not have any means. Takes away the young master.” The guard of Ouyang family shouts loudly. These guards Ouyang have encircled the European southeast directly. Go away, leave to me.” Ou Yangtian angry shouting. Bang! Bang! The European southeast starts to beat to the surrounding person, these people only defend, does not move aside, that several people gradually have all been injured, but these people completely do not hide, whatever the European southeast such is hitting. Carries off!” The guards of that Ouyang family shout once more. On. The guards of these Ouyang families have all fired into the European southeast. Boils to me, be not blocking him.” The demon immortal kitchen gives a loud shout.

Hears the words of demon immortal kitchen, Ouyang guard and the others the complexions all changed, the European southeast is a youth, but they are not: Demon immortal kitchen Senior, today's matter is our Ouyang families is not right, after we go back, truthfully report will give Patriarch at this time, at the appointed time we personally **** apology.” You fear him to do, do our Ouyang families fear this chef?” Ou Yangtian also in angry shouting. „The young master will carry off.” Guard Ouyang these people carried off the European southeast directly stiffly. Sees such scene, the person does not know that should say any was good, legend that too all these have. Of European southeast faces three dragons were all dug, this time he was falls the share, but Xia Tian this time has become famous, his thorough has become famous, he not only has shown his Pill Refining skill, showed own Formation skill, this made those present all shock. This showed that Xia Tian was a talent very high person. However is gathering Niucheng is not the talent takes a higher position to be able, but also needs the formidable background. Especially offended European southeast like this big figure, without background, person who impossible resistance even if there is talent Ouyang family colossus, but was now different, has demon immortal kitchen backer, that Xia Tian status started to elevate infinitely. Brat, I will kill you sooner or later.” The sound of European southeast conveys from the distant place. Nobody pays attention to him, because today he is a loser, all people will only remember the name of upper dog. Xia Tian understands that this Qiu Suanshi had. Four cauldron Rank 6 Expert. However Xia Tian does not care about European southeast enemy, although Xia Tian cannot hit the European southeast now, but Xia Tian does not fight him, although the European southeast the manner is overbearing, person but who he is one does not have the brain. Three phoenixes came.” At this moment has the People sound to shout.