Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1949

Three phoenixes came. The European southeasts of three dragons just walked, three phoenixes came. Today Giant Bull City wind and cloud figure all came, the Giant Bull City most outstanding person is three dragons, three phoenixes. Three dragons are three most outstanding men, loose clean, the idols in all woman minds. Three phoenixes are in the dreams of all people the sweetheart, each is pretty like the flower, and strength is outstanding. At this time in three phoenix is all taking caihuaing, when sees caihuaing in their hand, the man on the scene all was crazy, although before , some people have passed on, said that three phoenixes and three dragons will choose the future spouse today here. However they have not thought of unexpectedly real. Three phoenix altogether three people, then said that our those present had the opportunity, even if were one cannot have a liking, that another two person there we also had the opportunity.” Really was too happy, three phoenix unexpectedly must elect the boyfriend, was really a happy heart store front comes, so long as married to go home casually, that was brings honor to ancestors simply.” It seems like I have the opportunity to soar today.” Surrounding these person of excited serious, three phoenixes look for the man, that it can be said that presents simply the gospels of these young master buddies. But three phoenixes the goddesses in all person minds. Three people have their characteristics respectively. At this time on the spot the vision of all people all centralized on the bodies of three phoenixes, everybody was waiting for their choice, can say, caihuaing in their hand are representing the destiny of people. Who attained has caihuaed to soar. Females in three phoenix walk toward the crowd directly, see him to walk, that online man all excitedly could not say incoming call, their innermost feelings incomparable excitements, but looks that this female 11 passed through after their side, these people all of a sudden also from the heaven once more drop the hell.

Quick, the people have discovered that this female goal unexpectedly is Xia Tian, she has arrived at the Xia Tian side directly, afterward has given Xia Tian caihuaing in hand. The surrounding these people must envy dead Xia Tian simply. Xia Tian had Liu Shishi this beauty, his present unexpectedly also attracted females in three phoenix. But has not waited for them to respond from surprised that another two females in three phoenix caihuaing in hand have also given Xia Tian. This all people all with amazement could not speak, this simply was too inconceivable, three phoenix unexpectedly have simultaneously elected a man, moreover this man had the girlfriend. Xia Tian looked at three in one hand to caihua, has given Liu Shishi directly, afterward walked toward outside. Caihuas you to remain.” Liu Shishi will caihua to throw directly, afterward she also directly followed Xia Tian. Today's matter took to her too many surprised, Xia Tian unexpectedly can such extraordinary, but no matter what, Xia Tian has helped her busy today, although before , she to three dragons also somewhat yearned that after she saw the so-called three dragons with own eyes, she thorough was disappointed. Xia Tian, wait / etc. I, I must well asked you to eat meal.” Liu Shishi followed to say. Good.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Xia Tian has not noted, in corner of Baihuayuan, a man in vision mean is staring at him: Xia Tian, has not thought that your unexpectedly arrived at Giant Bull City, the ghost spirit bead has been doomed I.” Interior of Baihuayuan. You felt that this boy is what kind of?” The demon immortal kitchen looked that asked to the opposite person, at this time the opposite person entire body all hid in another end of gauze account. Spirit world never lacks the talent, but actually is he that person, but must think that he can go on living, although the air/Qi of King is precious, but in the entire spirit world absolutely is not alone one, therefore does not have anything to be quite surprised, the past broken day was unrivalled genius, the result is different.” Another of gauze account presented a voice of woman. I think him to be good, the broken day death has the fishy, moreover can't you feel the broken day on a point to your regard?” The demon immortal kitchen asked.

My life is not me, I am only a dream, is his dream, is dream that he cannot complete for a lifetime, I in next three could not wait to be too long, you observe him well, if he can go on living, we put the gambling stake on his body.” That woman said again. Good, I will have a look well his.” The demon immortal kitchen said that leaves that room directly. If Xia Tian, certainly will be here happy at this time. Thinks that here presented a name a moment ago. Dream! This name could be said as regarding the broken day of dying very important, the broken day found the dream to the only request of Xia Tian, gave that dream the letter. In this time Baihuayuan. Interesting, was really more and more interesting, three phoenix unexpectedly simultaneously elected a man, and has dug that Xia Tian of European southeast, Liu Shishi's boyfriend, was really too amusing.” Wind Yang Xingfen saying. Chaotic, was too chaotic, I could not listen, you played.” The cow said that the body vanished in directly same place. On the faces of three phoenixes surprised of faint trace, their three usually may be the females of keeping aloof, their three will caihua a moment ago to give Xia Tian, according to the truth, Xia Tian most at least must choose one, but Xia Tian is one has not elected. Can't they compare that Liu Shishi? They do not believe. But Xia Tian has not chosen them, but has chosen Liu Shishi. Snort!” Three females have looked at each other one, afterward cold snort, three people leave directly, regardless of among the women the sentiment is much deep, has own small thoughts, let alone they three relations are not better. Because their three are has been struggling, these time will simultaneously caihua has given Xia Tian, is one time struggles.

Finally their three lost. Loses to Liu Shishi. How this makes their three be convinced, they three that pshaws were representing among them a moment ago commencing of action. However this fight is not Kungfu Kungfu, whom but is competes to be able first to snatch from Liu Shishi there Xia Tian. That pshaw is a signal, after this signal fires, they can make war. Outside of Liu: Xia Tian, you want to eat anything, after I let , the kitchen goes to do to you.” Has saying that Liu Shishi treated the Xia Tian manner to transform completely, transformation kept Xia Tian a little from adapting. „Won't you have a liking for me really?” Xia Tian a little surprised looks to Liu Shishi. „, Who will have a liking for you, my this did not deliberately consider that you have helped my busy, therefore plans to thank you well.” Liu Shishi hears the Xia Tian words, immediately is despising. „, That is good, person who I have the husband and wife.” Xia Tian said directly. Young lady, is not good, in family important matter.” A servant runs over to say hurriedly.