Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1950

What?” Heard the important matter, Liu Shishi immediately one startled, afterward directly fast flushed. When she crashes in the family, she discovered that family inside head of the clan and elders there station a row, on these person of faces have been full of the happy expression at this time, did this call to have an accident? Had an accident has also smiled. This.” Liu Shishi does not know at this time really should say any was good. Poem poem, how big didn't such matter say one to our these elders?” The head of the clan said forward. Didn't say the matter?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking. Naturally has had an accident, big is such matter small? Your unexpectedly such big matter is hiding the truth from us.” The head of the clan disguises discontented saying. What matter?” Liu Shishi's puzzled asking. Also can have any matter, naturally was the matter of your boyfriend.” The head of the clan said directly. Volume!” Hears the words of head of the clan, Liu Shishi stares slightly, she has not thought this news can pass on is so quick, knew this news including the head of the clan, therefore she can only helpless shaking the head, she know that she wants to explain perhaps the explanation was not clear. Therefore she turned head to look to Xia Tian. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, walks up directly: Hurried that Senior, my this time comes, has not brought any gift, Senior excuses me.” At this time head of the clan and these elders started to size up Xia Tian. This person is in that legend loses the person in his hands including the European southeast . Moreover the friend in demon immortal kitchen. Really is the young person with outstanding ability.” Nod that the head of the clan and these elders do not live. Liu Shishi grateful looks to Xia Tian, if not Xia Tian, she has not known how really should explain, after all she will not lie, if the head of the clan and elders closely examine, she definitely does not know that should say anything.

The head of the clan of Liu chats the banquet. Several like several to worry! This time Ouyang family atmosphere on unusual missing. Does not have the brain, does not have brain, you are really not the long brain, the demon immortal kitchen is you can offend? Your unexpectedly must have the person to hit the demon immortal kitchen, you were really insane, how our Ouyang families had your such disobedient son.” The head of the clan of Ouyang family look angrily the European southeast said. How? Isn't his demon immortal kitchen a chef? What extraordinary has?” Ou Yangtian still thinks that demon immortal kitchen anything is not fierce. „The entire Giant Bull City people know that the demon immortal kitchen is not simple, you think him , if having unearned reputation, has lived the present? Do you know your procedure stupidly?” The head of the clan of Ouyang family looked that continues to say to the European southeast: „Under you save such big reputation in Giant Bull City with great difficulty, now City Lord, when elects the candidate, your unexpectedly had an accident at this time, that brat was a nameless junior, but you were actually Giant Bull City wind and cloud figure, you went to touch with him, you were porcelain, he was an iron hardware, even if you bumped to win your anything unable to obtain, but he bumped to win, he thorough has become famous, he became famous taking advantage of your reputation.” This.” Ou Yangtian thought at this time the head of the clan said is reasonable. Who is Xia Tian? But is a peon, but one of three dragons his truly entire Giant Bull City all people envy, he and Xia Tian meets the tough head-on with toughness, even if has won, he also just obtained a -called face, moreover this face improves on perfection, but if he lost, that was anything loses simply. Conversely, Xia Tian actually stepped on taking advantage of his reputation. That present what to do?” Ou Yangtian also realized own making a mistake. You close up the introspection at home, to let the demon immortal kitchen is satisfactory, your body could not avoid painstakingly, endures, starting today, you cannot go out.” The head of the clan of Ouyang family said that walked directly. After Ouyang Jiazu head of the clan walks, on the face of European southeast presented the detesting expression. Comes the person.” Young Master, what matter?” A monkey-like person ran. Six, I am usually good to you.” The European southeast opens the mouth to ask.

Young Master to six child has been very good.” That monkey-like person said hurriedly. Went to find a person to abandon that Xia Tian to me, has remembered, I wanted the new face, cannot be the Giant Bull City person, moreover was the reputation smellier was better.” The European southeast opens the mouth to say. Young master, my this really has a candidate.” Six child said directly. „?” Ou Yangtian looks to six. Young master, he called flatter always, is a friend who I delivered in person outside, his reputation continuously not much, all misdemeanors he has done, moreover he has wanted to look for a backer, so long as I with him as soon as raised the young master your reputation, I ensure he definitely was the until my heart stops beating.” Six child said. „Is his strength how is it?” Ou Yangtian asked. Now four cauldron Rank 2.” Six child said. Good , he so long as is four cauldron above Expert kills him is very easy, because four cauldron above Expert had has locked the soul and searches for the soul the ability, but you must remember, this matter cannot disclose the least bit rumor absolutely, after he holds the matter.” Ou Yangtian made one to wipe the movement of neck. Young master felt relieved that this minor matter I can handle.” Six child said directly. Goes.” On the face of European southeast presented the excited look. On the face of European southeast presented the excited facial expression immediately. This time Liu, various sons of the influential and head of the clan come to congratulate, everybody knows that Liu had a new son-in-law, this new son-in-law is a super Pill Refining master and a super Formation master. Moreover of European southeasts three dragons also folded in his hand. What is main is this person unexpectedly is the friend in demon immortal kitchen. The demon immortal kitchen for he was Ouyang family has a falling out.

After hearing these many news, the people of these families in abundance rush to Liu Jia to visit, hope to mix a face to be ripe first. But at this time in a courtyard of Liu. Liu Shishi and Liu Yuanyuan have Bishop Cao a face anxious look is looking at the note in hand. On the note writes several large characters. I exited to give my master to look for the medicine.” Such several characters, Xia Tian walked. Such not making a sound left Giant Bull City, after Xia Tian walked suddenly, Liu Shishi's complexion very ugly, although Xia Tian can do has done, but she does not know why is the mood unusual is not good. Elder sister, you looked that he also said that he was gives his elder brother to look for the medicine to go, he sooner or later will definitely come back.” Liu Yuanyuan saw oneself elder sister is sad, therefore consoles to say hurriedly. Not making a sound walked, he is a bastard.” Liu Shishi said that stands up directly. „Does elder sister, you do?” Liu Yuanyuan asked hurriedly. I look for him.” Liu Shishi said that walks toward outside directly.