Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1951

Xia Tian walked. Regarding Xia Tian, Giant Bull City could not accommodate him temporarily. The person of older generation, he offended the law enforcement elder, the person of new generation, he offended the European southeast, these people are not he can cope now, if continues to keep in Giant Bull City, is a living target, waits for the person to retaliate the living target. Although present Xia Tian has a lot of money, but he does not dare to spend, because wants his flower, that law enforcement elder definitely like the dog, will directly throw. Bites to death him maliciously. World that here is Expert is Venerable, Giant Bull City was too easy and comfortable, although the potential danger are many, but Xia Tian does not like such life, moreover he must seek for the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen. He cannot look helplessly his master Yin Nie lies down on the hospital bed. He must find the way to revive his master. This legend compounded drug is his only opportunity. Three big mother stocks are Jupiter, the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen, now Jupiter he obtained, then missed the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen. Therefore he rode transmission to leave Giant Bull City directly. Bang! When he left Giant Bull City that moment, the crisis transmission that a store front comes comes. The Xia Tian slight hesitation, has not turned the head to run. The place that he passes on is transmission, although is only transmission of one ordinary Rank 4 city, but here is also in a city guards the quite stern place, some unexpectedly people dare to begin to him here. That opposite party is not absolutely simple. Therefore his first response runs. The law of Xia Tian is to hit hitting, has hit runs. Now he was does not make match obviously, therefore his choice ran.

Whiz! He opens directly runs away, the opposite party is also opens pursues. „, Soul locking, is Rank 4 Expert.” The first response of Xia Tian was own soul is locked, this showed that opposite party was Rank 4 Expert, his unexpectedly was chased down by Rank 4 Expert. Run away! Although Xia Tian the present card in a hand is numerous, but lets him truly with the Rank 4 Expert frontage resistance words, that somewhat is rather insufficient. Therefore he can only run away now, then looks for an opportunity, an opportunity of sneak attack, Xia Tian believes that regardless of the opposite party is Expert of any rank, so long as he dares to himself the opportunity, that his [gold/metal] blade to cut away his head. At this time they are pursuing in this Rank 4 city. The Xia Tian speed is fast, he will have eaten, Nai, the vigor used, ran, frisked and scampered running, he does not dare to turn head, he knows, once have turned head, then waited for that his very might die. That person has given him an intense sense of crisis. However, although Xia Tian Realm truly broke through, but his speed does not have four cauldron Expert to be fast throughout. Saw that among them the distance was getting more and more near. Runs toward the crowd, runs toward city health/guard armed forces there.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, he does not certainly think that these city health/guard armed forces can block oneself behind four cauldron Expert, but at least can delay the time. Four cauldron Expert have locked his soul now, he wants to escape the unusual difficulty, he must first run the soul control area of opposite party, such he escaped from the soul of opposite party to lock. He to the present does not know that who chases down his is. Whiz! Xia Tian has fired into the crowd directly, although the opposite party pursues is not the eye that he depends, but is the soul, but the opposite party wants to overtake him also to go through the crowd. Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fast dodging, directly the city Wei Jun army fled from the crowd and in front, that person is the method of use most violence, who blocks him, homicide anyone. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xia Tian turns head hurriedly, when he sees the appearance of opposite party, immediately stares. Murong Bai, before this person, robs that Murong of ghost spirit bead to be white with him. Murong Bai was cut the four limbs by five lines of ghosts at that time, but was finally long in the special method, now he not only fully recovered, but also Realm unexpectedly also promoted. Although previous Xia Tian escaped from the Murong white hand. But at that time Murong Bai was only the tripod Rank 9 person, moreover he had been sneak attacked by Xia Tian at that time, otherwise Xia Tian wants to escape also is almost impossible. Now Murong Bai turned into four cauldron Expert. Four cauldron and between tripod Rank 9 difference is not the tiny bit. Run away! Xia Tian determined one must escape from Murong Bai chasing down first, then hides, how only then he can find the way to cope with Murong Bai like this. Although the Xia Tian present method has, but wants to cope with Murong Bai such Expert, he also needs to promote his strength. Xia Tian, you cannot escape.” Murong Bai shouts loudly. Around him these city Wei Jun had all been struck to kill by him. Thump! In this Rank 4 city has heard the ding, this is the warning, the warning that the enemy raids. Hears the alarm sound time, Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Although in Rank 4 city Expert are not many, but Murong Bai such slaughters innocents, that this city will definitely use copes fully his, this gives the opportunity that Xia Tian escaped. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian is shuttling back and forth fast.

In a while, Murong in vain really by this continuous city Wei Jun tying down: Xia Tian, you cannot escape.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but opens directly runs away. Shout! Finally escaped, previous time has not paid attention while him, uses the ghost spirit bead to defeat him, this time did not have that opportunity, but he wants to kill me not to have is so simple, what now is main escapes from here first, then tried to find the solution.” Xia Tian thinks by own small method was also small Expert, this time came out to install act high and mighty well, finally just left transmission, his act high and mighty opportunity has not started to be chased down. This life, was really too bitter. However was good because of him finally shunts now. Coped with four cauldron Expert is too troublesome, his soul range was older than me, moreover he can lock my soul, so long as I will appear in his soul hunting zone next time, he can the earliest possible time discover me.” Xia Tian really thought that coped with Rank 4 Expert to be too troublesome. Because of four cauldron Expert the method too bullshit. Moreover four cauldron Expert overall strengths have stiffened, can be interlinked with the treasure having mystical powers beast. Although two cauldrons above can have are smart beastly, however the general spirit beast strength rank is not high, moreover these spirit beasts need to spend very big price to train, can become very fierce, this has limited the combat capability of spirit beast. Was but different to four cauldrons. The spirit beast can with the treasure fusion, big increased the strength of user. Paternal grandmother, looked like must choose one to escape now route.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he must run away, but cannot make Murong discover in vain. I said that you cannot escape.” At this moment, Xia Tian felt that own has transmitted a sense of crisis.