Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1952

Lying trough!” Xia Tian does not return has made a fist directly. Bang! His body was raised to fly directly. Xia Tian, you are unable to escape from my palm.” Murong white coldly looks at Xia Tian. Hateful.” Xia Tian does not understand that actually Murong Bai how achieves, he just obviously escaped from Murong Bai hunting zone, moreover Murong should tie down by these people in vain was right. But now Murong white unexpectedly directly appears in his front. This let him is really very obscure. This time you died, I not only need bring back the ghost spirit bead, but also I must kill you.” Murong Bai now solely do not bring back the ghost spirit bead, reason that he thinks himself so is been miserable, because of Xia Tian that five ghosts bully. If were not Xia Tian has misappropriated his ghost spirit bead, he will lose how possibly to five ghosts, not by five ghosts oppressive was so miserable. He thinks now at that time by the five ghost oppressive days, he is at heart the unusual anger. He wished one could to give swallow raw and whole five ghosts. „To kill me, that tries.” Xia Tian rubbish. Not dead Divine Art, nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type, Fokuang peeps. Reason that Xia Tian is not suitable for ghost spirit bead is thinks that now is daytime, even if he uses the ghost spirit bead, impossible to cause the too big damage to Murong of four cauldrons in vain, therefore he simply is not suitable. Otherwise is unable to cause the too big damage to Murong in vain. Bang!

Murong Bai does not hide does not dodge, a fist hit directly on opposite that [say / way] giant palm, Xia Tian the move was broken directly, but at this moment, over ten thousand sword glow shot at him directly. Sword and hand imprint is almost the same time appears, but also some time differences, this makes Murong absolutely not have the opportunity of response in vain. Whiz! Bang! Murong Bai hurried fast retreat, got down along with the rear bumper this has struck. Although he caught this has struck, but Xia Tian has disappeared. Has not thought that Murong white unexpectedly plays this with me.” Xia Tian has changed new clothes, he discovered a moment ago Murong Bai looked at his clothes, he then responded that originally Murong Bai has made the mark on his body. This Xia Tian does not have slightly hesitant opens directly runs away. Quick, he saw a high-spirited horse beast of to run quickly, this high-spirited horse beast is used to draw the carriage, but this high-spirited horse beast was frightened obviously a moment ago. You.” Xia Tian ties up the clothes that changed a moment ago directly on the body of high-spirited horse beast, afterward maliciously has patted on the high-spirited horse beast. Looks that the high-spirited horse beast dashed about wildly, Xia Tian also directly turned toward the opposite direction to flush away. This time he can cast off Murong to be white finally. However he has not worried to leave this Rank 4 city, because he understands that the most dangerous place is the safest place. After Murong Baizhui has met, discovered own unexpectedly is pursuing a high-spirited horse beast, this may he be angry: Xia Tian, I must kill you.” Afterward he pursues in the opposite direction, he is a smart person, he knows that Xia Tian 90% will run to the opposite direction, after he pursues was very long has not overtaken Xia Tian, can only ride transmission to leave. Xia Tian stayed in a nearby hotel, he has not worried to leave, therefore he must wait, waits for several days to walk again.

„The plan is came out to seek for the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen, perhaps now looks like troublesome must have.” Xia Tian did not even know this what course to follow at this time, although he arrives at the next three time not to be short. However Xia Tian altogether has not gone to several places, is longest in the time that Giant Bull City treats, but also in stupor condition. Was right, goes to uneven Imperial City.” Xia Tian has thought of this place suddenly. Uneven Imperial City is the beforehand Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. But there is rich flows the oil. Perhaps uneven Imperial City will have the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen type of thing.” On face of Xia Tian one happy, he knows where finally one should go, that is uneven Imperial City, moreover after a period of time, there will not have a super auction. Uneven Imperial City that is existence in legend, auction that before the next three King, Qi Wang set up, that was absolutely earthshaking. Therefore Xia Tian will go to uneven Imperial City sooner or later, this time he ahead of time went. If certainly wants the means to buy the Qilin blood and [gold/metal] drawing pen.” Xia Tian firm saying. This was he rescues the Yin Nie only opportunity. Qi Wang! In order to kill card super Expert, he actually strong, perhaps the next three in nobody knows, but as we all know, absolutely cannot enrage him, otherwise no matter, died, nobody can receive the Qi Wang anger. This Qi Wang rebirth, he does not have to kill the four directions as before greatly. This regarding any influence is the good deed. Therefore present uneven Imperial City can be said as the unusual security, the people of these ganefs do not dare to go to uneven Imperial City to cause trouble. Even also has many people to migrate to uneven Imperial City, because there enough security, the public security is also good.

Also some people said that went to uneven Imperial City, was equal to making one's own way. Present uneven Imperial City needs foreign trade and manpower time. But Xia Tian now local tyrant , he if the short distance transmission, that must 34 years be able, therefore he sits is transmission of long distance, which city at this time he regardless to, hears many are uneven Imperial City. Small two, gives me to come pot liquor, two adept vegetables.” Xia Tian shouts. Which he regardless to, likes coming to this place to inquire the news. „Did you hear? The first batch the uneven Imperial City person increased the family fortunes now, before going, they are only the small merchants, some average person, but now their is the lots of cash in hand, even also some people family property turned dozens times, over a hundred times.” I heard . Moreover the trade in that is also very good, the bandit on road are specially few, so long as you said that is delivers to arrive in full the Imperial City thing, these bandits look like the typical form collected a money to put you to walk.” Bandits started to reason with, so long as in that online trade, did not need to be worried that snatched anything remaining, did not make contact with including the life finally.” Saying that surroundings these people yearn for. Was right, did you hear? Couple days ago uneven Imperial City had an important matter.” Suddenly the person opens the mouth to say. What important matter?” All people will all search. That person showed a faint smile, looked the wine pot that one emptied, smiled, but has not spoken. Small two, gives him on fully, serves food to him again, today his table of I wrapped.” Xia Tian said directly. That person has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian, afterward said: Is a super respected family wants some business monopoly of uneven Imperial City, therefore extinguished several small families, finally.”