Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1954

When the total master sees the head picture of this person, the whole person slightly stares: Is he.” „Have you seen him?” Em, just started his disguise, but afterward also revealed the appearance, is he.” The total master nodded. Good, since you have seen him, that was easier to do, this time matter manages well.” All gave me, you felt relieved that but should this person of I go to look?” The total master does not know which one should go to look for Xia Tian, he had a grudge with Xia Tian, Xia Tian previous time ran away from his front, he already wants to kill Xia Tian, but he does not know that which Xia Tian went. Before he in Giant Bull City, but I heard that he left Giant Bull City, actually as for the present in, us not to know that can only look by you.” That person said that threw to a total master Chu ring directly. When the total master turns on the Chu ring the whole person stares slightly, inside is spirit stone and compounded drug anything: This. This was too precious, I cannot want, can handle matters for Young Master Ouyang, that is my being honored, I cannot want.” The total master understands, once the opposite party has given itself money, had the matter to open mouth with Ouyang family not well, once could not handle, Ouyang family was impossible to let off itself. Taking, is not needing to think, if this matter handled, young master that also granted, moreover later your young master’s subordinate.” Hears his words, the total master has not said anything, if he does not receive now, that did not give the young master the face, therefore he has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, respectful looked that said to that person: Many thanks, has thanked the young master for me well, this matter wrapped on me.” He said that while puts out a Chu ring, then poured in that Chu ring inside thing this Chu ring directly, afterward has given that person this new Chu ring: Later also hopes that the Sir you leads by the hand much.” After he thing changes another ring inside, has given back to that person, but he is not does not want, moreover after wanting, passes to this person. The nod that person keeps, on the face has piled up with the smiling face: How this feels all right.”

Although on his mouth said embarrassed, but his hand met that Chu ring, moreover nod that kept there, look of whole face appreciation. Sir you were also all the way laborious, comes the person, gives me to entertain the Sir well.” The total master shouts directly. The smiling face on that face was getting more and more bright, obviously was he more comes also to satisfy to the total master, the total master worked truly satisfies him. Several beautiful and female of exposition walked from side, held that person directly, on the road is also teasing that person that keeps. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” That person of smiling special is excited. Comes the person.” The total master shouts. Total master.” Entertained to me this person, do not haggle over the expenditure, found to me this person, how much money no matter spent to look, yes?” The total master shouted to clear the way loudly, he understands that the opportunity of this turning over came finally, he feared before very much offended the person of these family and entrance, so long as this time matter can handle, after him, no one needed to fear. Has ohm southeast colossus to cover him, he can control the forces of nature simply. This is he asked unable to strive, because before , absolutely did not have the respected family, the big influence looked straight at to visit him. Thinks after one, which arrived can say one were the subordinates of Ouyang family, he specially excited. Yes!”

Total master, the cripple that side sent greetings saying that his had been bullied, under the hand person also all died.” Makes him come back first, all matters can put first, but this person must find, after letting he comes back, to me looks up the whereabouts of this person.” The total master said that left directly. This time Xia Tian does not know that he must with the total master to, present he, arrive at the uneven Imperial City nearby once more, but uneven Imperial City was really too big, position uneven Imperial City surrounding that Xia Tian is at now. Xia Tian understands that the present strength in next three , can only be ordinary Expert, but is not absolutely is Expert, therefore he works must be careful. This world Expert like clouds, next three are four cauldron Expert world, before has not arrived at four cauldrons, Xia Tian also can only be absolutely can save oneself life temporarily small. Although uneven Imperial City is very big, however people in all directions came to do business, therefore here was also a little lively, but , the person were not many, here remaining houses also had, but actually only lived in 1/10. Although only then 1/10, but currently population at least also has 400,000,000-500,000,000 people. By street also very lively. Here Death aura completely vanished, not before Xia Tian them comes time, before Xia Tian they came time, there was also various Death aura, but now here is full of vitality, has been covered with the trees and flowers and plants everywhere. A position grass that before uneven Imperial City was at did not have. Now before drinking, words that compares, that present here can say that is more like place that the live person can treat. Here was too small, has nothing to look that finds the way to go to the uneven Imperial City central place first.” Xia Tian saying slowly, his unexpectedly has not discovered transmission here, in other words here does not have on transmission that in the priceless city exchanges.

Therefore he wants to go to the uneven Imperial City central place, that can only walk. Xia Tian walks all the way quite a while eats a thing, he discovered that here food flavor also good, only he walked for a half month, approaches the uneven Imperial City central place, actually the uneven Imperial City central place can call uneven Imperial City, other places can only call the uneven Imperial City peripheral region. Quite beautiful.” Xia Tian surprised looks at the front to be away from his 2-3 li (0.5km) place that uneven Imperial City. His previous time comes uneven Imperial City time, here under place, moreover buries the place of bone everywhere, but here turns now is so beautiful, that giant city gate in all directions fine spring day . Moreover the decoration of city gate it can be said that makes Xia Tian exclaim in surprise. Was arrives at true uneven Imperial City finally, hopes that in do not disappoint me, the Qilin blood, the [gold/metal] drawing pen, I must obtain.” Xia Tian vision firm looks at front uneven Imperial City. Go away.” At this moment, his has broadcast a voice of female. When he turned head, weird creature that saw one dash, speed really quick, Xia Tian just wanted to move aside, he saw a flame ray. Puff! On the face of Xia Tian was hit to fly directly a bulk meat, looks from the face that the tooth can see.