Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1955

Chains! Xia Tian touches own face, the face high quality meat that his first time hit pulls out directly flies. Treads! That weird creature stopped, because Xia Tian has not made way, the average person noticed that such situation definitely was scared, then shunts directly, but Xia Tian does not have. Asked you to leave, hasn't heard?” Is a female, a female face angry looks at Xia Tian. The Xia Tian first time had been hit, then the opposite party is angry. Normally, I do not hit the woman, but you soon moved my bottom line, keeps a name, I will look for you.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. „!” The females disdain has sized up Xia Tian one: Depends on you? Good, you come, uneven Imperial City, fire, hot phoenix.” Xia Tian nodded, has not spoken again, but made way directly. The females contemptuously looked at Xia Tian one, she thinks Xia Tian just for the face, will therefore speak those words, if not she also has the urgent matter, she will be will definitely not let off Xia Tian. After all, but does not dare to speak to her like this. Hey, Brother, you perhaps are external, this matter considers as finished.” In nearby shop an old man comes out to urge, the matter surrounding these people all saw. Why?” Xia Tian looks to the old man. Fire, you cannot offend, after uneven Imperial City reconstructs, altogether presented four respected families, but vanished in the past a family, currently only remaining three respected families, in this had one are fire, in the legend in their family have provided for a three full sun, that is the biology in legend, because of existence of this head three full sun, therefore nobody dares to shake the status of getting angry family.” The old men reminded. He out of benevolence said to Xia Tian. Many thanks.” Xia Tian said that continues stand forth.

Yeah.” The old men noticed that Xia Tian also walks toward uneven Imperial City, knows that Xia Tian definitely has not put down this matter at heart, therefore he can only helpless shaking the head. He thinks that Xia Tian this time went definitely unable to live. Three full suns.” What Xia Tian most is interested is these four characters. When he hears these four characters, he will not have turned head. He does not have to think one just entered uneven Imperial City to have the harvest. To rescue his master Yin Nie, he must attempt to refine that type of compounded drug, that type of compounded drug needs Jupiter, the [gold/metal] drawing pen and Qilin blood, Jupiter he has taken, the [gold/metal] drawing pen currently also has the news. Therefore he must think the means to take the [gold/metal] drawing pen now. Fire, it seems like I certainly will look for you.” In the Xia Tian vision bright light dodges. Outside uneven Imperial City. Total master! Total master!” Any matter, flustered.” Total master very discontented saying. „Does total master, you still remember the cripple?” Remembers that I said that first handles the Xia Tian matter, then helps him maintain, making him wait for going.” The total master said that must walk, how he still to find Xia Tian now worried. Where has the thoughts the matter that goes to the control cripple to suffer a loss. „It is not, total master.”

What isn't? Is your is not, my isn't?” Total master more disgruntled asking. Total master, you listened to me to say the words.” That person of anxious saying. Good, you said.” The total master stands there, brow tight wrinkle. Total master, after the cripple looks at the head picture symbol that you have sent, he discovered that attacks his person Xia Tian.” What?” When the total master hears Xia Tian these two characters, at present immediately one bright, moreover he has not thought that attacks person unexpectedly of cripple is Xia Tian: How didn't you early say?” I.” That person was really too depressed, he felt that he was quite undeserved, oneself clearly want to say that, but the total master had not given him a moment ago the opportunity. Naturally, he has not dared to go to dispute with the total master. Which was cripple in attacked?” The total master asked. Goes to the uneven Imperial City road.” Uneven Imperial City, his unexpectedly also dares to return to uneven Imperial City, that anyone.” The total master spoke of here time, the surroundings dropped several shadows. That several shadow very respectful kneeling on the ground, aura are completely reserved, looks is Expert. Your several give me to convene to me outside all the brothers of scattering, and informed the brothers in uneven Imperial City to look to tighten him, but do not alert the enemy, if whose there had any mistake, I must make him live to might as well die.” The total master orders to say once more. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! That several shadows scattered directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really the day helps me.” The total master laughs to say excitedly that he felt he has changed from bad to good, is helping him including the heaven.

Ouyang Jiazu this colossus comes out to help him, gives him such good opportunity, now unexpectedly links Xia Tian also to deliver **** came, this was really good, so long as he can kill Xia Tian, after him, was the subordinates of Ouyang family, the primary assistant of European southeast. Thinks that here he specially excited, has an ohm southeast and words of Ouyang Jiazu this big backer, after him, whom will fear? Like is not target of universal detestation, hid in all directions. Total master, should this time we be able to complete mission?” Em, has remembered, do not let five lines of ghosts know this matter.” The total master reminded. Relax, total master that five old ghost is closing up, after they since previous Qi Wang mausoleum chamber war, started to close up, they as if were being afraid anything.” Snort, what they fear is that grows the person of four limbs to retaliate them, although the single operational capacities of five ghosts are not strong, but their five collaborate to be possible not to be really affable, if hits hardly, perhaps I cannot take them, if I want to walk, they definitely cannot leave behind me.” Total master very proud saying. Although he is unable to defeat five lines of ghost collaborations in the attack, but he after is four cauldron Rank 2 Expert, his speed compares five lines of ghosts on is not the tiny bit. The total master turns toward the inner courtyard to walk directly, other people have not arrived at the inner courtyard, heard in the inner courtyard to have these cries. Makes the cry of child. He has not worried, but has been waiting outside, stopped until inside cry, he knocks on a door. Sir, Xia Tian found.” The total master said in out of the door. Found? Too was really good, the young master has not really misread you, you went to the homicide, has remembered, did not need the living witness, but if, suffered him as far as possible.” Inside person said. Relax the Sir, I will get rid personally.” The total master said that afterward he retreated directly, this time he must get rid personally, leads his army to go to uneven Imperial City to cut personally to kill Xia Tian.