Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1956

Uneven Imperial City. Greatly, the person are many, has filled with the vitality everywhere, the fine spring day. The pedestrian of communication probably is bustling about anything, little can see the idler. Here rhythm of life is very high.” Xia Tian saying slowly. His present reducing heat family is impossible, first did not say others, solely is that hot phoenix is not he now independent combat to win, did not need to raise entire fire, therefore he must find a peaceful place now first, then seeking opportunity slowly. Now in uneven Imperial City most famous is the trade, therefore Xia Tian also plans to get so far as a shop here. If uneven Imperial City just presented the time, shop that is absolutely fond of playing jokes. However now the shop actually needs to spend, moreover is very expensive, because here is true uneven Imperial City, before him place that passes through, can only say that is the uneven Imperial City attached city. Whiz! Side city health/guard armed forces that Xia Tian arrived at directly go on patrol. Hello, I want to ask where gets down to buy the shop?” Xia Tian asked. Here shop does not sell, only rents, you go straight, front has a biggest house, that is here administrative office, you go to there to ask that knew.” City Wei Jun said that continues to go on patrol. Many thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. A nearby highest building. 30 meters in height, this is also rarely seen in the entire uneven Imperial City person.

Hello, I asked that where do I want to rent a shop front to go to?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Rents in a big way, position where?” Position is not too on the line, the size does not use too in a big way, does not use too slightly.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Goes to three buildings.” Xia Tian moved toward three buildings, he discovered that here person is very busy, as for is bustling about anything, Xia Tian was not quite clear. Arrives at a window. Rents shop front here?” Xia Tian asked. Em, this is neighbor the astrolabe of street, you look.” The person in window hands over a tray. Xia Tian first time sees this type of thing, he looks directly to the astrolabe, but has not seen any thing. Looks with Spiritual Force.” The person in window reminded, heard his words, Xia Tian nodded, afterward used Spiritual Force to look to the tray that at this moment his whole person as if saw a three-dimensional street, this above demonstrated had red, black and green. Some red representative people have rented, black representative my jurisdiction is insufficient, needs to go upstairs, the green representative can rent, above has the amount of hiring, this digit will have the reassignment every day, which you looked at directly to make a payment.” Person very optional saying in window. Xia Tian has not thought that currently unexpectedly also has such advanced thing, this also was really too convenient. After choosing has met, Xia Tian selects. „No. 5 street, four rows, company 2 B.” The person of that window saw when the position that Xia Tian selects stares slightly: You determined that you haven't elected wrong?”

Reason that he such asked that is because he thought that nearby this performance-to-price ratio of this store is lowest, in front of this house shop front is very small, altogether is also less than 50 square meters, but the position of following rest area has an enough 300-400 meters size. But the price does not compare the normal 300 meters store to be cheap. It.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Good, the price of this store is every year 300,000 low grade spirit stone, deposit 1 million low grade spirit stone, one time ** ten years exempt the deposit, the tax revenue is 1% of volume of trade.” That person of window said. Em, reasonable price, ten years.” Xia Tian handed over 300,000 low grade spirit stone directly. This is the key also has contract, wishing your business prosperous.” Window that person said. Many thanks.” Xia Tian said that after taking up key also to have the contract, directly left. Reason that he chooses this shop is because he settled on the rest area of shop, others are hope that trades the area the bigger the better, but he settles on is the rest area, his shop is in itself a pretence, therefore he had not planned that in a big way makes the shop. After arriving at own shop, Xia Tian satisfied nod, here unexpectedly brings interior decoration. Was right, what business should I do? I am also disinclined to look here.” Xia Tian has pondered a meeting: Was right, that patching weapon.” Xia Tian auxiliary skill strongest is Pill Refining, the refiner and Formation, although he was unable to patch the Intermediate treasure above weaponry, so long as is the Intermediate treasure following weaponry he has the confidence to fix. Initially if were not attack treasure of these damages is all absorbed by the day cold sword, that Xia Tian can all restore the original design in less than many years these Advanced treasure, was only a pity, present Advanced treasure already thorough disappearance. All was absorbed by the day cold sword. Good, made this sound, this sound was very definitely lonely, but I did not care, I was not short of money in any case, here was just a pretence.” Xia Tian nod of silently, looked for person again interior decoration afterward, has changed a signboard.

On the signboard writes: Patching weaponry. The entrance writes the business hour, each heavenly noon 9 : 00 to 11 points, 1 : 00 pm to three points. Has saying that this time simply was too willful. Other shops do business generally for twenty hours, but Xia Tian shop unexpectedly has only done business for four hours, Xia Tian will such do is a normal merchant will not elect without doubt. But Xia Tian is not a merchant. His store opened for about one week, a customer does not have, the person who the communication passed by are many, but recently inquired did not have, because on Xia Tian writes, so long as entered the shop, no matter inquired that really patched, received ten low grade spirit stone. This may let these person of Xia Tian in this Likeng money. However nobody regarding Xia Tian, was pure, therefore he started to think means promotion his Realm as soon as possible, for these days he had inquired quietly, the position of fire he has found out, he is studying internal structure of fire here now, then found the way to mix well, nosing sun was, so long as he can investigate thoroughly the sun was, he had the opportunity to go to capture the [gold/metal] drawing pen. Master, when I, I as soon as possible will certainly make you revive.” Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably firm saying. Two weeks later. Xia Tian opens the door as usual, he has been used to it now, although in the shop does not have any business, but he does not worry, because he is not short of money, therefore he does not miss the money, Boss, I must patch Spirit Tool.” A guy walked, outside has encircled many people, because many people had had the interest to Xia Tian the shop recently, but they do not want to work as the person who takes the lead, fears by the pit.