Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1957

After these days watching, had the person who takes the lead to appear finally. This robust man is the person who takes the lead. First hands over ten low grade spirit stone.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „!” Robust men not hesitant, threw to Xia Tian ten low grade spirit stone directly. After Xia Tian received spirit stone, asked: What patches?” My ultimate Spirit Tool has gone bad, can cultivate?” The robust men asked. So long as you have come, that does not have me unable to cultivate.” The Xia Tian manner was very arrogant, has caused the disaffection of surrounding many people. Good, is extremely arrogant enough, hopes that you have to be joined to your extremely arrogant skill.” The robust men said that threw own ultimate Spirit Tool to Xia Tian directly: How much money has a look at my this to cultivate to need?” „An ultimate Spirit Tool price probably in 2 million low grade spirit stone about, your this ultimate Spirit Tool damage is not serious, I receive your 500,000 low grade spirit stone, first makes a payment.” Xia Tian said directly. First makes a payment. His these words, has brought in the disaffection of surrounding these people immediately, they think that Xia Tian thinks Qian Xiangfeng simply. The craftsmanship has not revealed that unexpectedly asks for money, moreover opens mouth is 500,000 low grade spirit stone, really if he can cultivate good, what everybody will not say, but basic Xia Tian here absolutely does not have what reputation now, what to do if he did bring money along to flee? First makes a payment, this fears.” Or the payment, either leaves.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. The complexion of this robust man is unattractive: Good, I give you money, but my offensive talk said in front, if you cannot fix, I have opened your shop.” If trades to make my beforehand temperament, you have lain down on the ground now, has remembered, later this words do not say to me.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, in his vision flashed through murderous aura a moment ago, although is only murderous aura of faint trace, but the robust man actually felt, he felt a moment ago one as if all of a sudden fell into the abyss to be the same. Very terrifying. This is 500,000 low grade spirit stone.” The robust men make a payment directly, this time he has not said anything, his money is not the gale blows, once Xia Tian cannot help him fix, he certainly will also cause trouble, at the worst asks the city health/guard armed forces to figure out.

! Xia Tian received that 500,000 low grade spirit stone, afterward his turn around must leave directly. Walks toward the backyard. Wait / Etc.!” The robust men shout hurriedly. The surrounding person also is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian unexpectedly drew cash with ultimate Spirit Tool must walk, was this insane? Does he want to bring money along to flee flagrantly? Does?” Xia Tian turning head slightly, on the face presented the impatient expression. „Don't you patch here?” Robust man puzzled asking. Snort, in this and other minutes.” Xia Tian said that moved toward backyard directly. This all people hoodwinked, where the backyard is may nobody know, if Xia Tian directly ran away now words, that what to do? 500,000 low grade spirit stone and ultimate don't Spirit Tool of robust man such want? The robust men also hoodwinked. He does not know what to do one should. He possibly by a moment ago murderous aura of Xia Tian that flash shaking, therefore Xia Tian lets him and other minutes of time, his anything has not said. Ended, you ended, this your 500,000 low grade spirit stone and your ultimate Spirit Tool by others cheating.” Is, others make you draw cash you to draw cash, then now goes ahead, you also really believe him.” A bit faster pursues to have a look, otherwise meets your person's shadow to look to disappear.”

On surroundings these faces is the appearance of taking pleasure in others'misfortunes, they are not willing to work as the person who takes the lead, now sees a person who takes the lead with great difficulty, they think that this person who takes the lead definitely was deceived, therefore they were ridiculing the robust man there. Robust man as if also responded to Ah!, ran directly to the back door position. Bang! When he wants to run out of the back door. He directly by an invisible strength pushing. Formation! unexpectedly is Formation.” The surrounding these people stare, afterward they intense shouting: Ended, this time you are thorough did not have the opportunity, others opened Formation, you want to pursue cannot overtake.” The robust men are also the heart one tight, he also felt at this time one were deceived. But he does not know how to break this Formation, he cannot this house directly pulling down, that city Wei Jun will be perhaps quick will come his bring to justice. Surroundings these person of unceasing tauntings. Does not close their matters, they naturally did not have what burden, appearance that completely was seeing a play. Noisy, what to quarrel to quarrel? What my this worked as?” At this moment, drinks from back door there greatly transmits. Hears this drinks the sound greatly time, all people were all peaceful. These taunted the person of robust man also to anchor a moment ago. Has not run. unexpectedly has not run. They think a moment ago Xia Tian definitely was brings money along to flee, but their unexpectedly discovered that now Xia Tian has not run.

Robust man were shocked, he also thinks a moment ago Xia Tian definitely ran. Gives you.” The Xia Tian right hand flings, that ultimate treasure appears in the hand of robust man directly, when the robust man takes up ultimate Spirit Tool, on his face had the joy that is hard to conceal: This. unexpectedly fixed, moreover with new is the same.” Humph! Heard his words, the scene has blasted all of a sudden out the pot. All people have not all thought that Xia Tian not only has not run, but also unexpectedly also really ultimate Spirit Tool fixing, the key was his unexpectedly has only used for ten minutes, did ten minutes suffice to do? Time of furnace ignition is not enough. Ultimate Spirit Tool that but now in robust man hand takes was truly good. Mysterious! All these simply were too mysterious. These people of scene already thorough cannot control own was surprised. Nobody had heard the treasure of damage can fix, usually the treasures of these damages need super Master to remelt to refine again, once remelts, then the beforehand material on all Bai Xia, almost linked 1/10 materials unable to depute, quite therefore discarded. Ultimate Spirit Tool of robust man is the damage is small, therefore he has been coping with the use, however most people's weapon along badly is very serious, person who they also can only finally helpless discarding, or sold to these low price purchases. They do are compensate absolutely, but they do not have the means that the weapon that discards takes the words that opposes the enemy, that is brings death. Now unexpectedly presented one to patch to damage the person of weapon, this was makes the entire spirit world vibrate without doubt. Quick, looks for damage quickly the weapon, this is an opportunity, this time we got rich.” The eyes of surroundings these people were red.