Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1958

Opportunity. Many people saw the unprecedented opportunity at this time. The weapon that they can receive these damage, then makes Xia Tian cultivate, hands over to sell for money again, they increased the family fortunes simply. The flash, here many person as if found has made one's own way to rush to the well-off path. Shouted that what shouted? Who shouted again that I do not give him to patch the weapon life-long.” Xia Tian lazily looks at entrance these people. Heard the Xia Tian words, entrance these people starts the low voice discussion immediately. At this time they were really too excited. Thanks, was really too thank you.” The robust men on the face had the joy that is hard to conceal at this time, he just started is only looks that amusing and tries one's luck, once after all the weapon has damaged, will then be getting more and more serious, the time of especially fighting, if the enemy discovered that your weapon has damaged, that will attack the place of damage absolutely, then will directly ruin finally possibly your weapon. Even if nobody destroys, weapon of damage also along with time, but degradation gradually, until turns into ornaments finally. His type of powder cultivates, obtains ultimate Spirit Tool is not a simple matter. Ultimate Spirit Tool quite therefore his life. Once lost ultimate Spirit Tool, then his overall strength with drop. Now is but good. His weapon was fixed by Xia Tian, then he did not need to be worried, although he has spent 500,000 low grade spirit stone, but he also thought the value, because the ultimate Spirit Tool price was above 2 million low grade spirit stone, above this included, 3 million, 4 million, 5 million wait / etc.. Ultimate Spirit Tool also has advantages and disadvantages. But his exactly is, at least value about 3.5 million.

If he wants to buy one again, that needs to spend 3.5 million low grade spirit stone, now Xia Tian was equal to changes to helps him save 3 million low grade spirit stone, said again, he absolutely did not have 3 million low grade spirit stone. Does not need to thank me, I collect fees.” Xia Tian very optional saying. I know, but must thank you.” The robust men said that walked happily. I must patch.” I must patch.” . Surrounding person coming in swarms. The powder that mixes outside cultivates frequently, whose weapon will be will possibly send the non- wound? Generally speaking this situation will not appear absolutely, only if your weapon rank is very high, moreover little fights with the person. World that the spirit world is Expert is Venerable. Law of the jungle. The fight is almost constantly not having, the deceased person is also very normal matter. Lining up, gives my stiffly lines up, who was quarrelling, I who kicked out.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Hears the Xia Tian words, these people start very aware lining up. Afterward person's in one after another has given Xia Tian hand weapon.

Xia Tian also all comes are welcome, he discovered the patching weapon not only can increase own refiner technique, but can also increase Spiritual Force, but can also make money, this really answers multiple purpose, he possibly is not how excited. However, he still has principle. That is during one day, be only that several hours in the work, other time rest. Although people of these lining up think are not feeling well, but their walking does not have, has waited till the next day. Xia Tian thought to be lower-key. Finally now not only does not have the low key, but also his reputation has spread quickly over periphery all people, nearby merchant, the hotel and pedestrian was all discussing Xia Tian the patching weaponry shop, even priceless Wei Jun heard, but also the superintendent in this region has made a guidepost directly. Advertisement. The message is: Are you still worrying for weapon damage? Do you not to be able to afford weapon worry? Follows the arrow. Arrow 20 meters, points to the Xia Tian patching weapon shop. The Xia Tian business is better, the tax revenues of their this area are higher. This time patching weaponry shop already thorough becoming famous. Even many people come with admiration. However here lining up was too terrifying, the team that discharges has the kilometer, moreover now starts to bid including the team, wants to join a production team? Ok, spent to give the people in team to exchange the position to be good. Even arranged at first 20 positions has fried hundreds of thousands of low grade spirit stone. Has saying that this price was really too terrifying, but some people bought, moreover quick first 20 had 15 people replaced.

If before this region, is hottest, that should be that market, because the market is very big, anything has, therefore nearby person will come to go to there to stroll, saw anything liked has bought, since Xia Tian shop fire, that shop immediately was not first. However although is not first, but the business similarly was also better than before. Existence because of Xia Tian shop, has made the business of surrounding all business improve, the economy of entire area is promoting, even the sound on this street already thorough was irritable. The present person boasted does not blow himself to have many treasure, but blew: My brother in patching shop that lining up, entered first 100. Heard that enters first 100. Around that all people will all look with the vision of worship to this person. However Xia Tian has also stipulated that everyone most patches three, wants to cultivate again, that must line up again. This to prevent some people all gives the first person the weapon, in this case, following person all thorough lost hopes. The Xia Tian business was getting more and more hot. But he also thorough exposed, before the person of total master came to here to look around for Xia Tian, such big city was not good to search, but the patching shop was really too famous, they were just watch the fun have discovered the Xia Tian trail, when they discovered when Xia Tian trail, the first matter has given the total master the position report of Xia Tian. The total master heard to have the Xia Tian news, that was simply excited. He thinks that the God is helping him now. Because this time simply was Taishun, but he did not have the general idea, because he knows that Xia Tian was different from the average person, he cannot with looking at the vision of average person looks at Xia Tian, therefore the total master this time convened himself nearby all subordinates, no matter the strength strong and weak, must immediately, immediately caught up, he must come the pack circle, all blocked Xia Tian all route of escaping. Then holds, the subordinate who Xia Tian gives Europe the southeast, the subordinate who so long as gives Europe the southeast Xia Tian, his later future had has safeguarded: Xia Tian, this time you ended, moreover your treasure was also my.”