Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1959

The business of patching shop was getting more and more hot. The influence of this shop was also getting bigger and bigger, even the surrounding store started to gather capital to make the guidepost, here Feng Wei to patch a street. Moreover they still make various propaganda slogans on this street, interior decoration this street. Originally this street from ground, surrounding scenery can only be four class streets, but after gathering capital of these people, this street also became more and more magnificent directly turned into the first-class street. Several like several to worry. Xia Tian here business is getting better and better, this may on painstakingly this area nearby the most influential that business. That is fire. In uneven Imperial City, the business of fire can be said as has everywhere. This area is no exception. Although fire not necessarily is biggest, but absolutely is one of the thereby influence strongest several. Nearby this area influence strongest is fire, weaponry shop. Their family fixes a price is not low, moreover surroundings all others fix a price with their family fixed price, nobody dares to go to draw the low price with them intentionally, because they are fire, now one of the here maximum several families. The business of fire here did is very good. Because their influences are big, the surrounding business does not dare to compete with them, moreover under the similar price, everybody wants getting angry family to buy the weaponry. Their the business has been very since hot, is the recent two months, their business are getting more and more bad. Because here presented one patching weaponry shop. After this shop appears, their business started to be getting more and more dreary, the people who even comes to see now did not have.

Their here weapons are too expensive, everybody is not willing to come to buy, the person who even if these weapons almost been totally damaged also lined up to cultivate the weapon, but after all the price of patching weapon the ratio bought new low several times. Hateful, words that such gets down, how I confessed with the family.” Young Master angry saying of fire. In uneven Imperial City the stores of all fire by the juniors of fire guard. This to prevent to have any accident, moreover can exercise these family juniors. These family juniors usually are struggle, but the family only looks at the skill, whose skill is big, whose business is good, who in family inside right to speak on. Most recent several months he is running free with the current, is near because of his here distance uneven Imperial City entrance. But these two months. This business is miserable. He believes that in less than several days, family will definitely send for looking for his trouble to come. „It is not good, I cannot wait for the family to ask me to trouble, I must solve this matter.” The young master of fire said that his name is the hot dry wind, is in the fire third generations disciple is quite splendid, about strength again tripod Rank 5, age over 35 years old, have not been able saying that were also a Little Tian talent. Young master, we truly cannot endure, whatever if they are so noisy, our business thoroughly ended.” Under said. Heard words, hot dry wind is afraid. Once the business carried on the arm in his hand, then after him, may unable to gain ground to cultivate the behavior in the family, will also be punished by the family, therefore he must try to find the solution, reversed such aspect: Comes the person, the shop does not open today, called to me the person, who I must have a look but actually am, unexpectedly dares to do right with our fire.” Yes!” These staff and subordinates of fire, all ran, has more than 1000 person. The enormous and powerful crowd turns toward patching shop to walk. The patching shop is still that hot.

Saw that patching shop here fire becomes this, and has formed that long line, the hot dry wind very envied, if these many people can go to his shop to go shopping, his sales volume absolutely is fire first, after him, hot can walk sideways again, these two generations of juniors also the person dare to provoke him. Moreover here person are getting more and more, still watches the fun in the surroundings, the street is also attractive and lively, is livelier than their entrance street. Envy. The hot dry wind at this time is the unusual envy. Makes way, makes way.” Person of fire rampant domineering. Surroundings these people are the unusual disaffection, but also nobody said anything, all made way, after all they may not offend being on fire family. Returns lining up? Leave to me.” Butler of fire shouts. He shouted that his behind these people walked toward the team. People of these lining up very unwilling, especially placed the front these people, must arrive at them shortly, even their positions are buy, but now the team catching up to have dispersed by the person of fire, this let the person who they hated fire. Inside just patched Advanced Spirit Tool Xia Tian to walk. What matter?” Xia Tian expression light saying. Heard that you are very good, saying that B Ah! hot dry wind is not feeling well. Your long looks like some.” Xia Tian said. What did you say?” The hot dry wind complexion immediately changes, but he thinks immediately today makes anything: I heard that you will patch weapon and equipment? Good, I had, give to cultivate.” Lining up!” Xia Tian does not lift. Lining up? Does here have the team?” Saying that the hot dry wind disdains.

Has, the person I remembers that you want to cultivate exclusive behind, does not want to cultivate, oneself walk.” Xia Tian said that turns head directly, although he also knows that some people buy and sell the team, but buys and sells with snatches hardly is absolutely different, who no matter the opposite party is, he will not give this face. Boy, your live is impatient.” The hot dry wind said that enormous and powerful over a thousand people all forwarded two steps. Threatening. Prepares to fight an imposing manner at any time. Resembles these over a thousand people momentarily to get rid to be the same. „Do you fool me?” Asking that Xia Tian disdains. Comes the person, pounds to me.” The hot dry wind shouts directly, afterward he looks to Xia Tian: Father is rich, pounded to you, gave you again money.” Bang! Bang! Bang! These people of fire open directly pound. The hot dry wind threw to a Xia Tian Chu bag directly, inside money can make up for the loss of Xia Tian absolutely, moreover were many much. The goal that he such makes is to hit the face of Xia Tian, moreover to tell here person, who is here Boss, he spent losing money, even if were city Wei Jun does not have the means that because he has lost money, moreover he has not offended somebody. Pauper, has remembered, this piece, we are biggest, the father can pound you richly, gives you money, then pounds you.” The hot dry wind said. Keeps a given name.” Xia Tian said. Front goes straight the turn left fire weaponry shop.” The hot dry wind said directly. I, pass immediately.”