Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1960

Fire Cloud naturally also knows the uneven Imperial City custom, if he **** causes trouble to pound others, that this has offended the custom, therefore he gives money. Different to money. Since lost has compensated, moreover nobody was injured, that uneven Imperial City naturally will not say anything. However Fire Cloud actually displayed overbearing of fire, this also in giving other people sounded the alarm, although fire be what kind in on cannot them outwardly, but fire regarding them, was still the colossus. This time pounding shop, is face-smacking. They in maliciously pulls out the face of Xia Tian. If Xia Tian does not recover this gathering place, that later all people will say that Xia Tian definitely has feared others fire. What here status is strongest is fire. After having the face and status, that business will be naturally hot. Xia Tian said I time, turned back in the shop directly. Snort, the waste, I am waiting for you.” Fire Cloud saw that Xia Tian said directly turns head, thinks that Xia Tian definitely has instigated, but these words that he spoke also to save face to oneself. Fire! That is the colossus in uneven Imperial City, naturally nobody dares to offend them. The surrounding these people also think that Xia Tian should be recognizes instigates. However they also believe that trades to do is their words, definitely also same will recognize with Xia Tian instigated. After all the influence of fire is really too big, was too terrifying. We walk.” Fire Cloud waves, enormous and powerful over a thousand people all left. Surroundings these people all here, they do not know one should continue to line up, if they have stood in line, Fire Cloud wheels around and strikes at the pursuer again, tidies up including them together, what to do that may, although Fire Cloud is also insufficient on to kill people outwardly, but hits their, they do not have the means. They cannot, because took a beating looked for City Lord Mansion to figure out, that thoroughly opposed with fire simply. When the time comes, fire wants to kill them and kills an ant to be equally simple.

After five minutes. Xia Tian has changed clean clothes, afterward walked, he closes the door: Did not need to line up.” Heard does not need to line up. All people all are shaking the head that keeps, they think that Xia Tian definitely was makes fire shaking, therefore the business has not dared to continue to do, but they also understood Xia Tian, traded to do is they, perhaps will also do this. But before long, everybody discovered. Xia Tian weaponry shop of direction fire. Volume.” The surrounding person stares immediately. Had the good play to look.” These people ran directly, they understand that perhaps this time had the good play to look, Xia Tian this obvious was looks for the gathering place. Looks for the gathering place, this had good play to look. Everybody wants to have a look at the gathering place that actually Xia Tian how looks. After all fire is not affable. Others are impossible to visit him to look for the gathering place. Even if he wants with be the same, that Fire Cloud does also needs the formidable wealth to make the support, after all pounds the thing also to spend, if you do not give money, that city Wei Jun will ask you to trouble. Moreover they are not ordinary powder cultivate, stirred up trouble to escape directly, or hides, they are here celebrity. Fire naturally is not no need to say. Colossus. The Xia Tian recent two months in uneven Imperial City are also unusual becoming famous. N , N , D, plays this set with father, you also match.” Xia Tian scolded one, usually only then he bullies others, others want to bully him, he must recover the gathering place, especially, they are fire, this name Xia Tian simply was too familiar, because he , since arriving at uneven Imperial City, continuously at Zha Huojia the matter.

Injures his person also to be called the hot phoenix. How before he in wants to cope with fire, made the [gold/metal] drawing pen. The means that now he thinks are chaotic, does more chaotic is better. Steady in fire is an elephant, his defensive power was too terrifying, Xia Tian wants to attack to snatch hardly does not have any little opportunity. Therefore he must make fire chaotic. One chaotic, that will present the flaw, when the time comes Xia Tian naturally had the opportunity of getting rid. Wants chaotically. That first step looks for trouble. If Xia Tian looks for trouble directly, that opposite party definitely will suspect, but now is different, the opposite party delivers simply **** comes, Fire Cloud has smashed his shop first, then he pounds now, was takes action with just reasons. Treads! Xia Tian walks toward the shop of fire family. His enormous and powerful several thousand people . Moreover the population is still increasing. Heard that some looks lively, all people with, even the surroundings shop also all closes continually, followed, because here customer all followed Xia Tian, they did not close also nobody to go shopping, actually therefore they wanted to have a look what happened. The population is still increasing, merely is only two street 78 kilometers distances, the population has reached as high as 300,000-400,000. Still is increasing. City Wei Jun noticed that such scene also completely shook. Fire Cloud smashed the shop they also to see a moment ago, but Fire Cloud already to money, therefore they have not said anything. But now Xia Tian has this enormous and powerful 300,000-400,000 people to come, this weaponry may not be really small, although these are not the Xia Tian people, but they in Xia Tian, probably is the Xia Tian little brother is the same. Walked for about 20 minutes, the enormous and powerful crowd arrived at the entrance of fire shop.

Volume!” Fire Cloud sees such scene, was shocked completely. He has not thought that unexpectedly came these many people, moreover these people all in Xia Tian, looks that probably is the Xia Tian little brother is the same. Is leading 300,000-400,000 little brothers? This was also too terrifying. Even if the juniors of Fire Cloud fire from flint, he suddenly a little leg is also soft at this time. Young Master, these people definitely are come to see lively, is not his person, this inside has is Boss and staff of side shop, I have seen.” Small Butler of fire said. „!” Fire Cloud then relaxed. He a little feared a moment ago. Regarding him, 300,000-400,000 people a little are truly terrorist, if these people are the Xia Tian little brothers, they may be miserable. Snort, the pauper, what meaning do you come to here are? What's wrong? Thinks that the kneeling ground to I apologize? Late.” Saying that Fire Cloud disdains. Since knows that Xia Tian is a person comes, he does not fear. His here has over a thousand people. „Don't you compare with me richly?” Xia Tian saying slowly. Fire Cloud had smashed his shop a moment ago, then spent money to insult him. Now Xia Tian came back, then he must do returns the honor. What's wrong? Compares richly with our fire, do you also match?” Fire Cloud 11 faces the color of despising.