Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1962

Stop? I have not begun, I was chatting with him.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Hasn't begun? All people may notice that he began to hit the person. We are simple chats, you said that is?” Xia Tian loosened Fire Cloud directly. I must kill you.” A Fire Cloud face angry looks at Xia Tian to shout. Threat, the threat, you heard, this was threatening me, threatened me, I was a good merchant, I paid tax have not missed, your city health/guard armed forces took responsibility for me, but he big figure, respected family, fire, this opened mouth must kill me, I feared death simply.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Sees the Xia Tian exaggeration the appearance, the surrounding person all collapsed. Unusual exaggeration that although he said that but on the face the intense feeling does not have, even also resembles the anticipation of faint trace. Snort!” Fire Cloud also calm, now city Wei Junlai, he does not begin with oneself: How today's matter processes, he has smashed my shop, person who has injured my, moreover **** causes trouble, your city health/guard armed forces must give us a fire confession.” Hears the Fire Cloud words, a city health/guard armed forces leader brow wrinkle. He does not like these respected families, because they were too extremely arrogant. Opens mouth probably is owes them to be the same. Also frightens itself with the reputation of fire. Our city Wei Jun impartially enforces the law, anything has not confessed with whom.” The city Wei Jun leader said. Good, you can enforce the law impartially.” Fire Cloud said. Smashed the shop I to acknowledge, but hit the person I not to acknowledge that you ask who saw me to hit the person?” Xia Tian simply played the rascal.

We saw.” Fire Cloud behind these people said. You? You are the people of fire, you can also say that I have killed your family, you can lie in any case casually.” Xia Tian said that turns head to look shouts to that 300,000-400,000 People sounds: You said that I do have dozen of people?” No!!!” All people all are shouting with one voice. The reputation of fire is not quite good, they little have usually not bullied the person in nearby shop, moreover now here everybody is supports Xia Tian without doubt, especially in these people of Xia Tian entrance lining up, they already looked a moment ago fire has not been feeling well, how now to be also possible to support fire. Hateful, you are lying.” Fire Cloud angry shouting. These many people said that he has not hit the person, then this matter only needed to lose money is good.” City health/guard armed forces leaders said that he spoke is also helping Xia Tian, because this actually he and Xia Tian had any friendship, because he did not like Fire Cloud. No, cannot such simple processing, examine injuries absolutely, these people were hit, definitely has the wound.” Fire Cloud knows now own this time face anything definitely has lost completely, he cannot make Xia Tian feel better, moreover he must find the way to kill Xia Tian, this can deter the surrounding these business and customers. Good, that examines injuries.” Has not waited for the city Wei Jun leader speech, Xia Tian to say directly. Heard the Xia Tian words, the city Wei Jun leader has not said anything, but turned the head to order saying: Inspects the wounds of these people.” Yes!” The city Wei Jun person starts to walk toward the surroundings. At this time on -the-spot people somewhat are tense. Xia Tian may truly begin a moment ago, this inspection did not expose! They may not hope Xia Tian to have an accident, otherwise fire was wilder, moreover they found a such good shop to end with great difficulty. Around Xia Tian shop these Boss are also very anxious, reason that they know the own recent business such hot because of Xia Tian, once Xia Tian has had an accident, their business definitely are to suffer a disastrous decline. Snort, the pauper, your this time died, you not only need pay indemnity for our damages, the medical expenses of these people, but also you committed murder blatantly, this was not the small crime, you waited for death.” Fire Cloud this time mood also good, he thinks that Xia Tian this time must die without doubt.

Although he this time brings not the small loss to fire. But he also saved a face. After getting fire home, Qian Gou who so long as he leads, the punishment that should receive is not serious. Right?” Xia Tian smiling looks at Fire Cloud. This time you must die, you could rest assured that I will not make so easy, makes you who you die die directly, regarding you simply is the huge gracious gift.” Fire Cloud mean saying. After ten minutes. The scene is still very peaceful. Reported Captain, has not injured, these people have not all injured, should install intentionally.” Hears the city Wei Jun report. All people were all shocked, they see Xia Tian gets rid, but city Wei Jun inspects unexpectedly saying that now has not injured. This was also too inconceivable. Has not injured, scared to death this baby, I also think that they must come two blades on themselves, acted in a play acts in a play, how has not been willing multi- water-drop design Kungfu, you saying that you made them suffer a oneself point to be unfair to me to be good again, multi- shapes.” Xia Tian looked that said to Fire Cloud. No. Is impossible.” The Fire Cloud complexion immediately changes. He does not believe absolutely this is real, because the matter was he personally sees, Xia Tian began absolutely. You. Certainly was you are in cahoots.” Fire Cloud looked that said to the city Wei Jun leader.

Snort!” The city Wei Jun leader gets angry snort one: I warned you, the speech was responsible, if you think that I and he was in cahoots, that went on to personally inform me.” I will certainly consider your, is the ghost who you do.” Fire Cloud angry shouting. Really distressed, simply is the clumsy mischief-doer.” Xia Tian looks at Fire Cloud to say. Hateful, do not think that like this you can walk, here is ruined by you, the city Wei Jun person also saw, all people all saw, loses money, my thing value 500 million low grade spirit stone, I thought how you compensate.” Fire Cloud does not believe that Xia Tian can put out 500 million low grade spirit stone. This number regarding anybody is the natural digit. Although many business values over a billion, once hundred million, that only then the family firm possibly appeared. Here weaponry shop is only a business of fire, but the resultant has achieved 500 million. Hears 500 million this digit time, all people cannot help but have all held breath cold air. Attract! Too terrifying. Such one pounds, 500 million did not have. Loses money, the words that with, that makes City Lord Mansion cope with you, can definitely on all money you all press out, then kills you.” Fire Cloud contemptuous saying. I, am not short of money.”