Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1963

Money? Does Xia Tian lack? Definitely does not lack. 500 million low grade spirit stone regarding Xia Tian is a drop in the bucket. Money? Other idle talk spoken lines words.” Saying that Fire Cloud disdains, he does not believe that Xia Tian can put out 500 million low grade spirit stone to come all of a sudden, moreover in the hand of Xia Tian does not have that many Chu rings. Generally speaking, an ordinary Chu ring can only store up 100 million low grade spirit stone. 500 million least need five Chu rings. But on Xia Tian actually links a Chu ring not to have. Money?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. With, couldn't take? Snort, skill that it seems like you boasted was not small, had to plant you to make me have a look at your money.” Fire Cloud contemptuous saying. Money? The Xia Tian left hand wields, his front presented a spirit stone mountain instantaneously. 500 million low grade spirit stone. Saw these many spirit stone, all people are all shocked. Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out spirit stone. Moreover is 500 million, this was also too terrifying. Also nobody noticed that actually he from where takes, because in his hand has not stored the ring, in other words he definitely has the Chu equipment of big reserves. This is the most precious object. I most do not lack is money, this is 500 million low grade spirit stone.” Xia Tian said that the left hand wields once more, is one slightly piles the spirit stone mountain to appear: This is 100 million low grade spirit stone, calculates that kindly gives your fire.”

Kindly gives fire. 100 million low grade spirit stone. Has saying that Xia Tian got rid is really too natural. However similarly, person also understood what is heard his these words, the meaning of his these words was, your fire also was just begs for food in my eyes. face-smacking! These words were equal to hitting the face of fire maliciously. Hateful, you receive to me.” Fire Cloud angry shouting , he if also carries off these 100 million low grade spirit stone, that fire really becomes begged for food, how he should go to explain with the elders of fire that the elders of these fire will perhaps remember tore into shreds him directly. But fire in uneven Imperial City topest family. Now unexpectedly was regarded begs for food. This is stiffly is hitting their faces simply. Did not need to thank.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves. His time, is pounds the face of fire. Fire smashed his shop to give 70,000-80,000 low grade spirit stone, gave 10,000-20,000 low grade spirit stone also to install for quite a while, Xia Tian pounded is 500 million, moreover disposable has given 100 million, such contrast was sharp, all people all can look at the disparity of both sides. Your fire boasted B to say one were very fierce, finally Xia Tian made them experience anything to be called really good B. As soon as you fling, 10,000 low grade spirit stone also blow, I was 100 million low grade spirit stone said that granted to you. Looked that who looks like begs for food. Hateful, you leave to me.” Fire Cloud angry shouting. But Xia Tian does not pay attention to him, moreover city Wei Jun also walked, the city Wei Jun opposite party does not give money by all means that as for gives money, they may unable to control, now the matter of this both sides could be said as was noisily big, Xia Tian not only has smashed the shop of fire, but also became the hot family belongings is begs for food, throwing 100 million low grade spirit stone, if fire did not respond, that fire really became begs for food.

Waste.” Xia Tian contemptuously looked at Fire Cloud one, then continues to walk forward. Cheers that the surroundings hear. Already looked the person who fire is not feeling well very much can say this time was too excited. They do not dare to offend fire, but Xia Tian dares. Moreover Xia Tian this time has rubbed the face of fire maliciously. Fire Cloud dull looks that what to do that 100 million low grade spirit stone do not know should! Young Master, received!” That small Butler said. Receives Damn B, I will receive these old fogies to kill me.” Shouting of Fire Cloud atmosphere. Volume.” That small Butler does not dare to speak. Hateful, hateful, how I should confess with the family.” Fire Cloud wanted simply insanely, this time he all gave to lose the face of fire, he such went back a saying the words, perhaps he died. Young Master, actually you can speak frankly, after all this person is not simple, in the family has certainly to cope with his means.” That small Butler said again. Good , can only such manage.” Fire Cloud said. After Xia Tian goes back, the team of his entrance queued once more, after this time matter, everybody worship Xia Tian. Moreover they were also experience to the Xia Tian strength and rule by force. The business on this street completely was also prosperous. All were deferring to the normal path to walk, however in the night of third day. The patching shop had been pounded again . Moreover the entrance loses is putting 600 million low grade spirit stone, these people pound to walk, anything had not said that but puts down spirit stone to walk. Although their anything had not said that but all people understand that they are the people of fire, but they put this 600 million low grade spirit stone also Xia Tian to them, reason that they deliver to tell Xia Tian, their fire is not short of money, Xia Tian regards them begs for food, they must regard Xia Tian similarly beg for food.

At that night. Fire was pounded from the Xia Tian recent another shop. After pounding, the entrance is placing 1 billion low grade spirit stone, and entrance writes: Kindly gives your.” The event promoted. 1 billion low grade spirit stone, this has surpassed their cognition completely, but everybody understands, smashes the fire shop is Xia Tian, moreover these 1 billion low grade spirit stone are also Xia Tian takes. Two started to put up the cash officially. Also after several days. The digit that both sides put up the cash has achieved 5 billion, but both sides have still not stopped, no one has wanted this 5 billion, because of as we all know, who wanted, that represents who recognized has instigated, do not think that recognized had instigated this money can take, once recognized instigated, perhaps then this later business could not make, because everybody did not trust their strengths. Moreover perhaps these money have the life to take, dying is colored. When both sides put up the cash intensely. Another important matter occurred, over ten thousand people will patch the shop to encircle, encircles under the broad daylight, moreover these people threaten, in the hand is taking the weapon. Total master, is here, heard that his recent business is good, you have a look at this team platoon, perhaps will have a lot of money.” Has remembered, should not be greedy for money, his here regardless of how much money, we cannot take, otherwise we become robs, city Wei Jun will not let off our, today we came to here are just subside past grievances.” The total master said. What total master teaches is.” On that person of face has piled up with the smiling face. Xia Tian, you leave to me.” The total master shouts loudly.