Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1964

Leave!! Hears these three characters time, the surrounding person all looked to the total master, at this time they discovered that here by this enormous and powerful over ten thousand people surrounding. Some unexpectedly people dare to shout this words in the Xia Tian entrance. Must know that the present patching name sound is very big. Xia Tian and fight between fire was fiery. Basic dares to offend Xia Tian on nobody at this time. But now unexpectedly presents one group of people to patch the shop to get up, moreover to Xia Tian said that leave. Is the person of fire? But looks at the wear of these people not likely, they put on were also optional, probably absolutely did not have the organization. Is fire colludes with the bystander to cope with Xia Tian together? This suspicion has the possibility. Bang! The form fell on the entrance of patching shop together. Xia Tian! All people recognize, this person is patches Boss of shop, Xia Tian. You came out finally.” Total master vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. I have not gone to ask you to trouble, you were look for me on the contrary.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, some people are courting death, you have possibly forgotten this enemy, but he actually must deliver **** makes you kill. „Do you want to do? But here uneven Imperial City, do you have under these many person broad daylight to come to do?” Surroundings these person very discontented shouting, especially Boss of nearby shop came out, they do not hope that Xia Tian has an accident, reason that now their business on this street can such prosperously because of existence of Xia Tian, if Xia Tian had an accident, their business must suffer a disastrous decline.

They do not hope to have this situation. Asked city Wei Jun to go.” Immediately some people shout. Snort, city Wei Jun? We are process personal grievances, destroyed the thing we to compensate, we were not the bandits, was not the robber.” Total master cold snort said. You **** looks for trouble, I have killed you, nobody will take responsibility for you.” Xia Tian saying slowly. You kill to make me have a look.” Saying that the total master disdains. He has brought over ten thousand people today, this is his complete elite, although beforehand Xia Tian has also killed his many person, but that is in the situation of sneak attack, is the present is different, here is daytime, moreover is so open, they have encircled Xia Tian, Xia Tian absolutely does not have the opportunity of sneak attack. Moreover this time will not make Xia Tian escape absolutely. Before several times he by the method that Xia Tian that emerged one after another incessantly sneak attacking, therefore Xia Tian can again and again escaped from him. However this time, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can escape from his front. He wants Xia Tian dead. He must make Xia Tian regret and him for the enemy. What is main after was the homicide Xia Tian, on that several types of rare treasures Xia Tian took, then gave uneven Imperial City his money, compensated some money again, this matter. Then he was the subordinate of European southeast, his back had an ohm southeast and Ouyang Jiazu such colossus. At that time, he soared. Although the total master has not related with fire, however the surrounding person started to suspect that the total master was the person of fire. „The person of fire is really mean, unexpectedly started the method that played this type not to be concerned about face, I also high visit them.”

„, But also any respected family, puts up the cash not to pound, started with the method of this low, it seems like they did not have Qian Gen to patch the shop to pound.” This, the reputation of fire can only be getting more and more notorious.” Surroundings these people regarded the total master are the people of fire, they started to scold directly, the war of patching shop and fire had already aroused the interest of entire uneven Imperial City, now suddenly presents over ten thousand people to patch the shop and Xia Tian has encircled, the fool can associate to fire. But in fact. Fire this time is really lying down being hit. Yesterday late getting angry family just smashed the Xia Tian shop, and has left behind 5 billion low grade spirit stone, here had 50% is fire takes, half were Xia Tian take, Xia Tian should these days go back these Qian Za, then added 100,000,000-200,000,000, was used to insult fire to beg for food. The result presented present's matter. Contracts the team to me, preventing him to escape.” The total master said directly that he was disinclined to pay attention to the surrounding these people, no matter how periphery these people think that has not related with him. Although uneven Imperial City does not permit the murder. But has killed, so long as you are rich, same can level. Person 1 million low grade spirit stone enough level absolutely, regarding total master, so long as can kill Xia Tian, let alone 1 million low grade spirit stone, even if 10 million, he also takes. Looks at the surrounding these people encirclement stubbornly in the middle. On the Xia Tian face does not have any panic-stricken, instead is the corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. He did not plan to continue with fire to put up the cash again, after all fire soon reached the limit, when the time comes fire recognized accidentally has instigated, that money may unable to receive, although when the time comes fire perhaps is unable to mix in uneven Imperial City, but they have also received enough advantage. In 5 billion that Xia Tian receives, there are own 2.5 billion, has 2.5 billion of fire. Now he does not plan to go back Qian Za again. Then he needs one pay attention.

Now this reason appeared. So long as he did not explain that here person all thinks the total master is the person who fire finds, that this changes to was saying that fire recognized has instigated, since fire recognized has instigated, that Xia Tian does not need to go back Qian Za. Does not go back Qian Za, that fire may owe in a big way. Xia Tian has smashed their eight shops, the losses of these shops were not small. Moreover they for with Xia Tian act high and mighty, back and forth put up the cash directly, the Xia Tian facade was also pounded eight times, but no matter how pounds, Xia Tian here loss is limited, flowered tens of thousands low grade spirit stone were good on interior decoration. Therefore Xia Tian here almost does not have anything to lose. Fire, this talent is more amusing.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, fire this time inside and outside must compensate 4,000,000,000-5,000,000,000 low grade spirit stone, regardless of the how big family, lost these many spirit stone, perhaps will be insane. The total master does not know during own unexpectedly has no intention became the tool that Xia Tian receives money. Before Xia Tian, reason that does not dare to swallow money , because he does not have a excuse. Now the total master has sent the excuse for him. ! The Xia Tian right hand flings, an invisible sword appears in his hands. Day cold sword. This Xia Tian planned to slaughter. These people cannot walk, so long as they all died, then died has not verified, nobody knows that the total master they were fire send. Street was somewhat dirty, then washed on the blood.”