Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1965

The person of total master already thorough Xia Tian all round surrounded, the space that Xia Tian can move, only then less than five meters distance. The total master believes. Such short distance, Xia Tian this time could not escape absolutely. Also was impossible to have any opportunity of sneak attack. This was he already tried to find the good solution. I must have a look at you currently also to have any means but actually to run away.” The total master brow selects, afterward waves, the surrounding these people all flush away to Xia Tian. Now here encircled solidity. Outside person could not even see here what happened. Moreover they do not dare to approach. Although they spoke for Xia Tian orally, once had an accident, they also hid by far, after all they may not have what friendship with Xia Tian, now these over ten thousand people looked that was wants the Xia Tian life, they who came up, that these people absolutely will not be perhaps softhearted, kills them and Xia Tian together. Therefore they see a play. The people in surrounding these shops are also the thunderclap are big, the raindrop is small. However Xia Tian had not planned with these people, in his opinion, these people not cannot benefit early, moreover this matter he does not hope that others mix. Kill! Surroundings these people have fired into Xia Tian in a threatening manner. Good that comes.” The Xia Tian brow selects. The day cold sword in right hand attacks instantaneously. Day cold sword First Layer seal. cold light. After this is Xia Tian day cold sword promotes, first time unties the seal, is first time is used to the war. First Layer is called cold light, after untying this heavy seal, will present ten zhang (3.33 m) cold glow to cut together directly to the opposite party, at the appointed time you at present in ten zhang (3.33 m) instantaneously completely frozen. Ten zhang (3.33 m)! This is any concept. 30 meters.

Day cold sword Second Layer seal. Cold glow. Xia Tian used the cold glow at the same time once more. The Second Layer seal is called the cold glow, after untying this heavy seal, will present four ten zhang (3.33 m) cold glow to cut directly to the surroundings, to put it bluntly is four cold light together explodes approaches the four directions of own body. The First Layer seal adds on the Second Layer seal, that is five giant ten zhang (3.33 m) cold glow directly shoots to the surroundings. Bang! The fierce explosive sound transmits together, afterward is centered on Xia Tian forms the five pointed star. Straight line enemies on five direction completely instantaneously frozen. What?” Sees such scene total master immediately one startled, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also has such strong method, but round gets down, his person already casualty more than half. Surroundings these fired into the Xia Tian person also to hoodwink. They just started to think own these many people hit Xia Tian one, that is not the oppressive vegetable is the same, but they discovered now, oppressive probably is they. Then just started.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil. Domain! Wan sword returns to the birth family. After the Xia Tian day cold sword promotes, Wan sword returned to the birth family also promoted, the limit that although Wan sword returned to the birth family was tripod Rank 9, but dealt with the people on the scene to be enough. Wan sword returns to the birth family this swordsmanship, although can make the domain, however its limit is tripod Rank 9, even if after Xia Tian , the strength broke through, this move is unable to fighting four cauldron above Expert, only if Xia Tian Realm is higher than the opposite party, then Wan sword returns to the birth family to play the role. But if Xia Tian Realm is higher than the opposite party, then he had many means to kill the opposite party, how also probably to need this any Wan sword to return to the birth family. This Martial Skill follows the Xia Tian time not to be short. But once Xia Tian broke through four cauldrons, that this move was also useless. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type, Fokuang peeps. A giant palm empty shade appears, empty shade directly to front maliciously how to go.

Although opposite party person are many, looks like very scary, but they went unable to dodge the attack of Xia Tian, the position that because they were was too crowded, this was they want to hide cannot shunt. Is the living target. From behaving badly cannot live.” Four Yuan attack. Explodes pill. . Xia Tian has only used the flash, all has flung all skills, this middle small insect has also supplemented the energy for him. ! The small snake fast shuttle in crowd, it is a slaughtering machine of migration, its place visited does not have a living witness. Its is small, speed is fast, was not discovered easily. Now here person was too crowded, and is too chaotic. All small snakes were also start to kill the four directions greatly. The fight often is only the flash. The Xia Tian disposition is this, either does not get rid, gets rid to be decisive, very ruthless. He came up to hit opposite party one to be caught off guard. Although opposite party person are many, but they have handled most moron matter, was too crowded, this that depended was the living target, Xia Tian does not need to manage own attack to be able simply to hit the match, so long as he threw carelessly has been OK, because here person was really too many. Moreover the Xia Tian method are many. Although these methods are used to cope with Expert anything not to affect, but is used to deal with these strength irregular people to have the effect. The flash, Xia Tian all methods all threw. If not the small insect for him supplemented that spiritual energy, he really was unable in such a short time to throw these many attacks. Others are want to attack, first does not have these many methods, the speed of cut cannot achieve Xia Tian to be so quick, moreover they transfer the spiritual energy speed not to compare Xia Tian absolutely. Bang! Outside person has not understood that exactly what happened.

! The enormous and powerful over ten thousand people died more than 9000. At this time can also stand person, is less than 200. Moreover these 200 people also in fast falling to the ground, the blood and ice piece everywhere are, these ice pieces are not the ordinary ice pieces, but is the person, part that in each ice piece the person body scatters. Hateful!” The total master flash felt that the sky collapsed, this was his remaining all elites, majority was two cauldron seven Rank 8 above Expert, but these many Expert unexpectedly instantaneously all are cut to kill by Xia Tian now, moreover at this time he also was a little distressed. Because a moment ago he also in the crowd, the attack of Xia Tian was really too crowded, space that therefore he has not dodged. Blood. Overspread the street. At this time patches the entrance of shop everywhere is the blood. The surrounding these people all these had been shaken completely, they finally know why now Xia Tian dares to do against with fire. Has the skill, rich, but also is competent. !! Person then a body of person but actually. Whiz! At this time the small snake is also directly flushes away to the total master, it wants to cut to kill the total master directly. Hateful, I want you dead.” The mouth of total master has exuded the angry howling. Bang! Afterward a total master fist pounded to the small snake. The brothers, the matter were too couple days ago many, but also Shanghai, came back now, I had pledged comes back to rescue, today is first day, nine deliver, seeks the recommendation, sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, seeks the high praise.