Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1966

Whiz! The movement of small snake is keen, the body circled directly has gone round the fist of total master, afterward bit directly to the total master. Small snake comes back.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. The total master is four cauldron Expert. Although the small snake can bypass the fist of total master, but the total master had already locked the small snake with Spiritual Force, therefore the small snake is impossible to sneak attack successfully, its speed is quick, is used to sneak attack four cauldron following Expert to have confidence, but is used to cope with four cauldron above Expert, that did not have too to affect greatly. Four cauldron above Expert will all use the soul to lock. So long as has locked the soul of match, how regardless of that the match runs away, moves aside, they can the earliest possible time discover. This is also why four cauldron Expert can easily defeat the tripod Rank 9 Expert reason. This point disparity between both are very big. Whiz! The small snake is obedient, removed directly. bo! The head of total master presented four small cauldrons, two small cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 2 Expert. When the surrounding these people see total master are four cauldron Rank 2 Expert, is unusual Realm, most of them are the powder cultivate, four cauldron Expert regarding them is a mountain, mountain that is unable to overstep. They have not thought that fire unexpectedly found four cauldron Expert and over ten thousand people copes with Xia Tian. They have not thought that these over ten thousand people of this time had been cut to kill by Xia Tian completely. The total master present status has been designated as in them is the person who fire finds. Xia Tian, I must kill you today.” Shouting that total master both eyes get angry. „To kill me? Perhaps you do not have that skill, wants to fight me goes out of town to hit, here was too noisy.” Xia Tian said that the body vanished in directly same place. Whiz!

The Xia Tian speed is quick. Reason that he choice goes out of town to hit is because he has some methods not to want by here person to be seen. „To run away?” The total master thinks that Xia Tian must certainly run away. He has handed over these many hands with Xia Tian, Xia Tian all escaped from his hand, he does not hope that Xia Tian this time escapes again. Whiz! This total master grew memory, he while pursuing Xia Tian, in the sneak attack of careful Xia Tian. Patched outside shop these people to hoodwink. They have not responded to present many people. Because the fight was really too intense, that many Expert unexpectedly like this all were extinguished by Xia Tian kills. Moreover this extinguished kills the speed and method a little is also too terrifying. Now Xia Tian unexpectedly also walked with four cauldron Rank 2 Expert, in other words Xia Tian perhaps is also Expert of four cauldrons, if Xia Tian came back safely, then showed that the match definitely died. City Wei Junlai. But they come time fought had finished, on the street was the corpse, the blood dyes the red the street everywhere. Tidies up, corpse collective burning down, the body, if has Chu Wu to equip, all picks, inside money is used for interior decoration this street.” City Wei Jun Captain said. This is the uneven Imperial City custom. If deceased person, that murder must fine, naturally, this situation is the opposite party must kill Xia Tian now, that Xia Tian naturally did not need to fine. Only if these deceased person things are specially precious, Xia Tian can take away, other majority of must leave City Lord Mansion, City Lord Mansion to prevent some people at the same time to seize the treasure specially kills people with these money, on the other hand also for the development of uneven Imperial City. „!” The city health/guard armed forces start to clean up the aftermath. The surrounding these people have not all walked. They are waiting for here, was waiting for Xia Tian comes back.

Actually when the time comes they knew Xia Tian some strength multi-. If Xia Tian has not come back, that showed that he definitely died. This time matter all people think that is fire does, after all now fire and Xia Tian conflict all people know. Moreover both sides are putting up the cash. Must kill Xia Tian in some most crucial time people of pounding, moreover led these many people to come, that definitely was related with fire. Those present think person who fire was too mean. Therefore this beginning of message bom fast disseminates in uneven Imperial City. The fire and patching shops contradiction, entire uneven Imperial City all people all know, moreover everybody also knows that now is to patch the shop gets the winning side, because of patching shop, only then a facade, how was pounded is not a problem, but fire is different, they have sent many Expert to protect each shop. But the shop was still destroyed, nobody knows that which shop Xia Tian must to begin next time. Therefore they can only the Expert equal distributions. Expert of these guard shops do not know that actually Xia Tian how starts, they just started to be directed by Xia Tian, finally in the shop was destroyed, some were destroyed in they most lax that flash shop. All these were Xia Tian have used the special method. Small snake and ghost spirit bead. The destructive power of small snake is strong, moreover its speed is fast, is small, was not discovered very much easily. Moreover reason that Xia Tian chooses the reason of black day beginning is because he has also used the ghost spirit bead. These ghosts in ghost spirit Zhu, the strength is very strong, but they only then the black day operational capacity is strongest , is discovered easily. Whiz! This time Xia Tian rushed to outside city, the person who these want to watch the fun is also early cast off, after going out of town outside, Xia Tian has still not stopped the footsteps, moreover continues runs to person few places. Whiz! The total master is also follows close on after that now the Xia Tian speed changed quick, but is unable to cast off the total master, if were not he by some small method dragging time, perhaps that total master already pursued.

Total master! Four cauldron Rank 2 Expert. If directly resists now, that Xia Tian absolutely is not a match. Therefore if he wants the means. Today he must solve total master trouble. Moreover the total master will not let off absolutely his, now he is still fighting with fire, for the [gold/metal] drawing pen, he is impossible to leave uneven Imperial City, does not leave uneven Imperial City, the total master must process, otherwise the total master has looked for his trouble. Today, he and total master can only have a person to live departure. Xia Tian, how you run away again, being doomed must die in my hands.” Total master angry shouting, his body leaps afterward, fires into Xia Tian directly. Bang! A fist. The total master only used a fist to strike to fly Xia Tian. He is four cauldron Rank 2 Expert, but Xia Tian is just the tripod Rank 2 strength. The strength disparity between both are very big. Runs away, I thought that which you toward run away.” The total master looks at Xia Tian wickedly. Dying war, your I can only live today a person.” The Xia Tian words said that his hair starts to grow dark fast, white pupil thorough disappearance, all turned into the black. Meanwhile, after his, carried on the back to grow a wing, a black wing.