Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1967

Vampire changes the body. The Xia Tian slight hesitation, directly has not used Vampire changes the body. Now here only then they. If he keeps the strength again, finally he possibly can die is very miserable. Now before after Xia Tian uses Vampire changes the body, already not, was so abnormal, because present Vampire changes the body, the limit similarly is tripod Rank 9, even if after him, how Realm promotes again, Vampire will change the might of body will not increase. This is the limits of three drops of this hidden essence and blood. Although the limit is tripod Rank 9. However Vampire changes the body also very major functions. The flight, the speed speeds up. Run away! Whiz! Xia Tian opens instantaneously runs away, this ran away to be possible the total master doing, the total master has not thought after Xia Tian has used this ability, will run away, he saw a moment ago the back of Xia Tian grew the wing time, that was also very surprised, he has not thought that Xia Tian also had such card in a hand, but he still does not think one will lose. Because disparity between he and Xia Tian is obvious, that is not the tiny bit. When he thinks that Xia Tian must with he goes all out, Xia Tian unexpectedly runs away. Does Xia Tian run away really? No. He in protracted time , he since had decided that today must die to knock with the total master here, how he will run away. Now away getting light the day was getting quicker and quicker, so long as I can drag to the black day, that was my world.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil. At this time the total master is entering in his snare gradually.

! Xia Tian behind wing moves slightly, his body fast flushing away forward, he has not opened full speed, because he do not cast off the total master, but must delay the time. Hateful, your unexpectedly also runs away.” Total master angry shouting, pursued afterward fast. But distance between he and Xia Tian has not reduced, this crosscut saw bit by bit. Finally, after about a half hour, the total master could not bear. Mystique! Scarlet samsara. The total master shouted angrily, afterward in his body erupted one group of blood light. Whiz! The flash, the total master once more killed the Xia Tian front, afterward he hand congealing fist, directly hit to the Xia Tian back of the body. Bang! Xia Tian resists without enough time, can only use the feather to resist the fist of total master. Bang! The body of Xia Tian was flown by the total master volume directly, but on the fist and arm of total master also all are the wound, these wounds were all injured by the Xia Tian feather, the Xia Tian feather is sharp, even if total master such four cauldron Rank 2 Expert of cannot shoulder his powerful offensive. Whiz! Xia Tian stands up , to continue to escape, even without enough time scratches including the bloodstain of mouth, he knows that he cannot have the slight hesitation, will otherwise possibly die here, now immediately must arrive at the black day, he must delay the time, delays to the black day. I will certainly kill you.” The total master looked at his arm, afterward pursued once more, this small wound already thorough was given to neglect by him, disregarded. His blood light winding.

Whiz! Continued to pursue, his speed suddenly to increase. He uses should be the blood escapes the related skill, after this ability uses, to having to have very big load, will really be a moron fellow.” The Xia Tian speed is the full, wing fast is also stirring up, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step of under foot also fast handed over. Suddenly, their speeds were once more impartial. This chase war, both sides' loss is not small. On Xia Tian received some wounds, because after the total master causes the blood escapes, that also received very big load, he felt that his body is very painful, unusual pain. Bang! The body of total master blocked directly in the Xia Tian front, this Xia Tian decelerated. Because of darkness. In uneven Imperial City. Recently most depressed was fire. Their this respected families usually want to cope with other family, that simply is relaxed incomparable, even they stamp stamp the feet, the kneeling place that these families can frighten begs for mercy, but this time their unexpectedly was repaired by powder playing with, just when starts in the family to hear the report of Fire Cloud, these elder temperament in family all come up. Dares to provoke their fire in some uneven Imperial City unexpectedly people. Before fire, is very big family, after arrives in full Imperial City, that is running free with the current, they are the first batch enter the uneven Imperial City person, therefore they obtained the excellent treatment, fire also during rapid development, before , these and families of their same rank all stepped on the under foot. This made them know the uneven Imperial City advantage. So long as they stand firm, then after their fire , the status will be getting higher and higher, the wealth will be also getting more and more. But all these were repaired by powder breaking. Powder cultivated unexpectedly to smash their weaponry shop, moreover said that enjoyed their 100 million low grade spirit stone, this was coping to beg for food simply.

Although 100 million low grade spirit stone are many, but they do not lack these 100 million, what they lack is the reputation, is the status, is the face. If this time matter does not process, the reputation and status of that fire will suffer a disastrous decline, reason that after fire arrives in full Imperial City , the development speed is so fast , because they have very high reputation and status, therefore they the business of meeting so will be prosperous. They must counterattack. Therefore they start to put up the cash with Xia Tian. Pounds to put out 100 million to 200 million each time, and they have sent many Expert, is used to guard the shop of oneself family, preventing Xia Tian to smash their shops again. But finally. Their shops were still pounded. The Xia Tian method is fierce. This has formed a deadlock, but this deadlock was broken today finally. They heard a news, over ten thousand people have encircled Xia Tian there, and must kill Xia Tian, if before this place, absolutely is the good deed, is the present is different, between their fire and Xia Tian that was in the internecine strife, suddenly some these many people encircled kill Xia Tian, wanted is not the fool, will associate to their fire. Thinks that these people are fire send, just started them also to think that is which person of fire the person who contacts in outside, but afterward inquired that is not the person of their fire does. Person of their fire stiffly has carried this being unjustly discredited. Now what to do? 5 billion low grade spirit stone now all in patching shop, after this time matter, patching shop definitely not, moreover we must shoulder the infamy.” An old man of long beard white hair looks to surrounding person saying of slowly. Did not have other means that the loss of our fire was not small, the loss of shop, in addition we pounded that 2.5 billion, our losses have achieved 4 billion, therefore that 5 billion must snatch, if he dares to revolt, that killed, since played was so big, that played again greatly.” The head of the clan eyes of fire stare. Xia Tian that at this time pursued they stopped finally. Runs, how don't you run?” The total master looks at Xia Tian wickedly. Day was black, does not need to run again.” Xia Tian light saying.