Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1968

Darkness. Xia Tian must use the ghost spirit bead. This is also he delays the time the goal. At this time their condition is not good, Xia Tian was hit several times to receive some wounds by the total master. But the total master is uses mystique backlash. „Has darkness been able to be what kind of? What method regardless of you have, is the same in the face of the absolute strength.” Total master facial color ice-cold, he saw too many secrets on the body of Xia Tian, too many cards in a hand, before he also after wants to kill Xia Tian how to carry off the Chu equipment of Xia Tian. Now was good. Now left the uneven Imperial City inner city, then city Wei Jun could not manage him. After homicide Xia Tian, did not need to hand over Xia Tian Chu equipment, then on Xia Tian all wealth, all secrets all were his. These many methods and wealth. His loss can make up. Although his subordinate all died, all was killed by Xia Tian. So long as he is rich, and had the support of European southeast, was his subordinate did not have, he can also incur again, he had very formidable strength, after having killed Xia Tian, he only will become stronger, was richer . Moreover the big backers, when the time comes, did he also lack the subordinate? These Expert definitely continuous catches up to his here, worships on bended knees on own initiative in his front. Thinks of here, total master specially excited. How is it?” Xia Tian has not spoken, but has put out the ghost spirit bead directly. A ghost spirit bead time, the surrounding temperature also started to reduce. Um?” Saw that Xia Tian puts out the equally strange thing, a total master brow wrinkle, he saw too many cards in a hand on Xia Tian, he even started to envy to have Xia Tian. Ghost spirit bead! Xia Tian obtains from Murong white there.

But Murong Bai steals from five lines of ghost there. Because the ghost spirit bead, Xia Tian will offend these people. Is nearly is chased down by these people lethal. However now, the Xia Tian strength already broke through, his Spiritual Force is also promoting every day, therefore he can control the ghost spirit bead perfectly. „Is this thing five lines of ghosts wants?” The total master suddenly thinks that the beforehand five lines of ghosts said want on Xia Tian some type of thing, moreover said that is their, was stolen away by Xia Tian. Five lines of ghost strengths are not bad. The thing that five lines of ghosts want to obtain did not miss. Their five will die for this thing.” Xia Tian will bump into five lines of ghost times next time, he will directly also extinguish five lines of ghosts kills. The artificial wealth dies, birds die in pursuit of food. Five lines of ghosts have wanted to obtain the ghost spirit bead, now the ghost spirit bead has belonged to Xia Tian all, therefore their thorough did not have the opportunity. The thing that Xia Tian succeeds in obtaining how possibly spits. This thing looks well, I wanted.” The total master said that the body vanishes directly is in-situ. Whiz! His Movement Technique is not bad, starts fast transferring, afterward has fired into Xia Tian directly, his speed is fast, the strength is also big, four cauldron Expert had 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, is popular name the strength of two cauldron. His full fights with the fists, that is 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength. This strength is very abnormal. Before has been pursuing, he is unable to hit directly 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, but was now different, he and Xia Tian are face-to-face, therefore this fist has made 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength directly. Bang! This fist is a Expert full fist of four cauldron Rank 2.

The total master understood, he and Xia Tian fights, that must unable to have any retention. Strikes to kill. But Xia Tian already had prepared, he knows himself, regardless of not possibly used any style to contend with the fist of total master, own Tathagata god held own domain, will be destroyed by the fist of opposite party directly. Therefore he has directly used his present card in a hand. Ghost spirit bead. Hundred ghost evening banquets. Emits inside over a hundred ghosts to come out to hunt, at this time they will regard food front all enemies, hunts and kills, tripod ghost 95, four cauldron ghost four, has not obeyed the director, this did not listen to the ghost of director by the Xia Tian seal that head, now Xia Tian was unable to control this ghost, however other ghosts he has been able to control. This time, he directly used the hundred ghost evening banquets of perfect version. ! Enough 99 formidable ghosts killed directly to the total master. The ghost in the nighttime might is maximization, therefore Xia Tian has delayed the time to arrive at the dark night, now the ghost can display they strongest strength finally. _ bang! The 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength of total master directly by that four head four cauldron ghosts blocking. What?” Saw one strongest strikes is blocked, the total master also stares: What's the matter.” He had not discovered that was who has blocked itself strongly struck. Therefore he opened his Spiritual Force fast. Four cauldron Expert strongest skills are soul locking, they can use their soul to catch the match. In a flash. Soul full.

How is this possible?” When the total master opens his soul at that moment, his whole person has been shocked, he has a dream does not have to think around one unexpectedly has such terrifying phenomenon, now around him unexpectedly has over a hundred the enemies of not being able to see, the enemy who blocked him to attack person these that cannot see a moment ago: I understood, no wonder five lines of ghosts such want this thing, originally is the ghost, blocks unexpectedly that I attack is the ghost, the good treasure, is really the good treasure, I wanted.” „Do you want?” Xia Tian smiling looks at the total master: Feared that you die to want.” 99 ghosts killed directly to the total master. The total master used the soul search to discover existences of these ghosts, he started to attack afterward to these ghosts. However the ghost is not good to attack. The physics attacks the injury to the ghost is very small. The total master does not know the ghost fierce, therefore he goes all out is stroking the ghost. Idiot, will only use brute force.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings scolded, total master possibly with ghost to fighting, therefore he does not know that coped with the ghost best means is to use the soul attacks, but was not the physical attack. Bang! Bang! The total master goes all out is stroking the surrounding ghost, he had not discovered at this time that the attacks of these ghosts are orderly, moreover these ghosts have stood in 99 different positions at this time. These positions have formed a giant trap. Fool, has a look at your surrounding situation with your soul.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Now 99 ghosts have stood in their position, therefore Xia Tian also thorough has felt relieved, four cauldron Rank 2 Expert is really not good to kill. Um?” A total master brow wrinkle, observes afterward hurriedly, when he sees the positions of his positions and these ghosts, immediately one startled: What?” Hundred ghosts strangle to death.